The Cellar - Ten Inch Night

I found this girl in the ladies' last night. Her hair reminded of someone very special, me! Haha, no I’m just kidding! Actually, I’m not… Her hair really reminded me of my hair when I used to model for Wella.


I thought she looked cool, so I asked her if I could take a picture of her and let her be the first one to really cover the first post of this brand new category of mine. I knew I should have brought my little notebook and pen to ask her about her clothes and style. But hey, a picture says more than thousand words, right?

Because I didn't have my super camera with me, I only got to take these pictures of her with my Iphone. It's really not fair, but what to do?

"Bless you my child"

You know when you walk buy people or just things and you think “God I wish I had a camera now” and then realise that you actually do have a camera and go back to do what you were meant to do in the first place? Well, this happened to me while my father visited me in Oxford.


Some people you just wonder what their story is. I believe he's one of these people.

Street Style

I’m creating a new category here on my blog called Street Style. Here you’ll find everything from Amish to Space Cowboy. And since I won’t be on the same spot my whole time, but travelling around as much as I can while living the poor student life, I won’t be able to specify the category by calling it for example “Oxford Street Style” or “London Street Style”.


I was actually spotted in Stockholm by a Japanese fashion journalist on my way to work last year. My hair looked like Rihanna’s in her music video “Rude Boy” and I remember that I was wearing a pair of white Nike sneakers, a what I like to call “white Papa tee” (aka oversized tee) tucked into a black tight skirt and a green military/London guard jacket with golden buttons. I’m sad to tell you that I forgot her Business Card at my work, so I never got to check out my picture.    

I’ve been planning to do this for quite some time now, so watch out guys!

I've had a lot of crazy hairstyles through the years. My absolute favourite was this one from 2009, which was made by Wella who I modelled for for a couple of years. There thought was to create a hairdo that would suit me, and since my name is Begonia and they would call me Flower they created a flower for my bang in a lot of different colours.

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