I think the tailor was like “Girl? Let’s leave a little room for your booty…” when he sew this dress. I was actually hoping for it to be just a little bit tighter. You know, just to show off those curves my mama gave me, haha! But now that I think of it, I don’t think that will be a problemo.


Anyway, the dress is Marchesa inspired with a dash of the Middle East (not on purpose though – it just happened). 


I don't know if you can see the slits there, but it's there! Haha! I can't decide if I should wear my hair up or down though. It's a tough one! 

What up makeup

I’ve been running around all over the city with Ronja today to find her a dress for my sister’s wedding. We didn’t find any nice one’s. However, I bought a couple of things for the bachelorette party. (I can’t tell you what because my sister’s sneaky and reads my blog).


But today wasn’t just any hectic day in the city. Today was the day when I finally bought myself some makeup. I know! About time, right? Last time I got myself some makeup was probably 2 years ago. That’s right! I only buy makeup once every two years. That’s how little I use makeup.


Anyway, I got some blush, highlighter, foundation and some fake-lashes for the wedding. 




These are my new shirts - straight from Beyond Retro, baby! I love the prints. They kind of remind me of Fresh Prince from Bellair... and that's exactly what they are: Fresh! Haha, even though they don't smell very fresh at the moment.

AW's and thrift shoppin'

These past couple of days I've been bizzy bizzy bizzy. The other day I went for an AW with my friend Mattias and Yesterday me and my ghetto partner in crime, Amanda, took a trip to the city for a little thrift shopping and lunch.


This is what I got.


The two blouses are from Beyond Retro and the Pink Floyd dress is from H&M. 
And of course we got something sweet for dessert. It's us!

Game on Wildcats - you lookin' Fierce!

I got myself three pair of new panties today, wohow!


Feeling like a baller

I got myself this killer jersey yesterday! I love it!



Do you feel depressed? Worry no more!

Here is some of the stuff I bought on my mother daughter shopping spree this weekend. Haha, I bought the ugliest jacket ever made as well. However, I’ll spare you the sight of it for a bit. Actually, I don’t care that it’s u g l y as f***, because it’s so warm and cosy. And since I live in friggin’ Siberia, I need to keep warm during the winters. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a hell of a winter in Sweden this year. Just FYI, I’m not looking forward to it.


By the way, I hope you’ve all turned back your clocks one hour. Congratulations, it’s officially wintertime. You may now commit suicide if you like… Kidding! Though, a lot of people do really commit suicide during this part of the year. You know what they say; no sun – no fun! Actually nobody says that, I just made it up… Anyway, people get depressed when they don’t see the daylight for more than just a few hours every day. And since almost all of us go to school or work, we never get to see the sunlight at all. It’s like being a god damn vampire during this time of the year. We wake up before the sun has risen and we finish what ever the hell we’re doing during the days, when the sun has set. So what I like to say is that I get why people get depressed during the winters. That’s why I wanted to give you guys some motivation to keep alive.


Here’s a list you can take a look at when you’re feeling blue and life isn’t filled with happy unicorns with sugary tattoos on their asses, sliding down rainbows and jumping from one pink cotton candy cloud to another:


1)      Halloween is almost here. Do I need to say more? Dress up to something funny or frightening (or why not both?) and get your ass to a masquerade party


2)      Go for a spa day You’ve got to chill out, get your senses together! Stressed people do lots of crazy s*** - probably the reason why they end up dead… Okay, that wasn’t nicely put, but this isn’t about being nice – this is about being honest! Stress makes you irrational and irrationality makes you do some pretty messed up stuff.


3)      Christmas time is coming Oh-oh! Do you hear that? It’s Santa Claus coming with his sleigh and his eight reindeers; Rudolf, Mudolf, Kudolf, Sudolf and the other four Dolfs’. And his coming with lots of presents for ya’ll! If you don’t get any presents like me, you can always enjoy the celebration with your family and friends... and of course the food! Presents’ doesn’t change anything. Because in the end of the day you’ve got the biggest present in life – love! I could go on for ages about why Christmas is such a great time of the year, but I’m not writing a novel.


4)      Doomsday! I guess you’ve all heard about the doomsday 2012. Yes, apparently we’re all going to die! It may sound depressing – I’m aware of it! But since I’m all about spreading joy and being positive, I thought to my self “Why not arrange a big doomsday party?” I mean, IF we’re all going to die – why not have the best time of our lives before it’s time to go? Am I right?


5)      New Years Eve! Since Doomsday never happened and we all went to a big party for nothing, (haha just kidding – you never go to a great party for nothing) we get to celebrate the party of the year, namely New Years Eve! It’s the time of the year when you get to say “I made it through this year and I’m happy I did, because now I can start a new year with the people I love the most”


6)      2013 What’s there not to be excited about? The first day of the year… (well, the second day of the year at least, since you’ll probably have the worst hang over of the year) gives one the best motivation one can ever dream of. You get to start out fresh (hopefully you’re not covered in your own puke, or someone else’s for that matter), it’s a new beginning with new possibilities and new dreams to fulfil. Don’t worry about yesterday (that was so 2012), focus on today and tomorrow. Anything is possible. You’re unstoppable!  


I hope you all make it through these dark times and that you feel a bit more motivated now, haha!


A white shirt!
Marine blue nitted jersey!
And I bought a new pare of shades! Haha, don't you just love the pink fast shades to the left?

Emergency shopping

The other day I realised that I couldn’t use my favourite bra anymore. Damn it! Don’t you just hate when that happens? My first outburst was “WHY, GOD? WHY?!”, but as I stood in my walk-in-closet it came to me. Apparently stuff had happened this summer (HALLELUJAH! I thought I was doomed)… haha, just kidding! No, but seriously…


Yeah… just FYI… Talk about sharing a bit too much. I’m going to post this and immortalize my thoughts along everything else in this cyber universe.


Okay, so this one looks a lot bigger than it really is. I've still got the Mosquito bites. But no worries, less is more... right? Haha, okay, I better stop this nonsense now before anyone of you think I'm serious.

Mission accomplished

I’m exhausted! The city was too hot and everyone was sticky and sweaty! But I got what I looked for and a little bit more. I bought this really cool note book from Urban Outfitters for uni.


The leather looks rotten and old, almost as if it was my grandpa’s old school book, but that’s the way that I wanted it, haha!



Sweden - England

I went to Kista Galleria with my family today. I bought some school material and functioned as my sister’s personal shopper, haha!


After our little shopping spree we raced back home just to make it to tonight’s game (Swe – Eng). Again, I don’t want to talk about it. Frankly, I have nothing to say about the match more than that I’m disappointed. At least we played better than last time (if we may call wussing around “playing football”) But hey, I can’t say that I expected Sweden to win this match. However, I was truly hoping that we would.

Backpacks and pubs

I went to the city with Maricel during my break to buy myself a rucksack today. Well, it was well needed!


Speaking of Maricel, I will be going out with her and some friends tonight for a little good bye pub round.

For those who wonder, the bag was bought from River Island, men’s department.

Make up something!

I didn’t do that much shopping when my rockbabes from Sweden were over in London. Actually I only bought make up since I don’t really own any. I bought a make up primer, foundation and a foundation brush from Lancôme, but guess what: I got a whole goodie bag filled with lots of fun stuff! Wow!


Jimmi Choo

For me yesterday was the first time I ever stepped a foot inside a Jimmi Choo store. The closest I had ever gotten to Jimmi Choo was the colaboration between Jimmi Choo and H&M, haha! But yesterday I actually bought myself a pair of Jimmi Choos’. I must admit that I couldn’t stop thinking about Carrey Bradshaw from SATC during the whole time in that shop.


I’m really glad that I bought a new pair of shoes. I was afraid that my dad would hunt me down and kill me if I didn’t buy shoes soon. The last thing he told me before I got on the plane back to England was “Begonia, buy yourself a new pair of shoes. What ever it is that you are wearing, it looks like you stole them from a homeless person. They are practically falling of your feet as we are speaking… Honey, if you don’t buy shoes as soon as you land in London, there will be serious consequences.”  “Sure, dad”, I said. That was easier said than done! Well, now it’s done anyway!

So here they are!! My new sweet Jimmi Choo's! What do you think? Are they not just perfect? I love them...

PSYCHE!!! Hahaha, these are the shoes that I traded with the homeless guy (according to my dad). Haha, now this is seeing my shoes from a whole new perspective! I never thought my shoes looked that bad! I mean, sure they had been through a lot but I didn't think that they looked like they had belonged to a world war II veteran.

Wait for it...


My new trainers!

And who am I? That’s the secret I’ll never tell!



Sporty Spice  

Yes, it's the Reebok Slim Tone's! They are so comfy that I could sleep in them, haha!

Christmas shopping

Today I have been doing some Christmas shopping with Malin. We had a wonderful brunch at Patisserie Valerie, afternoon cream tea with scones to be exact. I had a really nice time and now I’m about to run out of money. I can’t help myself; the thought of seeing my friends and family smile when they open their gifts is priceless.


Up now: Work on my Christmas rhymes! Anyone who has ever got one from me knows that they are pretty… hard to understand. They are suppose to make sense and give a clue of what the present might be, but no one ever gets what my gifts may contain. Maybe they’re so unpredictable? Haha, let’s pretend so!     

New stuff!

I thought I could share some pictures of some new clothes I got when my dad was here, haha! Thanks daddy, I really needed this! ♥

Knitted from New Look

Blazer from Topshop

Golden dress from Ansari


Marlene bought these incredible shoes from Topshop today. Oh, my! They're going to look so good on here!

I bought a little purse for tonight, since I really needed a small one to just put my cellphone and money in. 

This is a hint for tonight's costume. If you can guess what I'm going to be, you'll get... to know that you were the fantastic person who figured it out (?)

Oh, so worth it!

I needed one of these really bad today, so I bought a pair!

Oh my god, I can't explain the feeling I'm having right now. I'm listening to Rain City by Turin Brakes right now, and it feels like god himself is breathing in the purest air in my lungs. I almost feel blessed. 


It's fun to cash up for these kind of things…

Or is it?

I can't believe that I didn't bring my sweatpants when I moved here... How stupid is that? So of course I had to throw away my money to buy two pairs of sweats! I bought a pair of black jeans and a facial mask as well.

Vintage baby

Here's my new clock! It was about time I got me one of these... Haha!

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