The story of 2012

My 2012 has been exciting, terrifying, but most of all illuminating. Last year was epic in so many ways. I’ve graduated in International Affairs at Oxford. I’ve travelled to places I’ve never been before. I’ve experienced things I could only have dreamed of. I’ve learned what’s most important in life and I’ve come to value it more. I’ve come to realize that everything doesn’t always work out as I want them to, so I’ve learned to keep my head up and never stop fighting for what I truly believe in. I’ve realized the true meaning of friendship. And because of it I’ve lost long time friends, but then again, I’ve found lifetime friends.


All the bad things and unnecessary heart ache became history as I entered the New Year. History that would become meaningless facts. History that soon would be forgotten and turned to dust. As the fireworks lit up the dark December sky, I realized that I had to let go of some things, and let them remain as memories, to be able to rise to the sky just like those fireworks, meet my full potential. Noting is going to bring me down, not even sky limit. 2013, I salute you!     


January: Sure I realized I gained quite a lot of weight in England, but that disappeared as soon as I got back home again. Other than that, I celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve in London, hung out with friends, partied in London, found love in a hopeless place (Rough Trade), took thug photos in dark alleys, jived at 50’s parties, looked utterly cool… you know, the usual!


February: This month was atomic, and yes that was because I went to the Atomic Burger for the first time. It was also the stealth bumming month. My friends and I just stealth bummed everyone (and I everything). I also met my crocodile pet, Begodile, which I got in a Kinder Egg. Then there was the rough parties at the Cellar, after school cocktails with my gals, secret dorm parties, happy hours in London, you name it. This month I also fell in love with sushi on a whole new level. And then there was Instagram of course. Marlene and I both got addicted. It became our heroine. Did I mention that I became an owner of my first pair of Jimmi Choo’s in February as well? Sunday’s at Thai restaurants became a favourite for my roommate and me.


March: My birthday’s in March, so of course I celebrated it about a billion times. Twice in Oxford, once in London, once back home in Sweden (and later in Brussels as well). I went to see my best boyfriend’s gig in London, went to the old cinema in Oxford, rocked out at Propaganda, lived the life in Little Venice, and had a look at a picture of Wille wearing my beer glasses whenever I needed a laugh.


April: I went to Brussels to hang out with my besties’ and attend the Architecture Ball. I also took my dearest friend to one of the hugest uni events in England (the Oxford-Cambridge boat race), ate swordfish (interesting and delicious), celebrated Easter in London, bought my beautiful super comfy Vans shoes.


May: May arrived and so did May Day (Basically the IT-day of May). I didn’t jump in the river, but I made up for it during my pledge week in UppsalaUniversity later in September, so I guess it’s all right. The sentence of the month was "I'm gonna get deported!!!" Dolce & Gabbana got a whole new meaning. I hung out with my roommate a lot, went to Cambridge, ate the biggest pizza in the world at Zizzi’s, became a Sir, went out and partied in TRAINERS at one of London’s hottest clubs (I don’t understand how the hell we got in), had a Persian night out, did an internship at Britain’s biggest radio stations, hung out a lot at Café Terifa (I think I had a little puppy love thing for one of the bartenders… it must have been his damn tattoos, or the fact that he’s British, sings and plays the guitar?! It could have been anything really!)


June: It was time for my Graduation and I had to leave Oxford and all of my friends. But I had things to look forward to back in Sweden too. Midsummer was getting close and then I started a summer course in Global Economy at Stockholm’s uni (I know, I never stop studying. Some call it nerdy, I call it… geeky… So I’m a huge dork?! SO WHAT?!)


July: This is when I dip dyed my hair, got lost in the woods with Emelie while trying to get to MT’s birthday party party, got a state of Stockholm club life (hahaha, it’s so weird! I didn’t start going out in Stockholm until I moved back to Sweden. I’d just turned 18 when all the graduations parties started popping up in High School and then I moved to Oxford to study so… I never really had much time to explore Stockholm). Just FYI, I started running in July. It was a bit too hot, but I was starting to feel like a flubber (and not in a cute way) so it was time I got a move on myself.


August: Wow, my dear friend Kie came all the way from Japan to Stockholm, great fun! I went to Stockholm Pride with Malin, celebrated lots of birthdays’, enrolled at UppsalaUniversity, enjoyed the pledge week, arranged sushi nights, you know the drill!


September: This was the month when I had the most trouble remembering people’s names. I don’t have Alzheimer or anything. There was just too many new names to learn during pledge week at uni. Overall, September rocked (even though I had to say “see you later” to Lollo, who moved to Melbourne).


October: Even though I didn’t go to the October fest in Munich with my honeys’, I had quite a good time here in Sweden. I became a CNN Ambassador, I hung out at UN conferences, had a midterm party (and came disguised as a high Danish thug dealer on vacation), and lots of other stuff.


November: Oh, the month of Halloween, but also the month of the US presidential election, which I went to follow up at Hilton Hotel. I also went to dance my life away at Swedish House Mafia with my best Amanda.

December: Wow, time flies when you have fun! I went to the annual Winter Gasque, had a little Oxford reunion in Uppsala with Malin and Laura, celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve with family and friends.

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