2011 - What about it?

Hey guys! Since I never uploaded a resume of last year, I thought I could give you all a statement… and a few pictures of every month. The word is rock, because 2011 was a year which rocked, big time!


Januray: Well, what can I say? The senior year of High school was coming to its end and what more could we students do but to embrace it? The senior parties started as soon as we went from 2010 to 2011.


February: This month I helped out a friend with a fashion project a la 70’s by modelling, haha! There was of course the unforgettable sunglass party at Louise’s. We were all wearing these crazy (ugly) sunglasses while rocking the house.


March: As you may know I turned 18 last March. Here in Sweden that and 20 are the only ages worth celebrating. 18 is a pretty big deal. It’s like entering a whole new world, a world of responsibility where we officially become an important part of society and our opinion finally matters (we get to vote you know). Independence, oh, independence! But mostly eighteeners’ start of the morning by buying their first pack of cigarettes and light alcohol ON THEIR OWN… wow! Later on, after a hard night of partying, they trash the new car that they’d got as a birthday gift. Haha, noo I’m just kidding! That’s not true what so ever. Though, we all try our newly gained power and embrace the opportunity to buy all the adult stuff, because we can, not because we necessarily want to.

Well, as a newly 18-year-old young woman, the club gates opened like Zezar's gate for me. My senior (party) year had officially begun.


April: I must say that this month was pretty hectic with school, all of my jobs, projects and senior parties to attend. Graduation was so near in time, and time really flew because of everything there was to finish until then.  


May: This was probably the best month of my senior year. Sure, we had those last tests coming up which mattered the world for our grades, but today I can’t even remember the stress from that. All I can think of when somebody says “May 2011”, there’s only one thing coming to my mind. And that my friends, is how much fun I had. We had the Senior Olympics, Drunken Baseball game (a senior tradition at our school. That was after school time of course, haha), the Senior Graduation Ball, the Graduation Lunch, all the messed up senior games, the graduation hat ceremony, goodness everything!   


June & July: On the 1st of June I graduated High school, and boy, was it one of the best days of my life or what? Running out from that school with all my class mates and into a crowd of proud families, singing the student song, marching through the centre, driving around with all my mates on huge truck with music pumping through the speakers and everyone showering each other with champagne in the sun, the graduation reception, the graduation party… wow! But that was only one day of June. The rest of June & July was spent with friends and family as always, travelling and rocking out at festivals. Life felt fresh... even though the summer heat and all the dancing made me and the entire crowd soaking wet of sweat!


August: What happened in August? Well, I enjoyed all the time I had left in Sweden by hanging out with my mates, acting all Mandi Moore while driving around in cars and singing/screaming to old songs I used to listen to in kinder garden, haha. I also escaped the city for a little retreat on the countryside with my best mates. We had the summer house all to our selves and had an absolutely amazing time. Oh, and I think this was the time of the year when I fell for sushi. I think sushi is the kind of food that you either love or hate. “You’re either with us or against us”. Haha, sorry Mr. Bush, I just had to borrow one of your numerous funny quotes.


September: Time to get smart, leave the little nest of mine, spread my gorgeous wings, fly across the ocean to move to the little island in the west (aka the United Kingdom) to study in Oxford. But before leaving I had to check of my little “Before leaving” bucket list, which included things such as visiting Gröna Lund to see Håkan Hellström perform. Over to my life changing experience; as I moved to Oxford I got to see life through a whole new perspective, I got to know so many new wonderful people, friends which I’ll have for life.  


October: Haha, first of all, I just want to make a quick apologize for the spelling of October, since I spelt it the Swedish way. Yey, go Sweden! It’s a bit more difficult to keep track of the spelling since I speak Swedish almost all the time nowadays.


Anyway, Shoctober finally arrived and this my friends was a month filled with masquerades, parties, Halloween, Propaganda, photographing, numerous concerts such as Death cab for cutie and of course making a fool out myself in front of the whole Canadian military force, though they loved me. Haha, good times!



November: or should I say Movember? Since I was living in a foreign country, I was embracing every single moment possible to embrace its culture and traditions. As you may “Remember, remember the 5th of November” was quite some night filled with bonfires, heavenly treats at the town hall, concerts, fireworks, you name it.



December: My sweet daddy came to visit me in Oxford. He picked me up from my house and took me strait to a restaurant in the middle of the night. Haha, then we headed to Cambridge where we staid for a couple of days (it has almost become a tradition to go there just before Christmas, haha). But December became a legendary month out of one reason – we had the big Oxford pub crawl. We were about 70 friends rocking the city, haha! Boy, did those pubs get a lot of money that night.


Then the holiday came and I went to Bath with my friends where for some shopping at the Christmas Market. I also went back to Sweden to spend Christmas with my family, go for ice-skating with my brother, celebrate mini-xmas with my friends and of course welcome the new year.   


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