Unfaded memories from last year

Here are a couple of pictures from my sister’s Henna party last year before her wedding day. It may look a little witch crafty for some of you, but this is how us Middle Easterns’ rock a party, haha! We’ve got fire at our parties, girls dancing all over the place while balancing candles, loud music, good food and hell of a lot screaming and “kililililili”. And at henna parties we even make the guest of honour (aka the bride) cry, hahaha! No hard feelings, just good times!


PS, that's not shit - it's henna DS. I mean, I know things can get pretty crazy at our parties, but not that crazy, haha!

Release party

Last night I went to Gnucci’s release party for her new music video A.RAB, which I star in. I can’t wait to show you this girl power kick ass video, haha!


I got such great feedback and so many nice comments from everyone who showed up to the release party. I can’t say thank you enough. We were such an incredible team and I'm so glad I got to work with everyone!


Some pictures from the screening. 

Big brother turns 30!

A lot of things happened yesterday... in a strange combination.  I went to my third training at the Women’s Refugee, where we talked about things like rape, incest and porn. Let me just leave it that I saw some really messed up things…


Afterwards, I went strait back home to my big bro’s 30th birthday bash! I didn’t take too many pictures, so you have to take my word for how much fun I had! 


These two! Everybody loves them, but I think I might love them the most!
Brother and his fiancée!

At Louie’s

Here’s a couple of pictures from Louise’s soirée. As you may see she was wearing her Lanvin dress so this was quite a big deal. Of course I couldn’t take that many pictures because there was a strict no photos policy. #VtotheIP! Haha, just kidding… I was busy having too much fun so I forgot all about it. But here you go!


First we had veggie pizza, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And then… came the cake!


May I just say that this might be the tastiest cake I’ve eaten this year? It was like summer in my mouth (without everything you hate, such as mosquitos) 


Hahaha, and she got this feisty liqueur from Linnéa. How HC doesn’t that bottle look? I mean, “FUCK OFF!” 

Don't make me go Moses on you!

By now you all know that I’m not a big fan of queuing. My Mediterranean nerves just hits 64 cylinders in a split second. Nobody want’s to witness the wrath of Randhav, nobody! But something that’s even worse than queuing to get something, is queuing to get away when you’ve gotten whatever you were queuing for to get.  


Here’s an example: The other night, my friends and I had been waiting by the bar for what felt like a century. Finally, when we’d been served we had to queue to get out to the dance floor… People were sweaty and pushing each other and I almost lost it for a second. Suddenly I came up with this brilliant idea! I thought that if I’d scream “I’M GOING TO VOMIT”, everyone would step aside. It was a safe card. Nobody wants to be puked on, unless one has some weird fetish. I almost felt like Moses when he crossed the Red Sea by splitting it in two, only here I got to cross two walls of red sweaty drunk people, haha! Fair enough!


Katushka - where the beat drops harder than the sound of a Kalashnikov

This Saturday, Ella and Nathalie came over to Uppsala for some hard core Balkan partying. We had a little pre-pre-party at my place, then a pre-party at Jesper’s dorm before we headed to the real thing – Club Katushka at Kalmar’s! People were dancing like crazy, dripping in sweat and throwing beer all over the place.


Here are some pictures from the pre- and after-parties.


Ella and Nathalie, preping for the best night ever haha!
Hahaha, you know it's an after party when people look like this!
I'm not sure if Johan's sleeping in this picture or if he's just "relaxing his eyes". 

Popping that cherry

So last night was fun! Guess what! A long time ago, Laura told me she’d be the one to pop my “Stocken cherry” and she did. For those of you who don’t know – Stocken is a club at one of our college nations. I’ve only been there during formal dinners and balls, but never at “Storstocken”. I’m a late bloomer, haha! Now that I think of it, the headline for this post might give you the wrong idea of what this post’s really about…


Anyway, this wasn’t just any occasion. Inger’s here in Uppsala so there may have been champagne involved, haha! Goodness, I haven’t seen her since I studied in Oxford (or since we studied there). I had such a lovely time and I’m thrilled that she’ll be staying here over the weekend. 


I've got no idea why I didn't take any pictures last night... Oh, well, here's an epic photo of her and Lis anyway! God, I miss Lisa! 



Ronja's B-day

Last night I went to celebrate my gorgeous friend’s 22nd birthday. I’ll tell you one thing: I didn’t need a car to drive me back home after that party. I could have just rolled back home on my own (belly), that’s how full I was. I had a great time!


Of course I was one of the first people to sit down infront of the food...
Eating game, haha! "Keep them dogs on the floor - where they belong" Haha, it's weird how the guys didn't want to go up for the charades, but suddenly felt like playing when the game had food or drinks in it. Hmm.. Interesting!


The other day my class had a little gathering at Jonte’s Stuga. You know, where all the law students get hammered and do loads of embarrassing things to regret the morning after. At least, that’s the rumour.


Anyway, the theme of our mini, mini party was “Grandma’s Closet”, so as you might imagine I went full on grandma. I even had my eyebrow, cheek and jawline “inked” to complete the look! Shout out to my great grandma <3


It's a bit funny that I dress up as my great grandma during Halloween while the rest of the world dress up as slutty cats, slutty nurses, slutty trees and sluts in general. Ha! 

The Law Ball

Last Saturday I went to the annual Law Ball with Mickis. I had a great time, perhaps a little too good time if I’m to be honest. There were some speeches I just couldn’t stop laughing at, and my partners in crime did not make it any better. They just kept triggering me! By the end of it I was just crying my eyes out because I was laughing too hard.


Anyway, at the end of the day, I’ll be the one living the longest. Long live Begonia! 


Damn, that flash........ Jerker and I!
Emil and Mickis
The Toast Masters' came in with their own segways - apparently the Law Facutly has hella lot of ca$h!
Sorry, I couldn't find a full body picture of my dress - this will have to do!

My big sister’s big day

My sister got married this Saturday!! As maid of honor, I had to be the first one walking down that aisle, since the groom and all the best men were already standing there. My shoes were so uncomfortable and so scary to walk in, I thought I’d slip and fall over all the candle’s and the catch fire. Luckily, we didn’t have any major accidents, haha!


Anyway, as my sister and father walked down the aisle together I realy had to push myself really hard just to not cry. She looked so stunning. Like a princess!


Everything was so beautiful. But as the evening continued, we brought some Middle Eastern raging to life on the dance floor. Everyone was dancing, shoes were coming off, people were sweating because of all the dancing. It was SO much fun! I can’t wait until I get to go to another wedding!


As the newly wedds were getting ready to leave the party, Queen B's All the single ladies started playing and the Bride threw the bouqet. Guess who caught it? Ronja! 
La familia Randhav y Eriksson.
Doing the geeky loner dance!
Cat walk gone wrong!
Mrs & Mrs Beaver!
Hahahaha! Cat walk gone wrong deluxe!
"If you like it then you should put a ring on it!" And since she got the bouquet.... hahaha!
Catch the light they said, it'll be fun they said..... Not really, we look blind! Haha!
We had to cut the viel after a while, it was too heavy to dance around with!


My sister got married yesterday! I'm so, so, SO happy for her and her husband! (I'll upload some pictures later)
I just had to get a pimple before my sister's big day... But nobody noticed it anyways since my stunning sister caught everyone's attention!
The bridesmaids before the entrance!

Henna Night

We had a little Henna Night at my house for my big sis last night. We invited all of her closest girl friends, stuffed our faces in food (haha), danced all the calories away (hopefully) and sang (or should I say screamed).


Wow, I can’t believe she’s actually leaving me all by myself in this big house. 



There she is - dressed in an all red traditional Kurdish gown! (More pictures are to be posted)

The Bachelorette party

This Saturday, me and a couple of friends scared the living hell out of my sister when we kidnapped her in Stockholm. The girls were hiding behind a street corner and when my sister and I came walking they jumped her, wearing robber masks and screaming, haha! We blindfolded her and walked her to a limousine. That’s when the party really started! We were popping champagne bottles, singing, screaming out the windows at random people, shaking what our mamas gave us while the music were pumping through the speakers.


Later on we went sumo fighting in fat suits, cracked up a unicorn piñata named Curt in the middle of the street, ate tapas at La Cucaracha, played games, went out dancing at Berns where we dance raped random people without them even knowing it, and some other bachelorette stuff, haha!  


Before the kidnapping. 
She had no idea where she was. She just heard she was getting her pictures taken, haha!
In the limousine toasting for the bachelorette party of the year!
Haha we got all crazy when we stopped for red light and the Comidian Henrik Hjelt was driving beside us. Haha of course he saw us and waved back at us (oh yeeeeaaah, we love our comidians).
Arrived at our destination - sumo fighting!
The sumo bride to be!
Fight fight fight fight!!
Time for the bride-to-be to smash the piñata!
Dinner at La Cucaracha
Time for the guess the pantie game! Haha she got a bag full off panties from us girls, where she had to guess who baught which pair of panties. One of the girls baught candy panties, another girl baught what I think was the most scandalous panties I've EVER seen, haha! Can you guess which one of the panties in this picture I baught to her? I'll give you a hint - think Bridget Jones!
At Berns
Hahaha, you may say that we kind of started the dance floor with the Eritrera represent dance!
Haha, even my double chin's laughing! 

Stockholm Pride 2013

Yesterday was so FAB! Me and a couple of friends went to cheer during the Pride parade, but we ended up parading with the whole LGBT community of Sweden, dancing, singing and partying hard instead.


What I love about this day is that nobody’s excluded from this party. Everyone’s invited to have fun! You don’t have to be Lesbian, Gay, Bie- or Transsexual to participate in the parade, party or have fun? This day allows everyone to gather in the streets of Stockholm and have a great time no matter who you are, if you’re a boy or a girl, old or young, no matter where you come from, what religion you belong to, what political opinion you have or who you love. It’s like casual Friday, only it’s more fab, haha!


SSS (Show some support)!


Live, love, laugh 


And here's a video of our champagne popping gone wrong. Somebody could have gotten hurt ie ME!

Monica's B-day

Yesterday I celebrated Monica's 21st birthday in the Old Town. We had some dinner at Vapianos (first timer) and later on we headed to some hidden ice-cream bar, which I never even knew existed (But then again, I have a pretty hard time getting around there). 
I had kind of an outlandish feeling when we strot around the narrow streets of the old town. It felt like I was in a Mediterranean country. Haha, I really felt like home!
Anyway, I had a great time. I got to know some of Monica's other friends as well.

Happy 27th birthday "granny"

Yesterday was my big sister’s 27th birthday. She feels that she’s becoming an old lady and frankly I don’t understand her damn problem. I mean 27 isn’t that old. However if you switch the two numbers you’ll get 72. Now that’s old!


Akasya, my dear sweet sister, I hope that on your 72nd birthday, you and I will be standing on the peak of Machu Picchu, gazing over the forgotten kingdom while toasting to being really old, healthy and cool as hell. Until then, cheers for being such a great sister! I love you.


Of course we had a BBQ-party at my house! (However, you'll only get to see all the food we ate... Haha!)
One of the birthday cakes!
The Oreo ice-cream cake! My brother was coming over and I knew he had been craving for my famous ice-cream cake for a long time so this was more for him really, haha!
A little champagne!

You MAY party

I wasn’t able to make it to the real may (main) party, Valborg, this year. I didn’t feel very good, and don’t even think it was because I partied the night before (I was in the hospital, remember? So that’s why I had to rest yesterday). Anyway, the forces weren’t with me or my friends yesterday – since the telephone system was down because of all the traffic (no one could get in contact with anyone, Uppsala was practically back in the 17th century, haha) and the weather was bad as well (freakin’ tornado warning… almost… not really, but still. It was awfully windy. HAHA, OK, I’m trying to make up excuses so I don’t feel that I’ve missed something)


ANYWAY! Kvalborg was awesome! I got to hang out with my babes and rock out at club Katushka and dance the night away to Balkan music. 


Chilling at a café with my gurl Natha, while waiting for Ella! We were exhausted because of all the shopping, haha!
But as soon as we got back to Natha's flat we were back on track again! Tip: Never drink on an empty stomach (if your purpose isn't to lie in a bush and throw up all over the place or worse... DIE!! Haha, okay not die perhaps, but still)
We toasted for Kvalborg, for Valborg, and for a hell of a night!
We played some games and talked girl stuff before heading to Kalmar's... and yes, my predictions came true! I can't tell you all of them, because they involve some of my readers (mohaha) outcome of the night. But I can tell you one of my most important predictions (that better count for something, right?) - We had an awesome night!

K to the valborg

I don’t know how to express myself at the moment. Words can’t describe what I’m feeling. “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!” That song keeps playing in my head (actually it’s just that part that keeps going on repeat). IT’S KVALBORG!!! And I’m going to celebrate the living hell out of it at Club Katushka with my party beasts (not animals, BEASTS) tonight!


For all of my international angels (aliens and non-students included, cause… you’re kind of not in the same world as me, haha), Kvalborg is almost like a pre-party or pep-rally to warm up for the real thing, Valborg (which is celebrated the last day of April). At Kvalborg you just chill out during the day, have some BBQ, play some games at a park or something. But as soon as night falls, students turn into beasts and party All. Night. Long. at one of the nations. I’ll be hitting the dance floor at Kalmar’s, dancing to Eastern European vibes all night long, baby! 


"Ninja Geisha Kamikaze, bitches!"



Plastic cups everybody, plastic cups!

So you’re at this party and somebody drops a can or a plastic cup. Nobody really cares, it’s okay, it was an accident and accidents happen. You just clean up the spill, you know, and the party continues. But if you drop a glass bottle, you pretty much f:d up the whole party. Because now you’ve got glass all over the floor. There’s people walking on the floor, slipping in the alcohol, falling on the glass and suddenly they’re all covered in blood, they’re saying “Hi” to people, hugging them, and now everybody gets covered in blood. The party turns into a freakin’ bloodbath! You don’t really understand if people are screaming because they’re having fun or if it’s because they just entered a horror film?


You just brought a whole new element of danger to this party. As if it’s not enough danger with alcohol and people getting all crazy? Now, girls will be crying “Oh, no it’s in my hair, it’s in my eyes”, guys will be yelling “Who stabbed me? I’ll kill him!”. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen with you fellows drinking from glass bottles. People will get hurt and there will be lawsuits later. 


Do you see these guys? One word: Lawsuit! If that had been a house party, their asses would have been in big trouble.
See this guy? He knows what he's doing! Plastic cups all the way. Ain't nobody getting hurt tonight!
Look, this is what happens when you bring a dangerous element to a party. The worst part is that now there are photo evidence. Remember, anything you say (or have pictures of) can and will be used against you in the court of law.
What about this guy, ey? This is a bit tricky. On one hand, he's drinking from a trophy, but on the other hand... he's holding a freaking glass bottle. LAWSUIT!
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