I said London baby!

Here’s a few photos from my weekend in London in January. But what did we do? Went second hand shopping, markets, ate (a lot of) food, partied at gay clubs, made a living hell for Emma's roomes - you know, the usual. 


Second hand shopping with my bitchez!
Solange who? Shoreditch style.
At Crate Brewery, Hackney - you've only been there if you're cool... like me and my gals. HA!
That pizza though... Mine to the left and Mandy's to the right. Hers made her puke, like for real. Mine took me to pizza heaven. 
Breakfast... I'm so hungry right now!
Gimme some food!
Thugin' around town

Tired at work? Perfect!

Hey! I got back from London today and went straight to the set in Stockholm to start my first day of filming. I was really tired after almost no sleep what so ever during my weekend in London with my girls. Good thing I was supposed to look tired on todays shoot. Otherwise, I’m afraid that no make up in the world would have saved my tired face, haha! Talk about method acting, right? Haha, or not...


I really need to get some sleep before work tomorrow, which will be my second day of filming. In the meantime you can take a look at this picture of perhaps London's most underground brewery, where I spent my last night in London, Hackney (eating crazy good pizza and drinking mango beer)


We’ve reached a decision

The last day in Helsinki, all of the workshop groups presented their thesis for a final vote. The four final statements will be presented by the Finnish and Swedish UN youth delegates in NYC next year. We were all very tired after a few days of intense work, but we finally did it; we reached a decision.


I presented my workshop groups statements for Peace & Security.
The four final statements by the end of the vote.
By the end of our trip we got plant a tree in honoury for the 10 year anniversary of Globsol.

Day 2 in Helsinki

It’s the second day here in Helsinki and I’ve been workshopping all day. I’ve been in the peace and security group so we’ve been spending a lot of time jotting down a good thesis for the Finnish UN youth delegate to present in New York City later this year. Since he’s supposed to represent the youth in Sweden and Finland, this is kind of a golden opportunity for him to forward our ideas and thoughts for the youths of the world.


Later in the evening, I went to explore Helsinki with some of the people here. Though I would have loved if my Oxford buddy Onni would have been here, since he’s the (beer) king of Helsinki, haha!


The view from my hotel room in the morning. I swear to god, I've got a little island just 100 m into the sea and a few more 150 m away. Heaven!
Selfie vs a retro phone - who/what wins? You can literally see how tired I am. This weekend has been so intensive, yet so much fun. You don't really realize how tired you are until you get a moment for yourself to breathe, haha!
Unicorns and rainbows people, that's what life's about!
Is it just me or is there some Illuminati thing going on at the cathedral? No? Just me? Ok...
Dessert; lava cake and raspberry sorbet
Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga

Off to Helsinki

I can't believe I have to wake up this early. BUT I'm flying off to Helsinki, Finland for the weekend to discuss the MDG:s and Post-2015, so it's worth it. Yey, this is going to be so much fun!

Adios amigos! I'll try to update while I'm gone. (The hotel's got wifi, hallelujah)


Here comes a few pictures from my weekend in Berlin:

As soon as me and Ghettomandy arrived to Berlin the cops showed up – typical baller Friday… not! 


Our hostel, an old church - three little pigs! Pretty sweet if you ask me. The ceiling was really high and the windows were gigantic, so you really got the churchy feeling.

Check Point Charlie. These suckers wanted us to hand them €10 to take a picture of them. Man, don’t try to hustle a hustler. Guess how much I paid for this pic? Nothing!


Speaking of hustling, we thought we would take the tube for free… until we saw a sign of the penalty… €600?! Are you serious? Do I need to say that we stopped thuging around after seeing that?


When we visited the Berliner Dome a man suddenly started singing in the chaple with a voice of an angel. Everyone were literally like "whaaaaat?". I'm not even kidding, haha!

If I was given €1 every time I saw the Radio Tower, I would be a billionaire by now! 


At the Pergamon Museum (I think). By the way, I touched Zeus toe. #Badass! I don't understand what's wrong with me. As soon as I enter a museum I suddenly feel the urge to touch everything I lay my eyes on. Maybe it's because I'm not supposed to. It's become a serious problem... The guards had to tell me several times. I didn't even realize I was touching things, haha!
Just... why? Kids were gigling like crazy at the museum. I was just confused... I mean... why? Can you see the dick with the dick and the dick up left? WTF?! What was the purpose of this? Keychains? A prank?
Second hand shopping at Garage was crazy!
You can buy clothes per kg there!
Victoria Park

I have no idea what these goats were doing in the middle of the city/park. It was one of our confused WTF-moments. I felt a little sorry for them, being caged like that. 


We'd been walking for hours, it was time for a break. We were sitting on these rocks and screaming because of our aching feet. I can't tell you how good it felt to just sit down. (Patty McFatty syndrome)
Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas - Holocaust memorial
Tourists outside das Reichstag!
Haha, we couldn't stop laughing! 
Not sure if still in Berlin or Sarajevo...
Hahaha, will you just look at this picture? This is the most awkward touristic picture I've ever taken in my entire life! "Having fun..."
Hello colourful!
I almost got killed for taking this picture of this punk rocker...
On our way to the Turkish food market
East Side Gallery
Posing CCCP style
Tribute to Lollo!

My Berlin food safari

Two weeks ago I spread my wings and flew to Berlin with my partner in crime, Ghettomandy. I don’t know if the city still exists, since we ate the whole place, but it was awesome. One thing I loved about Berlin was the diversity, the street art, the second hand (oh my goodness, the second hand) and of course the multicultural flavours of food. During my stay there I can’t remember eating typical German cousin except from the apfelstrudel and fruit I bought from Lidl, haha! I didn’t even eat a bratwurst or currywurst! Perhaps because sausage isn’t my cup of tea. Anyway, I ate American, Arab, Chinese, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Mexican, Turkish and Vietnamese.


Here’s my Berlin food safari:


After wandring through Berlin's high street (where nobody eats and only buy high fashion clothes), we finally found this sushi place! I can't remember the name of the restaurant but there were a lot of businessmen in suits there. We ordered the cutest plates with mini sushi and boy was it good! Top 2 sushi I've ever eaten to be honest. (Hi Sushi in London, Covent Garden, wins first place).

This Italian joint in Kreuzberg truly breathes Mafioso spirits. They only spoke Italian and we made sure to avoid any types of conflicts, since we didn’t want to end up swimming with the fishes in Dahme on our first night in Berlin. Haha, but they loved us! The owner even served us. Usually that only happens when I go out to eat with my father.


We went to the Turkish food market to… eat (obviously)! I had a Jordan kebab with falafel and grilled halloumi cheese. Need I say more? It’s mouth watering just writing about it. Afterwards we had some Tulumba Tatlısı for desert.
Shiso Burger in Mitte is a must visit restaurant if you ever go to Berlin. They have the cutest little burgers I’ve ever seen and with a Korean touch as well. I had the Chilli Lime Burger and twisted potatoes which were fried perfectly on a stick. Crunchy and delicious! 

It’s funny how I have so many fun memories from every Starbucks I’ve ever been to. I had my “Oxford Special” (Hot soymilk with caramel) and cheesecake. It cost me a fortune but it was worth it since I got myself a pair of good laughs. Haha, just look at that hot mess! Every time I order my Oxford Special at a Starbucks I’m not known at, they look at me like I’m some kind of a weirdo. Perhaps I am too since I seem to be the only one who don’t order coffee at Starbucks Coffee, but that’s not the point. However, my order became standard law during my studies in Oxford. It was like whenever I went there the cashier new exactly what to do. No questions needed. They just did what I asked them to and they made that Oxford special into pure perfection.  GB 1 - Berlin 0


This little hidden Vietnamese restaurant was hidden in a cellar we found on our way to the vintage & second hand store, Colours, in Kreuzberg. The service was amazingly warm and made us feel quite at home. And the food, oh my! I kind of regret that I didn’t order the roasted duck, but my lamb was pretty damn good too!


Before Berlin, I had never eaten a Dunkin’ Dounat in my entire life. After Berlin I had eaten a dounat from them twice! However, we only feasted there because we were practically dying of starvation. I still think Krispy Kream rocks DD’s socks off, but I ain’t complaining. DD practically saved our lives when we were lost, hungry and our feet were tired of all the walking. FYI, we ate at the DD at Brandenburg… you know the place which is famous for its gate and where Hitler held his famous speech… And oh, where they sell no food what so ever for the mortal ones who can’t afford their luxurious prices. Seriously! Brandenburg and I came off on a real bad start when I was hungry and it didn’t have anything to offer me. So… Now I kind of hate Brandenburg.


If you’re looking for a buzzing Korean restaurant with sizzling BBQ grills, Kimchi Princess in Kreuzberg is the place for you. We had our own personal chef coming to our table and grilling our food right before our eyes. This place almost robbed us blind. When Amanda saw the check she couldn’t stop talking about the €6 bottle of still water. STILL WATER! I on the other hand pointed out the obvious problem – the €42 check! And as that wasn’t enough, the waitress tipped herself leaving us having to pay €48! In my mind I was like “Wow, hold on bitch – my poor ass can’t afford that type of tipping”. But to be honest, it was worth the money. After all, it was our last supper in Berlin. 


 While heading through East Side Gallery, we snuck into a Jamaican backyard. I’ve never felt so little in my life. You have this huge city and just as you think you know the place, you start to realize that you’ve seen nothing yet. You never know what’s just around the corner in this city, haha! For example, never did I ever think I’d meet Collin Powell’s cousin and discuss politics and philosophy over a meal.  

One of the days a storm from hell decided to come by Berlin and say hello, so we had to take shelter at a Mexican restaurant just near by the four floor Humana Second Hand shop in Friedrichshain. The food was ok. I didn’t lick exactly lick my plate. That means it was pretty bad. However, they sell Moët Champagne as soda in a vending machine which is a bit weird.  


And of course we had some Apfelstrudel! What do I look like? A psycho? Who visits Berlin without tasting their Apfelstrudel? I can’t remember the name of this café, but it was somewhere in Kreuzburg near Colours. Anyway, I broke their toilet when I flushed… haha, I guess all of this work out has turned me into a part time Hulk. Don't mess with me or I'mma break your toilet too!


While Amanda had this for lunch on our last day, I had a döner kebab at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap (very popular). They made a huge dürüm for me. Even though it was good, it’s nothing compared to my dad’s kebab. He makes the best ones!

I think that was it really! 

Making sand angels in Sahara

Silence there isn’t like any silence I’ve ever known. There are sounds of course, but no background noice. No traffic, no humming computers, no AC, nothing. I found my ears ringing, like after a really great concert or perhaps just a lifetime in the city. As the sun set, I was sure I was going to hear it – but suddenly one of the men I travelled with burst into song. There I sat in the sand, in the middle of the Sahara desert with a couple of Bedouins, my father, our horses and camels… I had no care in the whole wide world. For once, I didn’t want to know what was going on in the world. I just wanted to live like them, not having to hear about wars, inequality or any kind of misery.


But don’t get me wrong. The desert isn’t anything to joke around about. These people live in pure anarchy. No rules, no laws, no state, no nothing can control these people. They’re untouchable. And that’s exactly what I was while staying there, untouchable. Peaceful.


This experience got me thinking: how come these people, who haven’t got a state, live more peaceful than us whose got a “big brother” watching our every move, controlling our lives in one way or another? Haha! I mean, the people never chose to fight another country? The state chose that for us. I’m not saying that we should erase the state and live in anarchy. I’m just asking myself “How free are we truly? How much do we actually decide for ourselves? And if we really live in a democracy, how come the state gets away with so much shit?” Perhaps it’s time for us to re-evaluate the word “democracy”? 


I'd do anything to go back to the desert again. Hanging around Sweden during late fall is pretty depressing. Especially with the left over rain coming in from the storm from the South. It’s like water torture, in which ice cool water is slowly dripped onto your forehead. It slowly drives you crazy. 

Law School’s expensive

I just ordered my books for the second semester at Law School… Seriously! Are they freakin’ kidding me?! It almost cost me a life saving and I’ve still got one book to go! Thank god, I don’t need a new statute book, because then you probably would have seen me on the streets begging for money like this guy I saw in Medina.


Luckily, my ass is sponsored by Baba Bank so… good luck with the bills and thank you! 


Let's go to the beach, each!

Or not, because it's oh wait what? Raining? Again? No way! In Sweden? Are you sure? Damn...
On the beach, Monastir. 

The Palace

On my last night in Tunisia, my father and I decided to live it up a little and have dinner at the palace garden. This place was so cosy. We were seated in one of the white cute tents. We ordered the classics – grill! And the food and mezes kept coming and coming and coming! I felt like a princess, haha! The only thing missing was my tiger… another time maybe, haha!


There we lied back in the sofas, talking about life, smoking shisha and listening to iconic musicians such as Wadih el Safi and Fairuz while hearing the fountains trickle carefully in the background. It was a perfect last night if you ask me. 


No alcohol policy... But you know, people will make exceptions for me and my dad, haha!
I stopped taking photos of the food after a while... Too many dishes!
I was full after the second round of this. And we hadn't even been served the grill yet. The thought of me going to hell for gluttony crossed my mind.
My Watermelon shisha! "Don't show these pictures to your mother. She'll kill you, and then she'll kill me too" Hahaha! Don't mess with yo mamas!
Hahahaha, look at that dead serious face! Freakin' DON! I don't know if I should call him Don or Talitalitaliban! Haha, no but we'd just taken thug photos. I guess he was still in character.
Drinking Turkish coffee
Hahaha, look at that face!


Kairouan is often referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital. I believe it’s the fourth holiest Islamic city in the world. Underneath all the trash and dirt, there was a beautiful city. Underneath all that poverty there was a little light of shining hope that something better will wait on the other side, in the next life. 


When the rest of the land is covered in darkness and the sun only shines over this city, you get a kind of a holy feeling, haha!

Sidi Bou Zid – Clash of the Arab Spring

You may know this city for Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor who sat himself on fire in 2010, in protest of the confiscation of his wares aka the catalyst of the Tunisian Revolution and later on the Arab Spring.


Of course I had to visit this city. However, as we left, hell broke lose. I’m glad I went to Tunisia, because god knows when it’ll be safe to return. We stayed the hell away from Tunis, but other than that we travelled pretty much everywhere else. And I’m glad I got to meet with locals, and get a greater insight of the actual situation in the country. I knew that shit was about to go down there, I just didn’t know when. But as soon as Egypt started boiling again I knew it was time to pack my things and get ready to leave. Well, I was going home anyway, but still – talk about timing, haha!


I was listening to the news as I was unpacking my things back home in Sweden, when I suddenly heard that the first man had gone down. The Arab Spring never ended. It went from spring to summer to fall to winter to spring again. And since then it’s just been a constant non-monitored fight behind closed curtains.  


Olive Ranch

I love olives and there are over 65 million olive trees in Tunisia so of course I had to visit a farm. I bought some local olive oil as well. However, nothing is better than the olive oil from my uncle’s little olive ranch. 



Gafsa is a beautiful city surrounded by this huge mountain chain. It’s basically a valley, haha! Anyway, we stopped for some lunch there and as soon as I got out of the car it felt like thousands of needles were shot all over my body. My skin was burning! That’s how hot it was outside. And since we were in a valley there wasn’t even the tiniest hint of a cool summer breeze coming our way. I’m pretty sure the pavement was hot enough to fry eggs on it…


The flowers were literally dying because of the heat. As a fellow flower I must say that I felt for them, haha!
We went to have lunch at this beautiful five star hotel with hand painted walls and roofs.
These mountains were surrounding the whole city. H O T!
Leaving Gafsa - it was like a middle eastern wild wild west, haha!


I went climbing the mountains while staying in Tozeur. Two words: crazy view! We’d been driving through the desert for three hours and suddenly we arrived at this little village by this mountain oasis. When the locals said there was water there my heart jumped. But to get to the water I had to climb the mountains… So I did! And I’m glad I did. Because the idyllic view I witnessed was impeccable, amazing, stunning, even life changing! I’m dead serious, haha!


Never had I ever seen anything like it before. The water was so clean. It came straight from the Atlas mountain. Anyway, by the time I’d reached the water I was soaking wet. I must have lost half of my bodyweight in sweat, haha! The water was so cooling, so fresh. As my skin touched the water I almost felt reborn, haha! Desert heat ain’t anything to play around with.





While travelling in Tunisia, I got to witness the craziest oases. There are three different types of oases; desert oasis, mountain oasis and beach oasis. And I’ve seen them all! But I’m going to start with the desert oasis in Tozeur.


This oasis is just outside a 100 per cent ecologic village, which only gets the food from the oasis. You had to take a little trip by horse to get to oasis. When we arrived, I just fell in love with it. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, a paradise, heaven. There were all kinds of exotic fruit and nuts. Also, this is where the finest henna grow!


As I walked around in the oasis jungle, I met this 75 year old man who worked there. You can say that he was the supervisor of pollinating the palms, haha! This man, Aziz, is an incredible man. He climbs the palms like a little monkey to spread the pollen… And he’s s e v e n t y f i v e!! How sick is that?


This is where the oasis starts.
I had to ride through the town to get to the oasis.
Haha, look at us! I'm so tired - travelled for days!
Aziz, my man! He's the coolest old man I've ever seen.
Look at him showing off infront of the camera, haha!
Haha, and he screamed "Look no hands!"
With Ammu Aziz!
This is where luxery henna grows!
Banana plants.
Time to go back to the village. The reality really strikes you when you leave the paradise and see that people live like this. Is this what you call fairtrade? 
My ride!

Hallucinating in the desert

You know in movies when people have been walking through the desert for so long, they suddenly start to hallucinate things? That happened to me, twice! Once when I was walking and once when I was driving the Jeep. The heat haze was extreme and the land was really flat. Suddenly I saw (or I thought I saw) something in the horizon. I thought I saw the sea. So I asked my driver if we could take a swim before going to the oasis. He just laughed at me and asked “And where would you like to swim?” I pointed towards the sea and said “over there! In the sea.” He laughed even more now. “Sure, I can take you there! I’ll even build you a trampoline and you can dive into the sea if you like?” he said. I didn’t quite get it and he didn’t want to break my heart so he drove towards the “sea” for me. But we never got any closer. The sea just moved further and further away from us, and that’s when I realized it. “You’ll go mad if you try to reach the sea” he said, “people have lost their minds out here”.


There was no sea, only desert and more desert. What I saw was in fact a mirage. The flat land and the sun hitting the salt pan with its light had created an illusion which fooled me into believing that there actually was a sea further away. Luckily, my driver knew his shit and got me to the oasis before I lost my mind in the desert, haha!  

Star Wars City

As we were racing through the desert in our Jeep, we suddenly arrived at this small village, in the middle of freakin’ nowhere. This village was surrounded by sand dunes and in whatever direction we looked there was only desert and more desert to be found. There wasn’t a hint of life. Even the vultures had escaped this place, haha!


FYI, This little village had been used as one of Star Wars key filming locations. I really see why. This place was surreal, haha!


As my dad and I walked into the village we met an old man who sat in an Arabic version of the saccosäck (beanbag), a hill of sand, haha! He asked us the funniest things. Usually people tend to ask us Swedes if we’ve got polar bears walking around in the neighbourhood, but not this man.


Old man: Does it ever rain where you live?

Me: Sometimes it feels like it never stops raining.

Old man: Are you serious? It never rains around here.


We just looked around ourselves and burst into laughter. Like, 'no shit! You live in the middle of the desert, haha!'


Dad: It snows during the winter too.

Old man: Really? You're not joking right?

Dad: No, honestly, it does!

Old man: Amazing. That's amazing! But… is there any grass where you live?

Dad: Yes, there’s a lot of verdure in Sweden.

Old man: Wow… I can’t even imagine what that looks like. I’ve never seen anything but this frigging sand. Where ever I go I se sand, sand and "oh hey, more sand".


I wish I'd had pictures of our garden or just Swedish nature on my cell phone, but how often do you bother about what nature looks like where you live? Of course I didn’t have any pictures like that on my phone. And I obviously had no service either so I couldn’t use the internet… We take too much for granted in life, and it makes me sad when I realize I do it too sometimes. 


Shubiel Gorge, Sidi Bouhlel (near Tozeur)
The old man and his grandson and his little pet Sahara Fox.
I had to climb up this sand dune, BAREFOOT! But that ain't a problem since I walk on lava. I'm the Chuck Norris of walking on hot desert sand, haha!

Desert Jeep Safari

That feeling when you’re Jeep racing in the desert with Arabic music playing in the background… Wow! Haha, I thought we’d drive off a cliff and die at some point cause we were going so fast, driving on hill walls, sliding through the sand, driving on sand dunes, and so on. It was sick!


At some point we were driving upwards a cliff and the only thing I could see from the passenger seat was the blue sky. I looked back and realized we’d left the ground. My driver teased the hell out of me by letting the Jeep weigh on the peak. Suddenly we just tipped forward and I thought that would be my end. But in some weird way we drove down this 90-degree angle and made it out alive. Then we just raced on through the desert.


Two words: Hella thrill!


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