Ronja & Begonia take Uppsala

Yesterday I went make-up shopping (why do I even do that? It's so expensive)… And I figured I also check out the sales. Good thing I did, because I came back home with some good old 90’s clothes. 


Last night Ronja came over to me in Uppsala. We watched Seven Pounds, cried, ate snacks and didn’t go to sleep until 2:30 am. When we woke up today we went to the city centre, caught some pokémons (there are so many pokémons here), ate lunch and came back to the flat and had some ice-cream.

Oh, and here's a picture of my dinner! Yummmm 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I spent my day chasing my nephew through IKEA today. At some point I think people thought I was abducting him. You know, because he’s white and all and I’m not. Haha!


Later on, I went to Kista Galleria with my sister and mom. Guess what? My sister bought “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, and she gave it to me to read it first!! Is she the best or what?! I thought this book would be sold out everywhere (which it pretty much is) – but Kista is quite an extraordinary place. When I saw the book in the window I was ready to break it to get a sample, but as I ran into the bookstore I noticed that they had kept a few books behind the desk. So I ran over and said “are these books ordered or are they for sale?”. When the lady behind the desk said “they’re for sale” I literally screamed “YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!” and the rest is history. 


See this? I'm so ready to start reading!
Earlier today. Also, would you just look at this cool Cali looking surfer dude who's 2 years old (!!!) I've been his aunt for two whole years and an aunt to Nathaniel for 1 year! Say what?!

Bubbles n’ munch

Last night I camped out with my sister (even though I didn't feel that awesome since I've been ill). We just sat on my bed, ate snacks, talked life & drank some good old champagne. And we had nothing to celebrate… We were just hanging out like a pair of queens with no bras. Oh and btw, I've stopped using bras. Not because I want to make a statement (I kind of wish that was the reason), but because bras suck and hurt, and to be honest - I don't really need that in my life. Also, I don't really need a bra either. So it's a win-win. A win for me and... a win for me. To healthier life choices, cheers and amen! 




Selfless selfies

This week I’ve been busy shooting the short film “Komma Ut” (Coming out) where I play the lead, Robin. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and I’m really glad to be working with director Joar Lemhagen. 


After wrapping up and I was walking back to the flat in Uppsala, this happened. I don't know what's more embarrassing; me trying to snap some stranger like a total creep or the fact that I took a snap of myself and then snapped the initial deed along with it?


This heat tho

Today was probably the hottest day of this Swedish summer; 29 degrees – say whaaaat! Anyway, I’ve been hanging out with my girl Lollo. She’s going to Meruca (US… c’mon guys) tomorrow, so we’ve been packing, googleing hipster districts around her route, napping, and caught some pokémons with Emma. And that’s about it! 


Best dessert ever: strawberries in cream & sugar!

Cat life in Uppsala

This week I’ve been staying in Uppsala. To be honest, I kind of miss it here. But I have too much work stuff in Stockholm to switch back to uni in Uppsala.


Anyways, while in Uppsala I’ve met with my director for a reading with the rest of the cast of a short film where I will play the lead. I also met up with my old neighbour Taban from my dorm days at Sturegården. We mainly walked around the city centre while catching up with each others lives.


Later on, I finally met up with my gal Ella. We ate some really bad pasta. Well… the pasta was fine. The sauce however was a disaster in my opinion, haha! But Ella liked it, and that’s really the only thing that matters. Ok, so maybe she didn’t like it, like it – but it was eatable.


Honestly, I’ve just been relaxing on the balcony, tested the life of a cat lady, hung out with some mates and reading scripts… and playing some Pokémon go! 




Today I went to see a theatre in the park with Lollo and Alice. One of my friends played the supporting role, Dorimène – perhaps the 16th century’s greatest gold digger?



Cruising down the street in my 64

Okay, so maybe not in my 64, but what ever. I finally booked my driving lessons! YEY! It only took me, what, 5 years? Haha! Getting your drivers license is expensive though... So I'm not quite sure what I'm looking forward in this whole thing. Oh yeah, that's right; independence...

MAX with the babes

I spent my evening with my babes Lollo, Funky and Emma (The OB = Original Babe). We were supposed to go out for dinner, and we did, but not at a typical restaurant, but at the burger joint MAX, which Emma’s been missing like crazy FYI. Anyway, we ended up eating there for hours. And I actually found my new favourite dip sauce. I can’t remember the name, but it was green and tasted like garlic.


Lesson of the day: broaden your horizon, because there are a lot of dip sauces that one must explore before the eternal peace. 



Celezte - have you seen me?

Yesterday could have been a nightmare… but it wasn’t. It all started when I forgot to bring my ID to Stockholm. I mean, the whole point of Louie & I even going to the city (by bus… the tubes are cancelled all summer) was to go out, hence the ID. And I forgot it. And it didn’t even hit me until my baby face came across a bartender at a bar and he said “Can I see your ID?” and I totally froze like I was some 12-year-old sneaking in to a bar. It was humiliating! Everyone in that bar thought that I was underage.


So we left the bar and walked all the way from Sveavägen to Hornstull. Do you know how far that is? It’s not that far really, I’m just adding some drama to the story, haha! Anyway, I told Louise to calm down and that everything would be fine. Because I was trying to stay positive. Not because I really believed it. We tried another bar in Slussen, and I had to sit down by a table outside, while she bought the pints. She literally smuggled a pint to me. It’s not illegal since I’m 23, but it still felt like we were breaking some rules.


Later on, we went to meet up with a few girls in Hornstull to pre-game before going to club Celezte. The guards were being merciless in the queue, telling people to F off. I thought I was doomed and that I wouldn’t get in. One of the girls actually proposed that I could borrow her passport… forget the fact that that’s a felony. The girl’s white and blond! We’re like day & night. In what world did she think that would ever work? As we moved closer and closer to the entry my heart began beating faster and faster. And so it happened. One of the girls gave the guard her ID, the guard gave it back to me without looking at me and then said “Welcome in”. And we all came in and lived happily ever after.


So the moral of the story is: everything will be alright!

Joke! The moral of the story is: spare yourself the heart attack and bring your damn ID when going out.


The support group wins at Focus Filmfestival

I just won Best Short Film for Stödgruppen & Vägen hem / The way homen recieved an honors mention for best photography at Focus Film Festival in Uppsala!! This means that The Support Group gets to compete at Novemberfestivalen in Trollhättan this fall! THANK YOU to everyone who came to support me today and everyone who were a part of these films! You've all been amazing! And a big thanks to the Jury!

When you’ve got an exam coming up and your friends don’t:


Weekend in Malmö

This weekend was spent in Malmö with my BFF, king Louie. I took her and friends to the world premiere of my short film The Support Group. And she took me to my first ever queer prom. It was so FAB! 
A few picks from the weekend:
Suit up for christ's sake!
Me & Louie just came to take over the party haha!
Everybody were getting themselves ready at Lo's place.
Cat life!
Ready to slay at prom!
But first, let me just play the god father for a sec. 
and let us take a selfie...
Ok guys, we're here and we're QUEER! #slayin
And yeah, we ate waffles - that's kind of my thing now. I've been eating waffles, not once a year, but twice a month since march!! That's a big deal for me. Because I love waffles.. Btw, doesn't Louie look like Marie from Roxette?
LOPPIS aka Garden sale? Either way, we said we wouldn't buy anything - yet we did anyways...
One word: INSANE!
One sentence: Ben & Jerry WHO?

World premiere for The Support Group

Okay, so I haven't updated lately, so you probably don't know that I'm a director now. My second short film "The support group", which is shortly put about sisterhood the contemporary rape culture in society, had its WORLD PREMIERE at the International Female Film Festival Malmö tonight! And I obviously had to bring my BFF <3
At the Q&A talking about the film.
Oh and Thank you Feministsmeden for this powerful necklace "Rita", which I wore at the premiere.
How cool is this?

Cine-magician Award

I just recieved the greatest honor a filmmaker can only dream of at Sweden's Short Film Festival for my film Vägen hem / The way home - The "Cine-Magician Award" - which is awarded to the most promising filmmaker! Wow!! I was SO nervous when they called out my name, I was shaking so much I thought I'd fall off the stage any second. I don't even know what I said up there, I was in shock haha! Thank you so much for this amazing award and boost, and thank you to everyone who have been a part of this journey and who helped me bring my first ever short film to life!!

I never expected to win anything, I just wanted people to see the film and to provoke a discussion in a time where no one wants to see the reality of so many peoples misery. The truth is, we're living in dark times, where the greatest humanitarian crisis since world war II is a fact - let's show solidarity and humanity! Refugees Welcome! <3
With Matilda (actress) me (director, writer, producer & actress in this film), Isabella (editor & and Co post-producer)

When someone asks "So, how's Law School? Good?"

And you're like:
But really you're like:

Global Goals Forum with UNDP

Today I spoke at the Global Goals Forum with UNDP about the humanitarian crisis, war & conflicts and the refugee situation. It's been an interesting day with great discussion. I'm glad I got to sit in the panel and talk about our times most pressing issues.

Clash of history and today

Photo taken in Bangkok by me for Vogue Italia!

Vägen hem - post-production final touches

These past couple of months have been hectic with everything going on. I've had the OYW, exams and my two films. But I'm happy to say that we're in the final touches of the post-production of Vägen hem. And for that, I'm so greatful!
Outside the studio!
And the subtitles are on for the international screenings of the film.

OYW reppin' Sweden

Hey I'm back from Bangkok now! One Young World Summit 2015 in Bangkok was absolutely amazing! I’ve never been in the same room as so many inspiring and intelligent people at the same time. This experience has been life changing. I went there as Sweden’s delegate for OYW summit and returned as a OYW Ambassador. I connected with people from all over the world who taught me what’s happening in their countries, and together we will develop new ideas and projects to solve various global issues. I'm so greatful that I can call the people I've met my friends - we are the one's who will change the world!


Thank you to UNDP, RFSU, (S) and Tage Erlanders scholarship for international co-operation, and my family and private donors. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to go and represent my home country, Sweden. 


First day of the summit!
Wandile and I - Holiday Inn crew for life haha!
Listening to Kofi Annan!
The view from BCC where the summit was held. 
Jamilia, me and Meral on the boat to the Royal palace for the opening ceremony.
At the opening ceremony, greeted by Muhammad Yunus!
Sir Bob Geldof telling us that we're the leaders of today AND tomorrow, but our work doesn't start tomorrow, it starts today - before it's too late!

Kurdistan, Sweden and UK - but we're all kurdish!
Taking the tuktuk home from the night market with my gals from the UK and Malaysia
The sun sets but we're still working! That OYW life haha!
Breakfast at the Holiday Inn was always fantastic with our special group! 
Me and Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot posing during lunch
The kurds of OYW haha! From the left reppin Kurdistan, UK, Canada and Sweden!
"We're on a boat ** Don't you ever forget" haha! the security was insane. And we're all thankful for that, because we were 1300 people from all over the world on this summit, working on ways to make our world to a better place!
So most of the pictures were taken on the first day, because let's be honest. We were too busy to take photos
Holiday Inn squad!
Half of the world's flags to the left and the other half to the right. Can you spot the Swedish flag?
On the tube to tha night market! There's no structure what so ever in this post, I know!
Traffic was always insane in Bangkok!
Trying the police segway in Lumpini park!
Having dinner at Grand
Traffic be like... infinity
Children dancing in Lumpini Park!
BoKyung having her picture taken for...
this! Hahah!
Abeer from Palestine and I!
Sadly, I had to get going to the airport shortly after the closing ceremony, otherwise I would have missed the flight. But there will be a next year, and a year after that and so on, for me to meet inspirational people I can call my friends since I'm now officially a One Young World Ambassador!!
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