Stockholm Film Fest

Last night I went to the opening of Stockholm's International Film Festival with Isabella. I had no idea that it was a red carpet event, but they had me at great cinema, free chips and champagne. I was like "Bring IT!" I didn't have time to eat dinner before the films so I obviously had to start binging on snacks.
Anyway, we saw Hingsten, which opened for Mediterranea. And I'm telling you, everybody should see Mediterranea. It's such an important film. 

What if...

What if Frida Kahlo lived today? Would her paintings feature her taking a bathroom selfie at a house party while doing the duckface? I don't know, but I kind of wanna know...

I Vogue on

"Mountain at my gates"
"The land of the hidden ones"
Photos by me for Vogue Italia

Frida is my patronus

Since I’m tired of all the slutty cats/slutty anything, macho douches and let’s not forget the CA-costumes, I decided to dress up as a female icon I look up too. Can you guess who? Judging from the flowers in my braided hair it seems pretty easy to guess – Frida Kahlo. Looking at my new brows I start to wonder why I ever started plucking them in the middle. I kind of like the whole unibrow, McDonald’s M thing. I mean, it’s not like I’m plucking the rest of my eyebrows anyways, right? So why bother? I look fierce anyhow!  


I say put down your tweezers!
Bathroom selfies are obviously a must do when you're at a house party. Plus, I needed a picture with my red lipstick on.

When at Mandy’s

We’ve eaten burgers, and now it’s time for some dessert and Mad Max Fury Road action!



Checkpoint Charlie Anarchy

I took this picture by Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin last year. Now it's published in Vogue Italia. I like the way it looks like a historical picture, yet it's got a hint of McDonald's and Range Rover, haha! I also like that the guards are so unaware of the photo being taken, like they're on break or don't bother.

The Old Man and the Dreaming Spires

Photo by me for Vogue Italia. I took this picture when my dad was visiting me in Oxford back in 2011. I saw this Gandalf/Dumbledoresque man walking on High Street and felt a sudden urge to take his picture. So I did, and then I showed him the photo. And he said "Bless you my child!" and gave me pat on the back. 

International Day of the Girl Child

I was invited to talk about the International Day of the Girl Child at Sveriges Radio P4 Extra today. The Radio host told me this show's got more listeners than Skavlan and that 1,5 million people will be listening to what I have to say. If you want to be one of them, you could always klick here to listen to the show between 1:13:00 - 12:17:30 to hear me speak. 

When people without exams and papers are telling me what a lovely long weekend they’re going to have

Yep... I just wish I was any of Jack Nicholson's characters for 5 minutes so I could have an outburst. But no, I'm going to be settle and stay inhumanly calm until hell freezes over (or I graduate).

Dyke Hard

Yesterday I went to see Dyke Hard with my brother and Anna in Uppsala. The director was there to talk about the making of the movie, which was so much fun. 

The headless horseman from Šoṭṭ el-Jarīd

Yesterday Vogue Italia published one of my photos, and since it was my parents anniversary I’m dedicating this photo to them. I call it “The headless horseman from Šoṭṭ el-Jarīd"


Photo by Begonia Randhav

Sweden Radio P5 STHLM

Today I got to guest at Radio Sweden P5 STHLM. We talked about me reppin' Sweden on the One Young World Summit 2015. Thanks for inviting and having me on your show!
Here's a link to one of the clips
And here's a clip to the whole show. I'll be in the show between 2:12:00 - 2:30:00

Putting out footnotes in the last minute before deadline

Never do this in the last minute, ever.

Interviewed by Enköpingsposten

Today I was interviewed by the newspaper regarding me being the Swedish delegate for the One Young World Summit 2015. We sat at the Valhall café without even buying anything (thug life), but you may roll that way here in B-town, haha!


One Young World

I’m honoured to say that I’ve been appointed as Swedish delegate and will attend the One Young World Summit 2015 in Bangkok in November to discuss global issues with fellow young leaders from the whole world!! I can’t believe this! AND I will finally get to hang out with Pimwa again!



Grapes baby

Can you believe this? We’re growing grapes in my backyard… In Sweden! 

Bedouins of Sahara pt 2

Another picture taken by me in the Sahara desert has been featured in Vogue Italia.


For me, this isn’t just some random photo. For me, this photo represents so much more. Struggle, hope, faith. Every time I look at it, or even think of my days back in the desert, a face suddenly appears in my mind. The face of one of my unaccompanied refugee children.


I walked the invisible path that so many before me have lost their ways in. Even their minds or worse. Their lives. The Sahara desert is cruel. It shouldn’t be tested. Yet so many are forced to challenge it and trek through the great desert just to reach the Mediterranean sea. A sea of hope, and a sea that has been forced to become a mass grave for those of us who have suffered the most. The ones who have fled war, death and disease. 


I’m talking about our brother and sisters who are drowning as we speak while our world leaders are watching. We can’t build walls around us when the world is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW II. We need to show some solidarity, humanity, and welcome those who have risked their lives to get here. 



Last night me and babi went to the open air cinema to watch Casablanca starring the flawless queen Ingrid Bergman.


Mandy aka masterchef

Last night Mandy invited me and the girls for dinner at her place. She had been cooking for hours and the food was SO delicious!

Emma & Louise and the FOOD!
And me, with a resting bitch face! Careless, flawless, what's up!

Club Going Up on a Tuesday

Last Tuesday I went to Bryggan in Uppsala with a couple of friends. The dance floors were literally dead when we arrived, and it was midnight (that’s late here in Sweden). So we did what we do best: we started dance floor after dance floor after dance floor like a couple of queens. At first people just looked at us as if they didn’t understand what we were doing. “What is that? Why are they moving in this open space? Are you even supposed to do that?” But by the end of the song (when they’d had time to chug their beer to gain some alco-confidence) people came to join the party. Because let’s face it – we were the party. We made that dance floor. Everyone were just guests, cause we OWNED that club.


Bryggan should have payed us for that. But no, we had to pay to get into the club… “HAVE YOU SEEN US?!” haha, just joking… not really, but it’s the humble thing to say.


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