Celezte - have you seen me?

Yesterday could have been a nightmare… but it wasn’t. It all started when I forgot to bring my ID to Stockholm. I mean, the whole point of Louie & I even going to the city (by bus… the tubes are cancelled all summer) was to go out, hence the ID. And I forgot it. And it didn’t even hit me until my baby face came across a bartender at a bar and he said “Can I see your ID?” and I totally froze like I was some 12-year-old sneaking in to a bar. It was humiliating! Everyone in that bar thought that I was underage.


So we left the bar and walked all the way from Sveavägen to Hornstull. Do you know how far that is? It’s not that far really, I’m just adding some drama to the story, haha! Anyway, I told Louise to calm down and that everything would be fine. Because I was trying to stay positive. Not because I really believed it. We tried another bar in Slussen, and I had to sit down by a table outside, while she bought the pints. She literally smuggled a pint to me. It’s not illegal since I’m 23, but it still felt like we were breaking some rules.


Later on, we went to meet up with a few girls in Hornstull to pre-game before going to club Celezte. The guards were being merciless in the queue, telling people to F off. I thought I was doomed and that I wouldn’t get in. One of the girls actually proposed that I could borrow her passport… forget the fact that that’s a felony. The girl’s white and blond! We’re like day & night. In what world did she think that would ever work? As we moved closer and closer to the entry my heart began beating faster and faster. And so it happened. One of the girls gave the guard her ID, the guard gave it back to me without looking at me and then said “Welcome in”. And we all came in and lived happily ever after.


So the moral of the story is: everything will be alright!

Joke! The moral of the story is: spare yourself the heart attack and bring your damn ID when going out.



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