Cat life in Uppsala

This week I’ve been staying in Uppsala. To be honest, I kind of miss it here. But I have too much work stuff in Stockholm to switch back to uni in Uppsala.


Anyways, while in Uppsala I’ve met with my director for a reading with the rest of the cast of a short film where I will play the lead. I also met up with my old neighbour Taban from my dorm days at Sturegården. We mainly walked around the city centre while catching up with each others lives.


Later on, I finally met up with my gal Ella. We ate some really bad pasta. Well… the pasta was fine. The sauce however was a disaster in my opinion, haha! But Ella liked it, and that’s really the only thing that matters. Ok, so maybe she didn’t like it, like it – but it was eatable.


Honestly, I’ve just been relaxing on the balcony, tested the life of a cat lady, hung out with some mates and reading scripts… and playing some Pokémon go! 




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