Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I spent my day chasing my nephew through IKEA today. At some point I think people thought I was abducting him. You know, because he’s white and all and I’m not. Haha!


Later on, I went to Kista Galleria with my sister and mom. Guess what? My sister bought “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, and she gave it to me to read it first!! Is she the best or what?! I thought this book would be sold out everywhere (which it pretty much is) – but Kista is quite an extraordinary place. When I saw the book in the window I was ready to break it to get a sample, but as I ran into the bookstore I noticed that they had kept a few books behind the desk. So I ran over and said “are these books ordered or are they for sale?”. When the lady behind the desk said “they’re for sale” I literally screamed “YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!” and the rest is history. 


See this? I'm so ready to start reading!
Earlier today. Also, would you just look at this cool Cali looking surfer dude who's 2 years old (!!!) I've been his aunt for two whole years and an aunt to Nathaniel for 1 year! Say what?!


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