Weekend in Malmö

This weekend was spent in Malmö with my BFF, king Louie. I took her and friends to the world premiere of my short film The Support Group. And she took me to my first ever queer prom. It was so FAB! 
A few picks from the weekend:
Suit up for christ's sake!
Me & Louie just came to take over the party haha!
Everybody were getting themselves ready at Lo's place.
Cat life!
Ready to slay at prom!
But first, let me just play the god father for a sec. 
and let us take a selfie...
Ok guys, we're here and we're QUEER! #slayin
And yeah, we ate waffles - that's kind of my thing now. I've been eating waffles, not once a year, but twice a month since march!! That's a big deal for me. Because I love waffles.. Btw, doesn't Louie look like Marie from Roxette?
LOPPIS aka Garden sale? Either way, we said we wouldn't buy anything - yet we did anyways...
One word: INSANE!
One sentence: Ben & Jerry WHO?


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