Cine-magician Award

I just recieved the greatest honor a filmmaker can only dream of at Sweden's Short Film Festival for my film Vägen hem / The way home - The "Cine-Magician Award" - which is awarded to the most promising filmmaker! Wow!! I was SO nervous when they called out my name, I was shaking so much I thought I'd fall off the stage any second. I don't even know what I said up there, I was in shock haha! Thank you so much for this amazing award and boost, and thank you to everyone who have been a part of this journey and who helped me bring my first ever short film to life!!

I never expected to win anything, I just wanted people to see the film and to provoke a discussion in a time where no one wants to see the reality of so many peoples misery. The truth is, we're living in dark times, where the greatest humanitarian crisis since world war II is a fact - let's show solidarity and humanity! Refugees Welcome! <3
With Matilda (actress) me (director, writer, producer & actress in this film), Isabella (editor & and Co post-producer)


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