Bedouins of Sahara pt 2

Another picture taken by me in the Sahara desert has been featured in Vogue Italia.


For me, this isn’t just some random photo. For me, this photo represents so much more. Struggle, hope, faith. Every time I look at it, or even think of my days back in the desert, a face suddenly appears in my mind. The face of one of my unaccompanied refugee children.


I walked the invisible path that so many before me have lost their ways in. Even their minds or worse. Their lives. The Sahara desert is cruel. It shouldn’t be tested. Yet so many are forced to challenge it and trek through the great desert just to reach the Mediterranean sea. A sea of hope, and a sea that has been forced to become a mass grave for those of us who have suffered the most. The ones who have fled war, death and disease. 


I’m talking about our brother and sisters who are drowning as we speak while our world leaders are watching. We can’t build walls around us when the world is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW II. We need to show some solidarity, humanity, and welcome those who have risked their lives to get here. 



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