Frida is my patronus

Since I’m tired of all the slutty cats/slutty anything, macho douches and let’s not forget the CA-costumes, I decided to dress up as a female icon I look up too. Can you guess who? Judging from the flowers in my braided hair it seems pretty easy to guess – Frida Kahlo. Looking at my new brows I start to wonder why I ever started plucking them in the middle. I kind of like the whole unibrow, McDonald’s M thing. I mean, it’s not like I’m plucking the rest of my eyebrows anyways, right? So why bother? I look fierce anyhow!  


I say put down your tweezers!
Bathroom selfies are obviously a must do when you're at a house party. Plus, I needed a picture with my red lipstick on.


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