Yesterday I got back from MALMÖ (I'm not sure why i do this, but for some reason I scream or use capital letters when ever I have to say Malmö... except from this time), where I’d gone to celebrate my BFF’s 23 birthday! First we celebrated her with cakes and vegan desserts, then we went to a non-guys invited club (which was awesome since we danced like crazy people). I’ve been eating the best falafel ever, gone to a lecture/talk with femilund, eaten at Raw food house, where Emma made us the best dinner ever. We’ve been hanging out in parks, eating in parks, had BBQs in parks and  done some other things in parks which involved me covering up for Louie. The last night we hosted a masquerade party with the theme “the first letter in your name”. Louise went as Lord Voldemort and I went as Banks Blodiga Binda (aka Banks bloody pad).

Best cake, ever!
Going to the club!
Happy moments in das park!
The lecture with Hej Blekk and Babe Ebba!
It looks like Lisa is just photobombing this huge selfie/wefie, hahaha!
Mmm... this dinner tho! I wish I could have this every day!
Emma the unicorn and Lord Voldemort preparing the quizz!
A "moderat" (liberal), voldemort, unicorn and banks bloody pad smeyezing the shit out of the camera!
This obviously had to make the cut since Freddie had a freakin' Hogwarts costume!! WHO HAS THAT JUST LYING AROUND AT HOME?! I want one!!
Quizz time. My team one; shocker... Hahaha, just kidding! But seriously though... I'm a winner. (I know you can't tell, but I'm making a serious face right now).

Looking rather fierce with my tampon earrings. Girls /ppl who get period = superhumans. If a cis-guy bled for 5 days he'd be dead. Women / those who blead be like "what ever, I do this shit erry month. What! Come at me bro!"


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