3,2 km and I'm dead?

So... I haven't gone for a single work out for the past couple of... I don't know, five weeks (?) but never did I think that I'd be this bad at running. I used to be able to run for at least 5 km, but this is what happened to me after running 3,2 km, haha!


But I got to say that this post-workout selfie has everything a post-work out selfie should ever have: a 2/4 Miley tongue, a lazy braided moustache, sweat, and a look in the eyes that says "I don't even care if the killer's two steps behind me, I'm done running so just kill me". Haha! But seriously though... I wouldn't run if so the Texas Chainsaw dude was in my house. I'd just lay here and tell him to get it over with. Zero f:s given!



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