3,2 km and I'm dead?

So... I haven't gone for a single work out for the past couple of... I don't know, five weeks (?) but never did I think that I'd be this bad at running. I used to be able to run for at least 5 km, but this is what happened to me after running 3,2 km, haha!


But I got to say that this post-workout selfie has everything a post-work out selfie should ever have: a 2/4 Miley tongue, a lazy braided moustache, sweat, and a look in the eyes that says "I don't even care if the killer's two steps behind me, I'm done running so just kill me". Haha! But seriously though... I wouldn't run if so the Texas Chainsaw dude was in my house. I'd just lay here and tell him to get it over with. Zero f:s given!


"Att plocka en blomma"

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to the screening of the film I starred in. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see how it all turned out. This was probably one of the funniest productions I’ve ever worked on and I absolutely loved the script!


I love the fact that they decided to name the film "Att plocka en blomma" (it's a play on words in Swedish, meaning loosing the V-card), but it's also funny because my friends and I have had so many jokes around this idiom and the fact that my name is Begonia. Oh, none of you are gonna get this unless we were friends in high school!


Anyways, here’s a few behind the scenes-pictures and a post-production photo from the studio (that I stole).



This scene.... I can't even!!
This scene!!
Getting them Princess Leia buns ready before filming!

Photoshoot pt 2

Model: Me

Photo by: Bernhardina Hörnstein

Make up by: Melinda Forsberg


Yesterday I got back from MALMÖ (I'm not sure why i do this, but for some reason I scream or use capital letters when ever I have to say Malmö... except from this time), where I’d gone to celebrate my BFF’s 23 birthday! First we celebrated her with cakes and vegan desserts, then we went to a non-guys invited club (which was awesome since we danced like crazy people). I’ve been eating the best falafel ever, gone to a lecture/talk with femilund, eaten at Raw food house, where Emma made us the best dinner ever. We’ve been hanging out in parks, eating in parks, had BBQs in parks and  done some other things in parks which involved me covering up for Louie. The last night we hosted a masquerade party with the theme “the first letter in your name”. Louise went as Lord Voldemort and I went as Banks Blodiga Binda (aka Banks bloody pad).

Best cake, ever!
Going to the club!
Happy moments in das park!
The lecture with Hej Blekk and Babe Ebba!
It looks like Lisa is just photobombing this huge selfie/wefie, hahaha!
Mmm... this dinner tho! I wish I could have this every day!
Emma the unicorn and Lord Voldemort preparing the quizz!
A "moderat" (liberal), voldemort, unicorn and banks bloody pad smeyezing the shit out of the camera!
This obviously had to make the cut since Freddie had a freakin' Hogwarts costume!! WHO HAS THAT JUST LYING AROUND AT HOME?! I want one!!
Quizz time. My team one; shocker... Hahaha, just kidding! But seriously though... I'm a winner. (I know you can't tell, but I'm making a serious face right now).

Looking rather fierce with my tampon earrings. Girls /ppl who get period = superhumans. If a cis-guy bled for 5 days he'd be dead. Women / those who blead be like "what ever, I do this shit erry month. What! Come at me bro!"

You a model? Who's your agency? Instagram?

Remember that photoshoot I was talking about in March? Well, here’s one of the pictures, yay!


Model: Me

Photo by: Bernhardina Hörnstein

Make up by: Melinda Forsberg

That's some #tbt kind of thing

I just came across the funniest video of myself, haha! It’s from 2012 when I did a really bad impersonation of the girl in the wheelchair in the Swedish cult-film “Fucking Åmål”. I’m not even sure why I’m doing an accent in this video, since the real character doesn’t have one. 


Flower power modie

You think my ear’s big in this picture? You should’ve seen my nose! It didn’t even make the cut, haha! Anyway, this is what my hair looked like when Emma styled me for her photoshoot. Why does there have to be a reason to have one’s hair like this? If it was up to me, I’d walk around with flowers in my hair every day. Then again, if it was up to me, New Year’s Eve would be celebrated in the summer, during the whole season, and the season would last all year… And Sweden would magically change its location to the Mediterranean. 



Shark tale

Yesterday I decided to celebrate Valborg with my nephew and my siblings. We weren’t feeling the vibe in the city so we took a trip to the sharks!


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