That lunch date though

Yesterday I hung out at Maja’s place. We had some lunch and watched a whole episode of Beck just because I happened to be in it. But not for the reason you might think. Don’t jump to any conclusions, alright? My brother happens to love these movies, but I… let’s just say I’m not a fan. The thing is, my brother has an eye for details (and so do I). It’s kind of our thing to keep an eye on whatever’s happening in the background in films (you know extras who’re acting like they’re freaking Al Pacino or Marlon Brandon or something).


So when they called me to say that they needed an extra I was like “Naah man, I don’t do that”, but when the guy on the other side of the line said it was for Beck I suddenly changed my mind. “I’m in”, I said, as I immediately started planning on how to get inside of my brother’s head an really piss him off on screen. I figured that if he saw me in this movie, he’d never watch it the same way again. Hahaha, and he still doesn’t know! But I’m going to sit by his side and watch this episode and I’m going to record his reaction when he sees my face, mohaha!


 Oh, and we had a whole bowl of fruit salad afterwards. Patty McFatties (healthy edition)


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