So this happened...

Okay, I’m going to list today’s diet.


Breakfast: leftover birthday cake from yesterday

Post-breakfast snack: two or three cookies, maybe four, who counts?

Lunch: leftover red-velvet cake from yesterday

Post-lunch snack: leftover candy

Dinner: one cheeseburger

Snack: nutella & go snack

Second dinner: salad, hummus, bread

Late night snack: candy.


One should repeat this diet every single day for the next couple of months for a safe early death.


Photoshoot & Pussy wagons

Yesterday I was at a photoshoot and by now you know I’m not the model type of gal. I’m more of a French fries kind of gal, haha! But it was a lot of fun and I ended up laughing a lot.


Anyways, after the photoshoot I was picked up by Akasya & Robin, and we spotted THE Pussy wagon. I obviously had to take a picture of myself looking all gangstafied in front of the “car”, but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Who the hell drives this in B-town? 


Me and my bro looking hard AF! I've got so many good one liners for this picture, but I'm afraid that if I start writing them down, I'll end up with the bible of one liners haha!

Holy waffle

So, today’s not just the day before my birthday, but the waffle day. Of course I made waffles for everybody, even though I’m sick. 

This may not be my waffle, but my sisters... BUT I only stole her picture because I was too damn busy eating my waffles instead of taking pictures of them (mohaha)!


At 22 pm, you can see me on tonight’s new episode of “Justitia” on SVT 1, where I play Heraz. She’s kind of the leader of her gang of girls and has got a hell of an attitude. We’re absolutely nothing alike, but that’s what I liked about playing her. Plus, I got to cuss a lot… which if you know me, is not my thing. 


Heraz will do anything to back her girls, but she's also a sucker for drama and fist fights. I guess you could say that she's a real 360 donna and everything that comes with it. 

Work in progress

I had totally forgotten about the work in progress-event that I’ve been selected to participate in for my upcoming short film, “Vägen hem”. I’ve been so busy lately, too busy!


To be honest, I’m a little shy about sharing things that I’ve done, especially when they’re not finished yet. But that’s the thing about this event. It’s for works in progress. Lord, let this panel have mercy on me! Or actually, let them fry me alive with their feedback so I can come back better and stronger.


That lunch date though

Yesterday I hung out at Maja’s place. We had some lunch and watched a whole episode of Beck just because I happened to be in it. But not for the reason you might think. Don’t jump to any conclusions, alright? My brother happens to love these movies, but I… let’s just say I’m not a fan. The thing is, my brother has an eye for details (and so do I). It’s kind of our thing to keep an eye on whatever’s happening in the background in films (you know extras who’re acting like they’re freaking Al Pacino or Marlon Brandon or something).


So when they called me to say that they needed an extra I was like “Naah man, I don’t do that”, but when the guy on the other side of the line said it was for Beck I suddenly changed my mind. “I’m in”, I said, as I immediately started planning on how to get inside of my brother’s head an really piss him off on screen. I figured that if he saw me in this movie, he’d never watch it the same way again. Hahaha, and he still doesn’t know! But I’m going to sit by his side and watch this episode and I’m going to record his reaction when he sees my face, mohaha!


 Oh, and we had a whole bowl of fruit salad afterwards. Patty McFatties (healthy edition)

Rockin' them socks!

Rock the Socks Day with my big sis and nephew! 

That solar eclipse though

Today I’ve managed to go for a business meeting, watched the solar eclipse, get my school work done and get some work for an upcoming project done. It’s time for my week end!



I went to participate on a breakfast meeting in Uppsala today with the UNA Sweden youth section and pitched a project I’m currently running. I’m looking forward to the collaboration.


Later on I went to Stockholm to pick up some of my film footage for my short film. 


Spring awakening

Yesterday I went to the city to meet up with Ronja. We ate Stockholm’s most expensive sandwich and walked around town, talking about everything and nothing. 


Behind the scenes

I’ve been gone for a while now, shooting a new movie which I’m directing, but I’m back (almost). I thought I’d show you a couple of behind the scenes pictures.


Director mood ON!
And action - hypothermia mood ON!
Like, why do I even do this to myself? Haha, okay it was worh it. I needed these shots.

The editorial

On the International Womens Day I wrote a blog post on my MDG-blog as an MDG ambassador for the United Nation’s Association of Sweden. And today that very same blog post was published as a debate article on Eköpingsposten’s editorial page.


You may read it here!

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