Filming Stödgruppen

This only the beginning of a new era, where I will break stereotypes while filming #Stödgruppenfilmen. A pen and paper can change everything, especially when the camera is my weapon. 


I’m almost finished with the whole casting for my up coming short film that I’m directing this summer. You can like and follow the film process, behind the scenes and news about the film at the official facebook page, Stödgruppen. This short film is really important and battles subjects such as sexual violence, rape & sisterhood. We’re mainly girls and gender-fluids behind and in front of the camera.  


I've written the script and I'll be directing, producing and also play one of the parts in the film.

Treat yo self!

I hung out with Marie and ate half of Stockholm today, haha! We haven’t got to hung out since we wrapped up our short film back in February. But we had loads of fun eating burgers, drinking beer in the sun and having Nutella with waffles for desert! The daily motto was: Treat yo self! And we sure did, since we can't say no to food. 


Stills from Att plocka en blomma

I thought I could show you a couple of stills from the film “Att plocka en blomma”, where I play Lisa.


This might be the most epic scene ever shot in... dare I say Swedish film history? Comedywise ofc! Hahaha!
I absolutely LOVE this still!

Photoshoot pt 3

Model: Begonia Randhav

Photo by: Bernhardina Hörnstein

Make up by: Melinda Forsberg

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