Vogue Italia

Last night my nephew was born and today one of my photos is featured in Vogue Italia. Say what?


Das crew

Everyone loves baby Emilio

Summer rolls

I’m feeling like having some summer rolls. I had them at Louie’s place two weeks ago and it was de-licious! 


Stole these pictures from Louie, mohaha! 

So that happened...

Post pre-game toothbrushing with my BFF. Went to b-towns hottest (& only) club, partied with old high school friends we haven't seen in years, repeated the same story at least 50 times, danced the living hell out of that "dance floor", sweat, & gtfo of there like a queen.


Country hooooome

Emma invited us to her home on the countryside… or Lollo, Maja and I invited ourselves, haha! She refused to give us her home address. Luckily I used my hacker skills and tracked her down… by googleing her fathers name and using google maps to GPS our way to her home, haha! In Google we trust!


We had some dinner, went for a TWO HOUR WALK (?!?! An applause please), stole some sweet peas from a farm, saved some snails from the highroads like true PETA-friends, and had the best desert ever. 


"How would you pose if you were a Miss Universe contestant?" To our defens we were posing to quickly. The photographer couldn't handle the action. I SWEAR TO YOU, WE'RE MISS UNIVERSE MATERIAL! Hahaha!


Yesterday I went to Drottningholm Royal Palace garden with my parents for a picnic. I haven’t been there since I was a little kid. I love all of their parks and small lakes. It felt like was in a period drama while strolling with my picnic bag. 


My parents over there sitting under a tree Ferdinand style, haha!
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