Shit just got real Kim K

Speaking of ugly crying…  Have you seen these ugly crying pictures of me? Remember when I said that I’d been running around in a hospital screaming and crying like a crazy person? Here are a few pictures from the shoot, haha! Kim Kardashian ain’t got nothing!


But shooting that scene was pretty tough, emotionally speaking. I never cry in public. So I had to put myself in a state of mind that made it possible for me to let it all out. The funniest thing happened though; different doctors intervened several times since they thought I was for real, haha! And suddenly I just switched off and started laughing to make them understand that it’s just a part of the scene we’re shooting. They must have thought I was crazy. But… c’mon, the lights were all set and there was a huge camera. Still doctors thought it was for real.  


Now THAT's ugly crying! 


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