When someone asks me if I’m sticking around school after classes are over

I'm like:
Because I'm flying to London now. BYE law school, won't miss you.


A few days ago I went to meet up with my film BFF, Marie (aka Aliki). I thought it would be better if we got to know each other a little bit better before filming, especially since we’re supposed to be BFFs on screen. Haha, I think we got to the point where we unintentionally actually became really good friends since we’re shockingly alike. Great casting call!


The day after I went to the city for a whole day of castings for a film that I’m directing. Boy, was it tough! And I’m not even done yet. I still have a few more important roles to cast before I can relax. But at least my film crew’s ready rock‘n’roll.


Although this is the second project I’m directing, it’s my first short film I’m directing. I’m used to stand in front of the camera and not behind it. But ever since the campaign #Taställning I shot and filmed, I respect people behind the camera on a whole other level. Man, the things they do! The things we do!



I’m heading to a Zumba class with my big brother in a bit. The instructor? Ronja of course! It’ll be my first real class with her as an instructor! Also, Ronja and I will pretty soon collaborate in a very fun activity this spring, but more about that later. 


I kind of feel lika this Zombie nomad Šaṭṭ al-Ǧarīd right now. I've already worked out today and I'm starving because there's absolutely nothing to eat in the fridge. 


So, this Friday I went on a call back regarding a role in a short film, and yesterday the director called me and said that I’d gotten the part. I’m so excited for this film, I can’t even explain how good it feels right now!


February’s going to be a busy month! I’ll be heading straight from my weekend in London to the film location on the 1st of February to start filming. And it’s going to be awesome! 


Pictures from the A.rab music video I stared in earlier this year. 

Shit just got real Kim K

Speaking of ugly crying…  Have you seen these ugly crying pictures of me? Remember when I said that I’d been running around in a hospital screaming and crying like a crazy person? Here are a few pictures from the shoot, haha! Kim Kardashian ain’t got nothing!


But shooting that scene was pretty tough, emotionally speaking. I never cry in public. So I had to put myself in a state of mind that made it possible for me to let it all out. The funniest thing happened though; different doctors intervened several times since they thought I was for real, haha! And suddenly I just switched off and started laughing to make them understand that it’s just a part of the scene we’re shooting. They must have thought I was crazy. But… c’mon, the lights were all set and there was a huge camera. Still doctors thought it was for real.  


Now THAT's ugly crying! 

Chocolate + Sia = uglycrying in my bed

I’m sitting in my bed, eating chocolate and crying to Sia’s new music video for Elastic Heart. 
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