I said London baby!

Here’s a few photos from my weekend in London in January. But what did we do? Went second hand shopping, markets, ate (a lot of) food, partied at gay clubs, made a living hell for Emma's roomes - you know, the usual. 


Second hand shopping with my bitchez!
Solange who? Shoreditch style.
At Crate Brewery, Hackney - you've only been there if you're cool... like me and my gals. HA!
That pizza though... Mine to the left and Mandy's to the right. Hers made her puke, like for real. Mine took me to pizza heaven. 
Breakfast... I'm so hungry right now!
Gimme some food!
Thugin' around town

What law school does to my self-esteem

When someone on call admits to the professor that they haven’t read and everyone is just like:

My entire soul just shivers... Lord have mercy on that poor student's ass.

I don't know you

I think it’s time for me to get my vision checked again. I’m walking around the city acting like I know every body just because I can’t tell if they’re people I actually know or if they’re just random people. And I don’t want to seem rude. Get it? 



Wanna make a movie?

Today’s been a busy day, but at least I’ve managed to work out with Ronja, open a bank account for my company, meet my script translator and hang out with my dialect coach. I knew February was going to be a busy month. Nobody said it was going to be easy to make a movie. I know what I’ve signed up for. 


And that’s a wrap!

Today was the last day of filming this incredibly important short film, which means it was time for me to once and for all say goodbye to my character, Rana. I really enjoyed working with this team and I loved everything about the story. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this film and meet everyone again at the premier!


Thanks to everyone! Now, I have to prepare for my next short film.



Hater mode ON

Today we got to film in a grocery store, where I managed to get my co-workers to hate my character a little bit too much. They got so mad they wanted to whoop my ass for real and not just my characters, haha! But by the end of that scene we hugged it out, because in the end of the day I’m only portraying a character. Now I know I kind of get what actors who play villains feel like, haha! 

My on screen BFF and I. Team Aliki & Rana in the hood, haha! I love the fact that we don't wear any makeup for this film. I barely ever use make up anyways, but still!
And here's our fantastic sound engineer!


Brrr is all I can say about todays shoot. I had all of my scenes outside in the freezing snow. Haha, not so glamorous right? The things you do for art and projects you believe in… wow!

Here's a little behind the scenes picture

Tired at work? Perfect!

Hey! I got back from London today and went straight to the set in Stockholm to start my first day of filming. I was really tired after almost no sleep what so ever during my weekend in London with my girls. Good thing I was supposed to look tired on todays shoot. Otherwise, I’m afraid that no make up in the world would have saved my tired face, haha! Talk about method acting, right? Haha, or not...


I really need to get some sleep before work tomorrow, which will be my second day of filming. In the meantime you can take a look at this picture of perhaps London's most underground brewery, where I spent my last night in London, Hackney (eating crazy good pizza and drinking mango beer)


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