Club Going Up on a Tuesday

Last Tuesday I went to Bryggan in Uppsala with a couple of friends. The dance floors were literally dead when we arrived, and it was midnight (that’s late here in Sweden). So we did what we do best: we started dance floor after dance floor after dance floor like a couple of queens. At first people just looked at us as if they didn’t understand what we were doing. “What is that? Why are they moving in this open space? Are you even supposed to do that?” But by the end of the song (when they’d had time to chug their beer to gain some alco-confidence) people came to join the party. Because let’s face it – we were the party. We made that dance floor. Everyone were just guests, cause we OWNED that club.


Bryggan should have payed us for that. But no, we had to pay to get into the club… “HAVE YOU SEEN US?!” haha, just joking… not really, but it’s the humble thing to say.




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