Work in progress

Remember the work in progress I went to? The panel was very impressed with my story and the clip I showed. “It’s a much needed story”, “very in-time”, “an important issue”, “we can’t wait for you to show us the whole film”, are a few of the things I will take with me from this event. As the only female film maker out of four who got the opportunity to show material on this event, I felt like I got a big push and a confidence boost for my work and passion. Especially since the film industry is a male dominant branch and also, very, very white. I’m looking forward to break that pattern and welcome something new to cinema. 


Thank you to everyone in tha panel for this opportunity. It meant a great deal to me!


This is where Ingmar Bergman used to screen his work, pretty cool if you ask me! I even had my daddy with me for support. Thank you for coming with me. It means a lot. "You have a very intelligent and brave daughter". I got that from you.


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