"Hello? Are you deaf? You look like a deaf person"

I’ve lost the hearing of my left ear since two days during the filming of this epic short film I’m starring in. But since it’s a wrap, I’m free to go to the doctor! The thing is... I'm lazy... hence, ain't nobody got time to sit around the waiting room for hours and hours just to be sent home again.

Haha, here's a behind the scene picture! The crew had to play hide & seek just so they wouldn't get in the shot during filming in this tiny room. 

Spring model in das haus

Today, I’ve been modelling for the talented Emma at Björn Axén. Later on we had a little spring themed photoshoot.
Got them eyebrows on fleek my friends, haha!


The day has finally come! My girls are coming to Stockholm and I’m so excited! I’ll miss you Julie, but hopefully we’ll see each other in summer!


The last time all of us hung out was at the Architecture Ball in Brussels 2012. I’ve missed my JAMB so much!! 


This could have been a CD-cover or something!

When people tell me that they’re thinking about going to law school

I'm like:
It's the last day to apply for unis today!

I got the part!

I’ve received so much good news today, but one of the best ones was definitely when I got the call that said that I’ve landed the lead role in an upcoming movie. It’s nothing I’ve ever done before. It’s a comedy and the character is just perfect! She’s absolutely hilarious and a real boss lady! I can’t tell you how excited I am to play this part.


What the hell is wrong with me? I always think I'm looking into the cell phone lens, but there are like four different "dots" that looks like camera lenses on this samsung phone, haha!

Work in progress

Remember the work in progress I went to? The panel was very impressed with my story and the clip I showed. “It’s a much needed story”, “very in-time”, “an important issue”, “we can’t wait for you to show us the whole film”, are a few of the things I will take with me from this event. As the only female film maker out of four who got the opportunity to show material on this event, I felt like I got a big push and a confidence boost for my work and passion. Especially since the film industry is a male dominant branch and also, very, very white. I’m looking forward to break that pattern and welcome something new to cinema. 


Thank you to everyone in tha panel for this opportunity. It meant a great deal to me!


This is where Ingmar Bergman used to screen his work, pretty cool if you ask me! I even had my daddy with me for support. Thank you for coming with me. It means a lot. "You have a very intelligent and brave daughter". I got that from you.

Du är min - You are mine

Here's two stills from the short film "Du är min", which was shot in 2010 and directed by Karin Bülow Örrje. It was the first short film I'd ever starred in and my character's name was Vanessa; a wuss who turned out to be pretty cool, haha! The film is basically about sisterhood and I must say I really liked the soundtrack.
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