Lemme go

I need a vacation, okay?


Oh, haba haba...

You know that moment when you see the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen and you kind of look like a serial killer for staring at him a little too long, but can’t help it? Yeah, that happened to me not too long ago. And now, I’ll probably never see him again. Ever. 


Oh I miss this leather (mostly because I'm cold as F*ck and I haven't gotten myself a coat yet)! One day my future adopted kids will be like "Mom, where did you get that jacket from?" And I'll be like "Well, kids... Your aunt Louie found it in a second hand shop and let me guared it for 6 months while she was on the other side of the planet"

When the professor is scanning through the class list for someone to cold call and they see my name



Saturday training

Yesterday I went on a training for the Women’s shelter in Uppsala. This time we mainly talked about particularly vulnerable groups. Afterwards I went by Ella’s place in my former corridor. It was really fun seeing everyone and I’ll definitely be going back for the corridor party later in October. 


We went for a "fika" at Café Linné. There are two of them, but we went to the better one, haha!

Fall... just leave me alone!

Fall has arrived. The country that never sleeps during the summer has officially gone to sleep. And it’s not waking up until spring next year. Where once was light, darkness falls. Where once was life, life is no more. Do you see where I’m going with this?


I’m not sure what I think of this time of the year. Even though I like all the colours of the fallen leaves, I still end up feeling depressed, as winter gets closer. Not that I don’t like Christmas. I do. I just don’t like the cold. To me fall represents death. Cold, damp death. 


Out on a walk with my big sister, her son and dog (representing the good part of fall) vs amanita (aka death cap)

How I react when someone is talking loudly in the law library

Out loud:
In my head:

You can make history, or you will be vilified by it

Nobody missed Emma Watsons powerful and ever so important speech about equality and basic human rights. Don't miss Leo's speech at the 2014 UN Climate Summit in New York. My favourite part was probably: "You can make history, or you will be vilified by it". An encouragement, yet a threat in the same time. I like it! Now that’s what I like to call tough diplomacy.  

UN:s Agenda

This morning I attended the United Nations Association of Sweden’s seminar on “UN:s agenda – crucial decisions regarding global development”.


Since the main topic was Post-2015 and I’m a MDG Ambassador for the UN’s Association of Sweden, I and two other fellow-ambassadors got to present ourselves and our project for the 200 other guests.


I can’t really decide which part of the seminar, I thought was best, (since everything was incredibly interesting and I was privileged enough to hear expert’s view on the matter). However, I did like the fact that I got to sit front row, haha! I was like “so this is what celebrities feel like when they sit front row on fashion shows”, haha!


Oh, I almost forgot to show you this. It might be one of the most powerful campaign films I’ve seen in a very long while, featuring my all-time role models and historical heroes. I had to restrain myself from shedding tears, since I knew I’d make a scene. 

This is seriously one of my favourite songs, and now they've done the most beautiful campaign with it. Since I'm home now, I get to cry while watching pure hope of humanity. 


Hans Rosling in da mofo Uppsala uni

The other night I went to Uppsala to see Hans Rosling’s lecture about global growth. And my oh my, do I understand why this man has been named one of the worlds most influential people by TIME magazine.


Haha, that ending though!

When the professor says he’s presentation will be five minutes longer than he'd expected:

From New York to Paris: UN efforts to break the climate deadlock

I went to this breakfast seminar this morning called “From New York to Paris: UN efforts to break the climate deadlock”. The seminar focused on what we can expect from the UNSG’s Climate Summit and how it can feed into the upcoming negotiations within the Post-2015 process. The speakers also discussed how we can address extreme poverty without jeopardizing our common future. These issues were pretty interesting to me since I’m a MDG Ambassador for the United Nations Association of Sweden. 


Afterwards I went to a meeting with some of the other ambassadors, to plan for a few projects.

The infinity immigrant

Yesterday a debate article of mine was published in the press. Basically it was about when immigrants are looked upon as a part of a nation, rather then solely immigrants. We’ve got generations of immigrants in my country, who’ve all had citizenships in Sweden for decades and generations. Yet they still don’t count as Swedes. Why is that?


That’s about the feeling I was going for in my article. You could always google translate it, but I’m afraid it won’t have that same feeling then. Anyway, it has gotten a lot of response and I’ve had people writing to me regarding how I’ve put their feelings on print and the accurate description of society today. I've also gotten some racist comments, but I was expecting that so... it kind of just proved my point really.


Here’s the link, please enjoy and feel free to debate. 


We may all be losers today, but together we'll be winners tomorrow

These are very dark times. SD’s gaining more trust and I know that’s a reaction of the people of my nation who’s feeling hopeless and lost. But I want to remind every soul that darkness can’t drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate. Only love can do that. Therefor, I urge you to be patient. Even though the horrific result of the election, we need to stick together and support one and other.


We need to sum up the courage to ask the people, those who’ve voted for SD, “why?”. Only then can we fully understand and only then can we tackle all the anger and hate towards one and other.


We shall remain calm and overcome this nightmare, united, as a nation.


In this video we don’t get to here it, but 20 years later Johnny Lee Clary actually kisses Revren Watts on his forehead while his lying in his deathbed. And before that he hung off his KKK-rope and started preaching with Revren Watts. Talk about keeping the promise at the restaurant “What you do to that chicken, I will do to you”



I’ve been eating nonstop since I came home from my fitting. The reason? Do I really need a reason? I don’t think so! But to be honest, we’ve got guests. And in my household guests equals food, lots of food. Oh, I feel like my tummy’s about to explode. Seriously! I don’t want to be rude or anything, but all I want to do is to take off my jeans and just let my body breathe and feel the freedom!


Why did I have to wear my skinnyjeans today? Why?!



Nazis on the tube


Today, on my way back home, two nazi men sat down with me on the tube. At first I thought I could bare it, but when they wouldn’t stop staring at me like I’d massacred their entire family or something, I slowly started to freak out. I tried to remain calm, show no emotions of fear what so ever. But I was shaking like a leaf on the inside. The moment one of them started to fiddle with his knife, I knew it was time for me to get the hell out of there before they got the chance cut me. They tried to provoke me, tried to see if I’d got the guts to question their “position”. What did they expect? I had to swallow my pride and get away from them as fast as possible. There’s a time for everything and today was not the time for me to play the superhero. The last thing I wanted was to end up like one of those lambs on Ramadan. Dead in a pool of blood.


But the thing is that I shouldn’t have to move. I shouldn’t have to feel scared and unsafe in pure daylight and in public spaces. I’m a human being and I have the same rights as everyone else in this society. However, there’s a fraction in this society that has worked their way into the people’s minds and made sure that people like me, people of colour, people of a multicultural background don’t feel safe on the streets anymore.


So I called my brother for help, but even he told me to call the police. But the thing is that I have no faith in the Swedish police since they don’t take these kinds of things seriously. They’ve done absolutely nothing when I’ve called them for help before. I felt so helpless, because I knew that the police, who’re supposed to protect the citizen of this nation, wouldn’t do shit. And the people sitting around me would only cover their eyes and ears, just so they wouldn’t be able to hear me scream or cry when these two Nazis decided to stab me to death.


It saddens me to realize that we live in a society where we can’t trust the ones who are supposed to protect us, and where our fellow-people lack solidarity.


Sweden 2014… 

Margot Wallström

Yesterday’s highlight was no doubt the fika with Margot Wallström (aka the boss) at Uppsala Association of International Affairs. What an inspiration and what a woman!


Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Party in the SSU bungalow part II

This time in B-town (with my Korean Jesus T-shirt)  – what up?


When I wake up in the morning determined to outline for a solid 8 hours

After one hour, I’m like:

Eradicate polio

After watching Ade Adeptain’s documentary about polio I remembered that it was that time of the month again – time to donate some polio shots!


In 2014, only 3 countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan) remain polio-endemic, down from more than 125 in 1988. Although this is a progress we have to remember that as long as a single child remains infected, children in all countries are at risk of contracting polio. Failure to eradicate polio from these last remaining strongholds could result in as many as 200 000 new cases every year, within 10 years, all over the world.


Let’s eliminate this disease, which paralyzes so many of the children of the world! Donate medicine from Unicef’s gift shop.


Selfie deluxe - you can even see the reflection of my phone in my sunnies, haha! 

Party in the SSU bungalow

Campaigning in Uppsala, not champagneing.  


Ship to Syria & Iraq

I’m always proud to call myself a Randhav, but today I’m even more proud! My mother has successfully collected a whole car caravan filled with clothes and necessities to send down to both Iraq and Syria. My father and his friends have been driving miles and miles the entire day just to reach the trucks that are leaving for the Middle East.


The worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century is unfolding in the Middle East today. It’s our human duty, as citizen of this earth, to help our fellow people. There are a million ways to help out. Donating clothes, shoes, hygiene, medicine or money to the ones in need are just a few of the ways to go. When the international response to these crisis fall short of the vast scale of this human tragedy, we have to step in for our brothers and sisters, as people. United. 


Be the change, be ones hope, be ones wish for a better tomorrow. 


From my trip in Tunisia, 2013.

Back to Law school

Yesterday I went to buy the books for this semester. I had almost forgotten how chaotic the beginning of every semester of law school is with the big shopping spree at the teeny tiny Law school bookshop. And of course everyone has to buy their books at the same time. I could barely breath while picking my books. And then there was the queue… by now you know how much I hate waiting in line. If it had been anything less important, my ass would have been long gone from that god-forsaken bookshop.


After probably over an hour or so, it was finally my turn to pay for my books and get the hell out of there. Guess what? My card was rejected. I didn’t have enough money in the bank, haha! Do you know why? Because law school is freakin’ expensive and I’m a broke ass student. As if the heat, the queue and all of the people pushing each other and sweating all over the place wasn’t enough… No, this had to happen as well! So there I stood, as a big fat speed bump slowing down everyone else in the line. You’re welcome!


But, I solved the problem. Or… my dad solved the problem for me (thank goodness). I was not in the mood to leave my books after spending what felt like a lifetime in that place. There was just no chance in hell I would leave without my books. I’m dead serious when I tell you that I would have much rather committed a felony and stolen those books than have wasted my entire day, patience and every single drop of sweat in my entire body just to leave empty-handed. 


That moment when your card gets rejected and you seriously consider to commit a felony and steal everything you were gonna buy in the first place... #RunForestRUN
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