“We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty”

Yesterday was a good day. Sweden finally recognized the state of Palestine. Israel may have recalled its ambassador from Stockholm, but they will soon come to realize that they are not as independent as they may believe. We live in a globalised society where we are all interdependent of each other. I think our FM, Margot Wallström makes it very clear when she said: "I will be happy to send Israel FM Lieberman an IKEA flat pack to assemble. He'll see it requires a partner, co-operation and a good manual." Spot on, Margot (aka the real Iron Lady)


I pray for peace between Israel and Palestine. This bloody never ending war story has to come to an END!


Here's a picture that has absolutely nothing to do with the matter. It's a pure selfie where you can see me, myself and I take a picture of myself in the reflection behind me. May peace be with you! So long! <3

Court Session

I just got back from a court session at Sandart & Partners, where I got to defend a football club, haha! To be honest, I kind of got a little “Suits” vibe from their office.


The lawyer actually said that my team was the best team he had ever supervised in the four-year collaboration with my university. It was pretty releaving to hear since we’d only gotten one day to prepare ourselves for the case and we’d been working our butts off, haha!


I got that Jesus thing goin' on

Your image is loading...

Release party

Last night I went to Gnucci’s release party for her new music video A.RAB, which I star in. I can’t wait to show you this girl power kick ass video, haha!


I got such great feedback and so many nice comments from everyone who showed up to the release party. I can’t say thank you enough. We were such an incredible team and I'm so glad I got to work with everyone!


Some pictures from the screening. 

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s trapped in a societal prison of impossible beauty standards

Yesterday a man from the other side of the globe thought it was okay for him to comment on my appearance on my Instagram page @begoniaretina. I had uploaded a picture with me and a couple of boxes that I was about to send down to Kurdistan to those who have been effected by the conflict. And this dude had the nerve to comment following:


I was all like "Oh, he gone learn today!" I mean, really? So what if I've got huge, thick, bushy eyebrows? I love the fact that they are huge, because it's me! I don't have to pluck them for anyone but for myself, just as I don't have to make myself "pretty" for anyone else but for me, myself and I. And if you don't like the way that I look, then TOUGH! I could have written an entire book to him, but I kept it simple. I think he understood his mistake, so please don't hate on him. Forgive him for his ignorance. He will probably NEVER make a mistake like this again. 

When you’ve been putting off a paper and then realize that it’s due the next day

Haven't had that happen ever, have we? Or have we...?

That moment when you finally get the joke...

And you're like: "Ooooh"

Biji Kurdistan

Winter is coming and Kurdistan is in need of warm clothing to survive these cold dark times. Therefor, my family has collected all sorts of warm sweaters, jackets, sleeping bags, shoes, socks, and blankets’, sanitary, you name it, to ship down to Kurdistan.


Together, we can make a change. My heart goes out to all of the brave souls in Kurdistan.



Text LIV to 72900 (& donate money via Unicef). It's for the 6.5 million Syrian children that has been effected by the conflict. Take a selfie or video of yourself when you've just woken up and nominate three friends. I can't tell you how hard it was to take a selfie when I couldn't even open my eyes. Mr sandman must have sprinkled concrete over my eyes because I was literally blind, haha!
I kind of like myself in the morning, except perhaps from my puffy face, my hair, my blindness, my morning breath and the fact that I feel like a drunk zombie in the morning. Other than that I love myself in the morning! 

The UN-day

Yesterday I celebrated the UN-day by repping UNA Sweden at Stockholm University with the rest of the UN family. We had a bunch of interesting seminars, voting stations for the post-2015 goals and exhibitions. Happy 69th to the UN! 


One MDG Ambassador, two gals from the University Association and one gal repping UNHCR!

Repping UN at schools

The day before the UN day I went to my old elementary school to talk about the UN:s, the MDG:s, the UNCRC and the growing racism in our society. Some of them cried when I told them about the unfortunate faiths of the refugees all over the world, because they realized just how unfair this world really is. But overall they really appreciated that I came to their class and some of them actually said they wanted to become just like me when they grow up, haha! I believe they all realized their true potential and understood how lucky they are to be able to go to school everyday.


I’m happy that I get to influence they youngest ones in society and make them understand how important they are.



Ugly crying at Akademiska

After the seminar in Stockholm I had to head straight to Uppsala, were I was painted in fake-blood and got to run around the hospital screaming and crying (like literally ugly crying) for a project. We had to wrap it up rather quickly because the doctors and the people around thought my performance was so believable that they tended to intervene between and during the takes. Haha, I take it as a compliment!


I had mascara smuged all over my face from all of the (ugly) crying. The way back home was pretty... I want to say weird? I had forgotten all about what I'd been doing in Uppsala, and I was in a happy mood afterwards so I didn't really get what people were staring at me for until some of the people stopped me to say "You're bleeding all over your face" or "What's happened to you? Do you need us to call the police?". Haha, so to all of the people I might have scared in Uppsala yesterday, I'm sorry!



Pre UN-day

Yesterday I went to listen to the pre UN-day seminar “ISIL and Syria”. We live in such horrific times and some even call what’s happening around the globe a world war III. In my opinion we’ve been living in ignorance and naivety for such a long time that we haven’t realized that the entire world has been sucked into yet another world war.


Our foreing minister held a speech, Margot (the boss) Wallström!

Buzz buzz little bee

Today, an old friend of mine interviewed me for a radio show. Later on I went to the gym and worked my butt off with Ronja… and then I went on a kick-off meeting over some pizza. Haha + - 0! #yolo kidding! 


We’ve reached a decision

The last day in Helsinki, all of the workshop groups presented their thesis for a final vote. The four final statements will be presented by the Finnish and Swedish UN youth delegates in NYC next year. We were all very tired after a few days of intense work, but we finally did it; we reached a decision.


I presented my workshop groups statements for Peace & Security.
The four final statements by the end of the vote.
By the end of our trip we got plant a tree in honoury for the 10 year anniversary of Globsol.

As soon as someone starts talking about anything school related when we’re out having fun

I'm like:

Day 2 in Helsinki

It’s the second day here in Helsinki and I’ve been workshopping all day. I’ve been in the peace and security group so we’ve been spending a lot of time jotting down a good thesis for the Finnish UN youth delegate to present in New York City later this year. Since he’s supposed to represent the youth in Sweden and Finland, this is kind of a golden opportunity for him to forward our ideas and thoughts for the youths of the world.


Later in the evening, I went to explore Helsinki with some of the people here. Though I would have loved if my Oxford buddy Onni would have been here, since he’s the (beer) king of Helsinki, haha!


The view from my hotel room in the morning. I swear to god, I've got a little island just 100 m into the sea and a few more 150 m away. Heaven!
Selfie vs a retro phone - who/what wins? You can literally see how tired I am. This weekend has been so intensive, yet so much fun. You don't really realize how tired you are until you get a moment for yourself to breathe, haha!
Unicorns and rainbows people, that's what life's about!
Is it just me or is there some Illuminati thing going on at the cathedral? No? Just me? Ok...
Dessert; lava cake and raspberry sorbet
Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga

Globsol 10 year anniversary

My first day in Helsinki has been great, but a bit tiring since I had to fly from Stockholm so early. When we arrived to Hansaari (our conference and hotel) we were welcomed by the chair of the Executive Board of UNA of Finland and MP IIkka Kantola.


Later I got to listen to a panel discussions about how to ensure good living conditions for future generations with a special greeting from the President herself. 


On the flight from Stockholm to Helsinki.
A peak of my room.
Ville Lähde (PhD of Philosophy), Tytti Matsinen (Finnish UN Youth Delegate 2013), Godfred Obeng Adduow (Uni student, Sustainable Development), Anders Lidén (Ambassador), Elisabeth Rehn (minister), Pekka Haavisto (MP)
Ok, so I don't speak Finnish so we had a translater who I listened to through these headphones. Talk about getting the UN vibe, haha!

Off to Helsinki

I can't believe I have to wake up this early. BUT I'm flying off to Helsinki, Finland for the weekend to discuss the MDG:s and Post-2015, so it's worth it. Yey, this is going to be so much fun!

Adios amigos! I'll try to update while I'm gone. (The hotel's got wifi, hallelujah)

Lady D face-mask

I went ahead and made an all natural face-mask and ended up looking like "That Yellow Bastard" from Sin City. Anyone else who's absolutely creeped out? I thought my duck face would help what ever's going on on my face… it didn’t! It only made it worse.

You know... keeping it gangster with my flanell and backslick. 

October fashion haul

Today my pepper spray finally arrived in the mail. Do you notice the girl doing the side kick? Ha! As if that picture would make me feel empowered as a woman. More like these self-defence purchases make me feel devaluated as a human being. Why should I, as a woman, have to defend myself? Why should I, as a woman, have to put hundreds of dollars on various self-defence purchases such as self-defence class, anti-rape panties, alarms, whistles etc? Why can’t people just learn how to behave?


The other day I felt so stupid for walking alone in the dark unarmed. I had to wear my keys between my knuckles just in case, because there isn’t one day that goes by without me feeling threatened, either by men or racists. But why do I feel stupid for not being armed? Because if I would have had something to protect myself with, I wouldn’t have gotten jumped, mugged, harassed or whatever. I would have been able to protect myself from harm. That’s the kind of bull shit world we live in. And frankly, it pisses me off!


So now I’ve got my pepper spray. But lord have mercy on the person who has the balls to come at me. For what I will do to those balls, no pepper spray could ever do.


Peace out!


If they’d stayed there, I wouldn’t have been here


Apparently, this is what I look like when I’m stuck in a telephone queue. Miserably bored out of my mind. The wait time has been 10 minutes for 10 minutes! Thank god for speakers. Otherwise my arm would have been numb my now.


With the bae

I took my nephew for a little walk. I felt like Pocahontas with all the leaves flying around me, haha!



Bathtub, bathtub

So we’ve got a bathtub now! I haven’t taken a bath since I was about nine, so I don’t really think I need to say that I took the longest bath ever. But I will anyway! I took the best and longest bath ever. I almost fainted at the end because I was too hot… but it was worth it. 




This has been the worst day! My train card was hijacked on my way to the regional meeting of SSU District boards… and it feels like I haven’t slept for a year. 


Notice my conditioner in the background? Haha!

International Day of the Girl Child

Here’s my article I wrote for the International Day of the Girl Child. Please, feel free to read it! This is such an important day, so I want as many of you as possible to read it. Link is here!


Women's refugee training

This is my fourth and probably last day of training at the women’s refugee, since I’m flying over to Finland for a conference regarding the millennium development goals next weekend. Therefor I’m going to take in as much information as possible so I can do my very best to help out with the issues too many women have to face. 



It's friday, friday!

Here are two pictures from tonight when I went to check out Lilyn’s new flat with Ronja today. 


Nah man...

I hate when I meet people who I haven’t seen for a while and they’re like “Oh we should hang out”. Why? Because we never hang out! It’s just a lame ass phrase people say to be nice. Next time I’ll duck like The Mauler and hope they miss me with that bull shit. 



When I look up at the clock in class and only 20 minutes have gone by when I thought it was more like an hour

Never look up to see what time it is. Ever.

What’s crackalackin’, dude?

I’ll tell you what’s crackalackin’ – everyone! People are crackin’ all over the world and somebody needs to put a stop to it!


I think I might be cursed with a butt crack radar. It’s like where ever I look, what ever direction I turn, there’s a butt crack just waiting to be spotted by me. It doesn’t go one day, one day, that I don’t see one hanging loose, just chilling in class, at work, out shopping, on the freakin’ tube back home – some one just HAS to wear tight ass jeans and bend the f*ck down to get something they dropped on the ground… and then there it is, just staring at me, a butt crack.


I thought I’d made it today, but no. I just had to see a picture of someone’s butt cracking on the “most popular page” on instagram.  


Sometimes I just believe these butt cracks are just laughing at me behind my back, just waiting to surprise me - every day. I used the picture of Kim stealth bumming me during the Oxford pub crawl, because this is how I imagine them acting behind my back; having a good time while waiting for me to find out what's about to go down.

What fame does to you

People are always talking about what fame does to people. They’re always saying things like: “Take Lindsey Lohan for example. Cocaine? Rehab? Alcohol? Rehab again?” But it wasn’t fame doing all of those crazy things. It was youth. Everybody in their 20’s are just as irresponsible. I’m in uni; I’ve seen it up close. (Okay, so everybody don’t do cocaine). The thing is though, we just have a monetary cap on how irresponsible we can be. When my friends and I go out, we’re like “yeah, we’ll have another shot, yes we’ll have another drink, yeah… Uhm, actually, I can’t because I’m broke now. In fact, I’m not even sure how I’m going to pay for the last two drinks”.


I mean, my friends and I are so poor (since we’re in uni and broke as f*ck), we go to the clubs before 10 am, just so we don’t have to pay to get inside! Stockholm isn’t like London or LA, where chicks get in for free. No, we live in an equal society where everybody pays for everything. 



Big brother turns 30!

A lot of things happened yesterday... in a strange combination.  I went to my third training at the Women’s Refugee, where we talked about things like rape, incest and porn. Let me just leave it that I saw some really messed up things…


Afterwards, I went strait back home to my big bro’s 30th birthday bash! I didn’t take too many pictures, so you have to take my word for how much fun I had! 


These two! Everybody loves them, but I think I might love them the most!
Brother and his fiancée!

When a professor tells us to look up an “interesting” case in our “spare time”

I'm like:
We've already got like eight 600 pages books with cases. 

When I FB chat in class and then realize the professor is looking right at me

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