When we’re out having a good time and someone tries to bring up law school stuff

I'm like:

Begonia goes Television Presenter

This face has officially become a television presenter. I guess I'll see you guys soon in your TV:s, haha! I'll try not to have dirty socks haning around in the background while I'm on TV, I promise. But honestly, you never know...

#Taställning reaches everyone!

The local newspaper has written about the successful campaign #Taställning. Get to read their story below! The magazine will reach the homes of its three districts on Sunday.


#Taställning now and forever!

The campaign #Taställning topped the “most talked about news” list on its release day with almost 8000 shares on facebook and over 11 thousand views on youtube. Now it has got almost 14000 shares on facebook and over 20000 views on youtube.


I want to say thanks to all of you who’re sharing the campaign and taking a stand against violence against women. #Taställning now and forever!



International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Today’s a very important day: The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It’s a day that I care extra deeply for. In fact, it made me dedicate an entire campaign to raise awareness for the day and the importance of it. And of course I did it as an MDG Ambassador for the United Nations Association of Sweden.


Today’s also the day that I debut as a producer, cinematographer, writer, director and photographer.


I want to dedicate this post and campaign to all of the women in the world. And I want every single person to take a stand against violence against women. #taställning #takeaction



I want to thank everyone who’s been involved in the making of this campaign. It’s been a zero budget production and everybody has been working pro bono. So thank you to all of you who’ve made this campaign possible.


Special thanks to:

MUA – Frida Thell

Sound effects - Robin Randhav

Light – Robin Randhav & Ernesto Randhav

Editing – Robin Randhav

Runner – Akasya Randhav

My entire family for hosting facility

And of course my models:

Linnea Eriksson

Sofie Sten

Camilla Carlén

Naima Awel

Josefine Persson

Jyothi Swahn Bai

Alexandra Sondell

Lydia Lusambo

Ronja Generoso Borglund


When anyone who isn’t in law school is trying to complain to me about their day

I'm like:

Follow my MDG ambassador blog

Everybody, please follow http://mdgsthlm.com to follow my work as an MDG ambassador for the United Nations Association of Sweden.

In Härnösand

I can’t believe it’s actually snowing here in Härnösand. I don’t even know why I’m surprised – I’m in the north of Sweden for god’s sake! Of course it’s snowing in November! Well… at least it’s not Siberia (but it feels pretty damn close)…
Anyway, I haven’t done too much today except from sitting on a train and laughing for five hours straight. Other than that I’ve just gotten to know some of the people who’re also here at Sida Partnership Forum for the course in strategic communication.

I don’t even know why they insist to write people’s name on the cup when they can’t even spell it correctly. The cashier and barista even complimented me for my name, yet they couldn’t spell it correctly. Apparently my Starbucks name is Bigonia. But I wasn't the only one who walked out with a different name from Starbucks... so that pretty much makes my point. 


Here’s my room. It’s literally three times bigger than my old dormroom. I’ve got my own bathroom, a living room and a freaking bedroom. What the hell? 

Strategic Communication

I’m going to Härnösand for a couple of days for a course in Strategic Communication held by Sida. I haven’t even packed yet, which is pretty stupid since I’m leaving in an hour… Next time you see my face, I’ll probably be in Västernorrland county. Cheers!


Never again

I made the dumbest mistake to buy celery to blend in my morning juice. My sister warned me, but I was like “No, it’s good for me. I bet it tastes good once you mix it with other fruits and greens”... Never have I ever been so wrong in my entire life. This vegetable has completely destroyed every single juice that I’ve blended since this morning. And I have six more of these stalks to go! Why did I do this to myself? Luckily, I’ll be going away for a couple of days soon, so hopefully they have all rotten by the timel I’ve gotten back home again.


I know, I could just throw them away but it’s against my principles. I can’t throw away food when there are so many people starving in this world. Man, now I just feel guilty for hoping that they’ll have gone bad by the time I get back from my trip… I guess I better get to it then - blend them celeries and chug chug chug!


Meeting with the baws

Last Friday I went to a meeting with the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jan Eliasson, regarding international cooperation in times of global crisis. It was such an interesting meeting and Jan is such a down to earth and humble man. The meeting gave me a little bit of hope of a better tomorrow. One can’t do everything alone, but everyone can do something. 

"Can't we take one of those... what's it called... SELFIES? Yes, let's take a selfie!" - Jan Eliasson 

Father's Day

Happy father's day, Don! Words can’t describe what you mean to me. My hero, my rock, my dad! I love you.


When someone shares a mostly irrelevant personal anecdote in class

 In my head I'm like:


I promised you I'd share the music video I stared in with you guys, so here it is: A.RAB! This one goes out to everyone who deserves revenge. Imma swing that girl bat for all of you and Imma crush them balls for all of you, haha! Girl bat world domination!

The funny thing is that I’ve had the similar thing happen to me. Whenever we had to play baseball (brännboll) during gym class, all of the girls would always be teased for choosing the flat bat (the girl bat), since it was easier to get a good hit with it. The guys would just laugh at us and come closer for “an easy catch”. The thing is though, I would always try my best to hit as far away from the guys as possible, because I knew what could happen if I played their game.


You see, I used to play Tennis as a kid. I got to play with the guys during their practises and sometimes I’d get teased just because I was a girl and because I was a lot younger than them. However, my trainer who never stopped the guys from teasing me always got a taste of my revenge, unintentionally. Because, let's be honest; I’m a natural when it comes to hitting guys where it hurts. Yes, I’m talking about their balls. I never planned on hitting them there, it just happened. Every single time. I even started to scream “OUCH! BULLS EYE!” whenever I hit my trainer in his crotch with my tennis ball.


Eventually my trainer started wearing crotch protection because he was afraid he’d never have kids if I continued to hit him in his balls. True story thursday, haha!

When my professor continues lecturing after class is supposed to end

I'm like:

Featured on viralwomen.com

Today I was featured on viralwomen.com and I actually heard about it through a girl on Instagram who had seen it on the Women’s Right News facebook page. I just wanted to say how absolutely honoured I am for being featured in such an important and female empowering website. I hope I have encouraged my sister’s out there in the world to not let disrespectful comments pass by you like nothing. I hope you can see this for what it is: a response to true ignorance.  


To be honest, I have to say that I’m incredibly moved by all of the nice comments I’ve recieved both on facebook, the webpage and instagram. And this by total strangers! I’m glad if I’ve made you realize that you’re worthy of respect. Never, under any circumstances neglect your right to be respected as a human being.


My name is Begonia; I am a woman, and I deserve to be treated with respect. I advocate human rights for all, and that most definitely includes female rights. 


Here's a print screen of the facebook page.

Swing my girl bat like Imma crush some balls today

Here’s a sneak peak of the A.RAB music video I stared in earlier this fall. They call me “The Crotch Girl” - cuz Imma crush them balls if you cross me, haha! And Imma do it with my baseball girl bat, proudly. 


The video will be out november 6th.


Unfaded memories from last year

Here are a couple of pictures from my sister’s Henna party last year before her wedding day. It may look a little witch crafty for some of you, but this is how us Middle Easterns’ rock a party, haha! We’ve got fire at our parties, girls dancing all over the place while balancing candles, loud music, good food and hell of a lot screaming and “kililililili”. And at henna parties we even make the guest of honour (aka the bride) cry, hahaha! No hard feelings, just good times!


PS, that's not shit - it's henna DS. I mean, I know things can get pretty crazy at our parties, but not that crazy, haha!

Seneler sürer her günüm, yalnız gitmekten yorgunum

That moment when you realize that the high-pitched voice in The Weeknd’s song “Often” is in fact a sample of Nükhet Duru’s song “Ben gene sana vurgunum”. At first I thought the beat was a little Turkish influenced, but then I was like “naah”. But then I finally heard that the high-pitched voice in the background was actually singing in Turkish. And then I instantly knew… It was Nükhet Duru for heavens sake, haha!


He's sampled the part when Nükhet sings "Seneler sürer her günüm, yalnız gitmekten yorgunum", which basically means "Each day takes years, I’m tired of walking alone".


Her song is pretty much about how she's still in love with a man, even though she's actling like she's not (butt) hurt about their break up. That 70's vibe, haha!

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