People who cuts lines and act as if they’ve done nothing

I may hate waiting in line, but I’ve never been so disrespectful that I’ve cut in line, ever. I can’t emphasise enough how much I hate people who does that. I truly do, from the bottom of my heart, h a t e those kinds of people.


I remember this particular one time when a girl felt the need to cut right in front of me by the wardrobe queue at Berns (without asking). If I hadn’t been in charge of my big sister’s bachelorette party, I probably would have whooped her ass (verbally). After all, I was only waiting in line because I needed my baseball bat back (who wants to piss off somebody who’s got a baseball bat in their hands?). But instead of making a scene I decided to confront her. Who knows? Maybe she had been living under a rock her entire life and therefor didn’t understand the social norms we have here in Sweden? So I politely tapped her shoulder and said “Excuse me, I think you just cut the line”, you know like Swedes usually react in irritating situations like these. We keep our cool no matter what! But do you know what she said? “Mhm” as she didn’t give a flying f. She didn’t even look at me! She just rolled her eyes and looked away.


The guy in the wardrobe recognized me and handed me my baseball bat. In that moment I wanted to go all Mediterranean on her. I felt like Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver – you talking to me? You rolling your mofo eyes at me? Huh? But instead I just took three deep breaths while I imagined myself smashing her teeth out. Now that’s what I call “Like a Swede”. We don’t act, we stand by. 




Never forget? I guess Europe already has forgotten

It seems like everybody have lost their voices. Not even half of the Europeans who were entitled to vote participated in the election yesterday. Great job, Europe! One can really see how much you care about the future… Not! Shame on all of you who didn’t use your voice while you had the chance, shame!


The far right parties are gaining more power in Europe as we speak. To be quite frank, it scares me how easily people forget about their history. 69 years has passed since the last extermination camp was shut down and here we are now with Nazis proudly parading down our streets, gearing up for an underground war against the democracy we fought so hard for to implement. And Europe just stands by, welcoming these beasts in their silence. Your ignorance disgusts me. 


It seems to me that the holocaust has become yet another memory that’s fading away. 


At Louie’s

Here’s a couple of pictures from Louise’s soirée. As you may see she was wearing her Lanvin dress so this was quite a big deal. Of course I couldn’t take that many pictures because there was a strict no photos policy. #VtotheIP! Haha, just kidding… I was busy having too much fun so I forgot all about it. But here you go!


First we had veggie pizza, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And then… came the cake!


May I just say that this might be the tastiest cake I’ve eaten this year? It was like summer in my mouth (without everything you hate, such as mosquitos) 


Hahaha, and she got this feisty liqueur from Linnéa. How HC doesn’t that bottle look? I mean, “FUCK OFF!” 

Mother’s Day and a birthday party?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Sweden and my big sister’s 28th birthday (who is a soon to be mother)! So we had quite a gathering at my sister’s flat with lots of different deserts, you name it.


Wow! Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to have my mother as my mother! She simply is the best mother in the whole world. I mean it! You have absolutely no idea what kind of an inspiration she is to me. Mom, of all the people out there in the world who looks up to you – I look up to you the most! You are a true hero, and one day I’ll make sure that everyone knows you for all the great things you’ve done. ♥


Election finals!!

Today’s the last chance to vote for the European Parliament election. I hope all of my European friends have voted already and I hope all those of you who can vote but for some reason haven't already cast your ballot, take this chanse to use your voice. Your vote matters!


For change, for a humane Europe! 


Peace and love from SSU to you! 

You've been missed

Yesterday I saw my little princess cruising on her bike where all of our friends used to skate. It felt like yesterday, yet she’d been gone for a very long time (as usual) – so today I’m going to her welcome home / birthday party at her house! It’s good to have my sharctastic friend Louie back!


Oh! You’re not invited? That’s probably because this is a VIP:s only kind of thing. The card specifically said “invites only” so… Don’t try to come in if your name’s not on the list. You’ll only make a fool of yourself.


Have a nice Saturday y’all! 


Ah, throw back! That time we went fishing in Smögen and accidentally caught a shark... Haha, I mean, what?! 


I woke up with the sorest throat this morning. I’m not surprised though... I screamed from the top of my lounges for two hours straight yesterday at work. Jesus… But it was worth it though (I hope)! I could never be a professional singer/growler in a HC band.


Sieg Heil? Oh hell to the no!

To the idiots who heiled after me the other day: Guess what? Hitler and his Nazi pals used to say the same thing - now they're dead. So...

The Lord, don't take the wussies into the kingdom

Am I the only one who just can't wait until Orange is the new black, season 2? I'm in love with this series!


Here comes a few pictures from my weekend in Berlin:

As soon as me and Ghettomandy arrived to Berlin the cops showed up – typical baller Friday… not! 


Our hostel, an old church - three little pigs! Pretty sweet if you ask me. The ceiling was really high and the windows were gigantic, so you really got the churchy feeling.

Check Point Charlie. These suckers wanted us to hand them €10 to take a picture of them. Man, don’t try to hustle a hustler. Guess how much I paid for this pic? Nothing!


Speaking of hustling, we thought we would take the tube for free… until we saw a sign of the penalty… €600?! Are you serious? Do I need to say that we stopped thuging around after seeing that?


When we visited the Berliner Dome a man suddenly started singing in the chaple with a voice of an angel. Everyone were literally like "whaaaaat?". I'm not even kidding, haha!

If I was given €1 every time I saw the Radio Tower, I would be a billionaire by now! 


At the Pergamon Museum (I think). By the way, I touched Zeus toe. #Badass! I don't understand what's wrong with me. As soon as I enter a museum I suddenly feel the urge to touch everything I lay my eyes on. Maybe it's because I'm not supposed to. It's become a serious problem... The guards had to tell me several times. I didn't even realize I was touching things, haha!
Just... why? Kids were gigling like crazy at the museum. I was just confused... I mean... why? Can you see the dick with the dick and the dick up left? WTF?! What was the purpose of this? Keychains? A prank?
Second hand shopping at Garage was crazy!
You can buy clothes per kg there!
Victoria Park

I have no idea what these goats were doing in the middle of the city/park. It was one of our confused WTF-moments. I felt a little sorry for them, being caged like that. 


We'd been walking for hours, it was time for a break. We were sitting on these rocks and screaming because of our aching feet. I can't tell you how good it felt to just sit down. (Patty McFatty syndrome)
Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas - Holocaust memorial
Tourists outside das Reichstag!
Haha, we couldn't stop laughing! 
Not sure if still in Berlin or Sarajevo...
Hahaha, will you just look at this picture? This is the most awkward touristic picture I've ever taken in my entire life! "Having fun..."
Hello colourful!
I almost got killed for taking this picture of this punk rocker...
On our way to the Turkish food market
East Side Gallery
Posing CCCP style
Tribute to Lollo!

No means no - ignore a no & u will exist no mo'

I just feel like I'm in need of some real girl power shit right now! 
An instavideo from The International Womens' Day 14! "No means no!"

Summer and Pride

I just want the Summer to be here already! I'm sick of school! I just want to sing (scream) and dance in a carnival...
Here's a video from Pride Stockholm 13

Guys be like walking into the clubs all confident and shit, but walking out like Shy Ronnie

Speaking of the post bellow, here's a video I uploaded on my instagram a few months ago!

Walk into the club like, "What up, I've got a big cock!"

Look at that ol' dirty P.I.M.P right there! I've gut my fur on, that platinum credit card dolla dolla bill y'all, and my sweet Gucci shades on. All of that and no bad bitches on my sides? That can't be right... Oh! That's right, they're behind the camera (he he...)
Okay, I just wanted to say that I'm out! I'm going home for a family dinner.

Children of the spring

Everybody’s talking about how it’s snowing in May, and I’m lying here like ”I’m just glad the sun’s shining in the morning when I wake up”.


After Berlin I’ve slowely come to my senses. As the world starts to bloom, I feel how my body is slowely coming alive. What can I say? I’m a spring kid!  


I'd just woke up here. Notice the eye lash under my eye? And the papercut on my forehead (how the hell that even happened...?)? And my unplucked eyebrows? And my p-jays..? Okay, don't look at my p-jays! (To be honest, they're not even mine. I know that none of you will believe me now, but it's true!) What I wanted to say is; yeah, sure I don't look like a princess in the morning, but I am at my most natural, fragile, state of both body and mind in the morning. And to be honest, this is when I'm most confident in myself. Because I have a goal and for a moment I'm present in the now, not having a single care about anything else but the now
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