UNHCR Heroes

Last night my team at UNHCR (aka The UN refugee agency) and I went out for an after work. We had some vegan dinner at a nice restaurant I can’t remember the name of at Söder. Afterwards we went out to play some pool. And people, apparently I’m a natural talent at this game, so watch out! (It’s either that or beginners luck, but either way I rocked) 



No means no!

I’m honoured to be a part of this campaign against sexual violence by Förening Storasyster and HYBRIS. I encourage everyone to take a picture of themselves from above while lying on a pillow, tagging #samtycke (consent for consensual sex)


Share this video to spread the important message (and you too my international lovelies)!


Work work work work workin’ on my sh*t

This is a prescheduled post, since I’d be crazy to write 4 am in the morning. I’m heading to the city to work and then I’m probably going back to B-town. But before that, how about some shopping? Obviously I’m only going to buy things that are really necessary like new sport outfits sine my old clothes look like they’ve barely survived WW2.


Campaign prepin’

So this is pretty much what I’ve done today. And I’ve been reading like a maniac. 


500 bags of candy, drinks and magazines ya'll!

Men who hate women

I recently found out that I’ve been accepted to become a woman’s refuge counsellor. So starting this fall I will participate in their education programme, which will make me fully qualified to work within the organisation. It’s completely voluntarily (just as much of my other work) so it doesn’t give me any money, BUT it will give me the honour to fight for women’s right for real and offer women who are exposed to domestic violence, whether physical or psychological, a safe place and most importantly help.


I’m looking forward to put men who hate women behind bars!

MDG Ambassador for United Nations Association of Sweden!

You’re looking at the United Nations Association of Sweden's newest ambassador of the Millennium Development Goals! I just received the news and I am so happy that I get to represent the organisation for real. I can’t tell you how honoured I am! So now I’m going to make this mission into my life and continue to be the change I want to see in the world!


It’s weird! While all the other girls growing up always wanted to become princesses or beauty queens, I was like; “I want to become the secretery general of the UN or a Ninja Turtle”, hahaha! (I was a huge Ninja Turtle fan. FYI, I was always Donatello) Growing up my mother even used to call me little miss UN, mainly because of my mixed heritage, haha! I guess moms’ always are right in what kind of path one will take. 


Representin' y'all, hahaha!


Daddy just called me from back home and forced me to go out in the sun. He knows me to well… finals are killing me!


That’s it – I’m going for a work out. 




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