Almost a year ago

My big sister's henna night

Not movie material

“What? Were you sitting by the harbour, eating an ice-cream all by yourself?”, a friend asked me after I told what I’d been up to the day before. Of course I wasn’t! That only happens in movies. People are too damn self-aware to go anywhere by themselves, especially hanging out all by themselves. If you’re going to be alone, you have to at least have you’re cell phone with you. Otherwise you’re just a creep. At least, that’s what this world has come to believe.


People always find it “so sad” when they see other people go to the movies on their own. Why is that so tragic? I mean, you can stream a movie on your laptop all on your own, so why can’t you go to the movies by yourself? Haha! 


Eating Ice-cream WITH Ella by the harbour. 

Midnight swim

I know it seems like a great idea to go for a midnight swim with your friends, but it’s not. Mosquitos will find you and they will kill you… by sucking all your blood out, a little at a time.  


We biked from Louise's to Kalmarsand! I mean, can you imagine how that went? I hadn't bin on a bike since 2012, haha!! And everybody knows I'm already bad at riding a bicycle. But we made it out alive!

Being a plus sized model

This model is NOT a plus size! She's 188 cm and weighs 82 kg, a BMI of 23,2, which equals an "ideal weight" and allows her to even gain another 6 kg before becoming “over weight” (in terms of the BMI measurements speaking).


I mean, I’ve got a BMI of 24,2… Does that make me a plus size as well? I’ve always considered me as “normal” and “healthy”, but wow, this really gave me some perspective (a perspectve that allows me to see that people have gone absolutely mad). What’s wrong with this world? Normally, I don't care whether someone's plus size, size 0 or super size - we all look different, so what? But this is crazy!


Now, if you excuse me I’m going to go and make some toffee pie and enjoy my gorgeous plus size body. I'll get back to you when me and my curves hit the runway. 

My nephew, my nephew

On the 14th of July, I became an aunt to a beautiful little prince. I can’t even describe the feeling of holding this little guy in my arms. It kind of feels like a dream, as if he’s not real or something, haha! It’s hard to explain… I just feel so blessed! 



The land of death

Since the beginning of time “The holy land” haven’t seen a day of peace. We’ve fought over this land for thousands of years. The Palestine-Israel conflict is only an infant in a long history of bloody conflicts that has roamed this piece of earth. The earth mankind claims is theirs, not knowing that earth belongs to no one but earth itself.


But before I get to philosophical, I want to talk about Israel for a second. Israel… where to begin? I truly believe that Israel is one of the nations that have disappointed me the most. It quite frankly disgusts me how easily people forget about their own history. I mean, Germany is still paying for what they did to Jews in Europe, yet Israel gets to walk free when they massacre an entire people. The irony? One would think that survivors of the European pogroms and death camps would show some kind of empathy for outcasts, but apparently not. (Sonradan görme)


Do you know what disgusts me even more? When the Israeli Ambassador has the nerves to say “15 seconds, that how much time you have to run for your life. Imagine having only 15 seconds to find a bomb shelter. Now imagine doing it with small children or elderly parents or an ailing friend…" Well, Ron Prosor, at least your people’s got 15 seconds. Palestinians aren’t as lucky. They don’t get that kind of weather forecast that says “rainy with a chance of total destruction”, whenever your country decide to bomb them. They don’t even get 1 second to run and hide when your bombs comes falling down the sky like pouring rain, crashing down on their hopes and dreams of a better future for their children. Children which you kill on a daily basis.


The land the world calls “The holy land”, has become a fairytale in a history of warfare. If anything this piece of land is cursed by death itself. And if this land ever was holy, I bet all of the glory and holiness is long gone after what mankind has done to it. Too much blood has been spilled over this earth, that in fact it has become the land of death.


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