I-I-I work out

In a little bit, Taban and I are going for a little work out session. I feel so sorry for the people who’ll be there, because I’ve eaten a lot of garlic today… but I don’t really care. I’m not doing anything too heavy since I’ve been hitting the gym everyday this week.


Some people smoke to keep their smoker friends company. I work out… or eat. Sometimes I do both! Ronja knows, haha! We used to go out running in the morning and then eat breakfast for hours when we were neighbours.

Popping that cherry

So last night was fun! Guess what! A long time ago, Laura told me she’d be the one to pop my “Stocken cherry” and she did. For those of you who don’t know – Stocken is a club at one of our college nations. I’ve only been there during formal dinners and balls, but never at “Storstocken”. I’m a late bloomer, haha! Now that I think of it, the headline for this post might give you the wrong idea of what this post’s really about…


Anyway, this wasn’t just any occasion. Inger’s here in Uppsala so there may have been champagne involved, haha! Goodness, I haven’t seen her since I studied in Oxford (or since we studied there). I had such a lovely time and I’m thrilled that she’ll be staying here over the weekend. 


I've got no idea why I didn't take any pictures last night... Oh, well, here's an epic photo of her and Lis anyway! God, I miss Lisa! 



To all of you resentful people out there…

Like, build a bridge and then destroy the middle so when you try to get over it, you’ll fall into the fucking water and die.


I promise that everyone’s lives would be so much easier if you weren’t there to nag about something that happened a decade ago. If you’re going to forgive someone and then nag about that same thing a year later, you seriously need to re-evaluate your existence.


Haha, I just walked by two girls (on my way back home from the club) who were fighting about something that happened two years ago. That’s why I got to think about this. But I think we all have that one friend (I usually call them the camels – because  they’ve got similar attributes). They never forget, never forgive and always have to bring it up at least once a year. If you’re one of those people, please read the first sentence of this post again. 


Oh, and this is you by the way! (I know... these are dromedaries, but they've still got the same attributes as camels so joke's on you!)

Let’s just move on

I’m so bored at the moment. I’m waiting for my laundry to be done so I can move on with my life already, haha!
Last night I had a major nerves breakdown when I couldn’t find my key to my cupboard out in the common kitchen. I looked everywhere (even in my fridge) and my dorm room isn’t that big! But it was nowhere to be found. I was tired and hungry after a day filled with meetings and a late night work out. I just wanted to eat something light and go to sleep. But no… Oh, no, no! Finally I said to myself “Ok, that’s it! There’ll be no food then!” (because all of my herbs, spices, and everything else is in that damn cupboard. And food without herbs and spices is like a life without happiness – it’s not worth living or struggling for). But when the time was about 23.40 my keys suddenly fell down from the hat rack, where I’d already looked at least five times… I was livid! Do I even need to say that everything ended with me screaming and swearing in Serbian while fighting the air in front of me? Yeah, because that happened. GOSH!

But looking at it from the bright side, I don’t have to starve anymore because the key has appeared itself – like Griffindor’s sword, which only appears when truly needed! I was on the verge of giving up and going to sleep hungry. Luckily, I didn’t have to.


Oh, look! I've even got a pimple as a cherry on top! A really red cherry...

Gym fail

I went to the gym for the first time this year today… It was horrific! Seriously, it was like I had forgotten how to do anything. I literally had to ask some random girl how one of the machines worked. As if that wasn’t enough, some random dude felt the urge to give me a quick tip. What’s wrong with me? Have I really lost all my gym technics? God!


I guess this means I have to get back on track again. 


I felt like this guy...

Did somebody say weekend?

Yesterday I went lunching at Mandy’s place. I don’t really know how I came up with the idea, but suddenly I just felt the urge to escape to another country for a couple of days. I’m feeling really positive about this. We’ll just have to figure out when and where (even though, we have come up with a couple of ideas already).

When my non-law school friends want to make plans during finals

I'm like:
They're like:
And I'm like:

They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard

I came back to Bålsta today (yeah, I finally moved to Uppsala – my internet’s just been off) for one reason, and one reason only: To spend some time with my gorgeous bestie, Uncle Louie (I just came up with the uncle thengie. Maybe it’s the time and lack of sleep that’s talking, but it sounds pretty damn sweet. Uncle Louie… ha! I’ll probably look back at this post tomorrow and ask myself why the hell I called my bestie UNCLE. But for now, let’s just not bother #Yolo haha! And no, I’m not serious with the “Yolo”. Everything else remains dead serious) She’s flying back to Oz soon with Kevin, so I won’t be seeing her for a couple of months now.


Anyway, we summed up a couple of people - some very important people, you don’t know them (hahaha, okay I seriously need to stop now! I’m committing social suicide over here) – and went to watch the Hobbit at the perhaps tiniest cinema saloon I’ve been to in my entire life. But the film itself was pretty awesome!


I feel like I’m writing like a 14-year-old right now. Guess what? If I’m going to write like one, I’m going to act like one and brag about that I saw a celebrity at Kista Galleria today. Guess who! Too late, Carola! Hahaha! You may call me the celebrity radar. I don’t know why, but “famous people” just happen to be wherever I am. I might need to ask for a restraining order soon.  



The 14-year-old who thinks she’s just a liiiitle bit better than everyone else. 

About how long I last in the law library when I go there to study...

During finals, when I believe it is socially acceptable to wear pajamas out in public...

People look at me like:

During finals when my friend asks me to come study with her in the library, which would require a) wearing pants and b) being around other stressed out law students

I'm like:
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