Guess what?

Fair enough

I should have gone boxing today… but then I didn’t feel like getting punched in the face so I decided not to go...


Mazarin/Samarin - big difference?

When I was a kid I didn’t know the difference between mazarin and samarin. Sometimes I still have problems figuring out which one is which. Mazarin is a pastry (a very dull one, which I only used to eat because of the glaze…) and samarin is something you drink when you have heartburn.


My main purpose with the post is just so I can check in when I forget which one is which, because it happens… more often that I’d like to admit.  



Don't make me go Moses on you!

By now you all know that I’m not a big fan of queuing. My Mediterranean nerves just hits 64 cylinders in a split second. Nobody want’s to witness the wrath of Randhav, nobody! But something that’s even worse than queuing to get something, is queuing to get away when you’ve gotten whatever you were queuing for to get.  


Here’s an example: The other night, my friends and I had been waiting by the bar for what felt like a century. Finally, when we’d been served we had to queue to get out to the dance floor… People were sweaty and pushing each other and I almost lost it for a second. Suddenly I came up with this brilliant idea! I thought that if I’d scream “I’M GOING TO VOMIT”, everyone would step aside. It was a safe card. Nobody wants to be puked on, unless one has some weird fetish. I almost felt like Moses when he crossed the Red Sea by splitting it in two, only here I got to cross two walls of red sweaty drunk people, haha! Fair enough!


Everybody gets a Valentine!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of you singles out there are probably feeling miserable right now while eating ben & jerry’s and listening to Lonely by Akon. But please – don’t! I can’t take these “forever alone” status updates on Facebook anymore! You didn’t feel bad when you went on a hook up spree with your other single friends at the club last weekend? So why feel sad and lonely today when it’s Valentine’s Day? I mean, let’s face it – deep down you love being single, so stop moping around over one silly little day.


But if you still want a Valentine so bad, I'm ready to go all Oprah for you! 


They don't call me The Wingman for nothing, haha!

When I’m having guests over at my parents’ house and I’m not allowed to touch the food until dinner, even though I’m starving…

I spend half an hour or so just walking by the kitchen, glaring at the food, and waiting for someone to get out of the kitchen so I can have a tiny little piece of the enormous amount of food that could feed an entire country. When I finally see that the kitchen’s empty and think that the coast is clear, my mother walks in… That’s when I give up and scream “They won’t notice a thing! There are literally 50 different types of meals in here!” as I'm shoving food into my mouth. 


Spoiled little brat

I was studying in my room, when I suddenly heard a girl screaming on top of her lounges outside my apartment. I thought something terrible was happening so I opened my window to see what was going on. The girl was nowhere to be found, yet the screaming continued and were only getting worse. So I ran outside with my keys wrapped around my knuckles in one hand (like a homemade knuckle-duster), ready to beat the living shit of a potential rapist, while dialing 112 (SOS). It was like somebody had pushed my “die or survive” button. I was ready to go all Kanye West on that mother f*cker or worse.


But when I found the girl, she was just out screaming because her mom wouldn’t take her to the cinema. I was all pumped up with adrenalin from running down the stairs and out in the cold. I had to take three deep breaths before I could calm the f down. Because in my mind I wanted to whoop that spoiled little brat’s ass, teach her some manors. People who are being tortured don’t even scream that bad! I was livid. However, I just cast a furious glare at the girl’s mother and went back inside whispering all kinds of curses in every language I know.


But this whole thing got me thinking of something. Is this why nobody cares when people scream for help in the cities? Is this why nobody takes those screams seriously? Because mixed between all of those drunk or playful screams, hides at least one scream for help – but that scream seem to always be the one that’s overlooked. So to those of you who don't react, congratulations and know that ain't nobody's going to look for you when you're the one who's out there screaming for help.


Be a better person, help a brother/sister/broster (I just made that up) out, haha!


I knew I had to pluck my eyebrows at some point, because let’s be honest, it was about time! But like this? Man… I had to do it for my job and when it comes to work, I go all in! Hell, I used to be a hair model where Sweden’s finest hairdressers would do all kinds of crazy shit to my hair; everything from chopping it all off or shaving it off to dying it in the wildest colours imaginable. So letting a professional MUA touch my brows felt like “what ever”. It’ll grow back! But right now, I don’t feel like me at ALL! I look like a totally different person. Or, at least that’s how I feel when looking in the mirror. 


They're half of the size they used to be, hahaha! I mean, I know I’ve got huge brows – but I like them that way! They’re me. Some girls like thin brows, others like them thick. I love mine natural (but not frizzy like an old man’s brows, hahaha! I like them brows big but tamed).
But seriously... I kind of look like Joey from Friends when he plucked his eyebrows... hahaha!

Surprise surprise

Last Saturday my sis and I decided to surprise Dunia, so we bought a birthday cake and went to her and her sisters’ apartment in the city and danced to a Kurdish birthday song. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure it was the birthday song, but what ever. 



Cake cake cake cake cake

My rent tribunal decided to have a little cake competition, giving the cleanest dorm a supersized cake. But since my dorm is under some kind of collective punishment for a fire we didn’t even start, we never got our cake even though this place were shining brighter than Edward Cullen exposed to the sun. Can you believe this shit? I want my damn cake and I want it now! If they don’t show me evidence that the other dorms were cleaner looking than ours, I swear to god, I’m starting a dorm riot. They’ll be calling it the Dormitory Spring when I’m done.  


ÖG - you better put my dormitory's name on that damn cake!



How I feel every day...

I've been so lazy this whole week! I have to pick my shit together... right after I've sit around for a while doing absolutely nothing except from being unproductive! Okay, at 2 pm, sharp!

Sunday foodie

I’m so glad I made the decisions I made this Sunday. And I’m glad I ended up at my sister’s place, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had the time to hang out with these lovelies. Thanks for the best Sunday in w e e k s! I really needed that. 


From my instagram begoniaretina. 

Katushka - where the beat drops harder than the sound of a Kalashnikov

This Saturday, Ella and Nathalie came over to Uppsala for some hard core Balkan partying. We had a little pre-pre-party at my place, then a pre-party at Jesper’s dorm before we headed to the real thing – Club Katushka at Kalmar’s! People were dancing like crazy, dripping in sweat and throwing beer all over the place.


Here are some pictures from the pre- and after-parties.


Ella and Nathalie, preping for the best night ever haha!
Hahaha, you know it's an after party when people look like this!
I'm not sure if Johan's sleeping in this picture or if he's just "relaxing his eyes". 

When I’m surrounded by students who won’t stop talking about school

I'm like:
Worst case scenario? In the toilets at the club. I just can't take it!
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