The interview with UNT

Here's the interview I did for UNT the other day, regarding my hope for a better more sustainable future for everyone and the campaign #Taställning (about elimination violence against women).
You can read the interview here!
Okay, so I wasn't very photogenic after a whole day of law school and work upon that... haha! Thanks for the fugly pictures UNT hahahah!

Interviewed by UNT

Today, after school, I went straight to Uppsala, where I was interviewed by Sara for UNT (a newspaper in Uppsala). I was casually photographed hanging at Gågatan for the pictures, just minding my own business… or not! Haha, so awkward but what ever!


I’ll post a link when the interview is published on their digital news site. 


What the...?

So long hombre!

Since today’s the last day of filming for the show I’m hosting, I’m free to do what ever I want with my hair! So, I’m cutting off the dipdye! Farwell you old tired hombre, haha! I mean, just look at these tips – they are disgusting!!


Look at this tired ass hombre, hahaha!

Third Advent

Speaking of third advent... I haven't bought a new advent calendar yet! Do you even know how much chocolate I'll get to eat when I buy a new one? 

Venus and I, I and Venus

“What are you wearing today?”

“Art. I’m wearing art”


When someone starts to talk about Law School exam after it’s over:


When professors ask if it’s ok for them to add time onto class to make up for a class they’ll miss while probably touring the world

I'm like:


This picture pretty much sums up my feelings regarding the current situation in Sweden. Just millions and millions of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. 

Berlin, April 2014


That day in Berlin when a drunk punk rocker almost jumped me because I took a picture of him. Luckily, I had my side kick, Mandy, to act like I was taking a picture of something right beside him. Haha!

studying between takes

Since time don't stop and the world doesn't stop spinning, I have no excuse to not study. Therefore, I'm studying between the takes and sets (while listening to film music, magic!).
Doesn't sound that jetset, right? But that law school life tho... Haha!


I feel like a piece of garlic at the moment. I just ate pasta drenched in tomato and garlic sauce, salad with loads of onions and tzatsiki. What’s wrong with me? The only thing missing in this little garlic fest is garlic juice, and that my friends isn’t happening. 

Oh, you can almost feel the smell of garlic oooozing from this picture. Thank god I'm not filming tonight, because the crew would have had some serious shit coming for them hahaha!

1st day of filming

Today I finally got to start working with my team for an upcoming TV program, where I’m the television presenter. I’m not sure how much I can reveal at the moment, but what I will say is that I get to discuss issues that are very close to my heart. 


I might be the worst "behind the scenes" photographer in history. Good thing it's not my job, haha!

Here's Simon, my co- TV presenter, lookin' all sazzy & ready for a close up at Stockholms Stadsbibliotek. 
Different cameras are being rigged. 
As soon as I got home I threw off my clothes and jumped into sweat pants and a hoodie... it literally took 10 minutes before I fell asleep.

When student organisations hangs outside law school, handing out free stuff

I'm like:
See this goodiebag? Yeah, I just got it for being awesome!

Them advent calendar problems

I've got 99 problems and apparently the 24 pieces of chocolate in the damn advent calendar is 24 of em. At least I tried... big bro always said trying is the best one can do... so in that case, I might just buy another one tomorrow and try again! Yay, Christmas is saved!
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