Yesterday with Maja the piranha

I can't believe we spent over 1,5 hours at B-town "galleria". What was up with that? I guess time flies when you're shopping munchies with a friend (to feed a whole famely... or two...?).

500 days left

Today marks the 500 day milestone until the target date to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which consists of 8 goals established by the United Nations and governments around the world to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.


The countdown has begun – now, let’s go for the goals!




Ella’s B-day

Last Saturday I went to celebrate Ella’s 21st birthday. We had some tapas and sangria at a Tapas bar at Hornstull (I can’t remember the name right now, but it was really good). 


So excited to be a “metafadder” with this chic during pledge week! 


A weekend in Stockholm with UNA Sweden

After a weekend in Stockholm filled with inspirational seminars, I’m officially a qualified MDG Ambassador at the United Nations Association of Sweden. This year is going to be amazing, with loads of different projects, conferences and lectures. I can’t emphasise enough how excited I am! Follow me on begoniaretina at instagram for more news. Lets reach those goals together!



The night we shall never speak of again, ever.

So last night will probably be referred to as “The night we shall never speak of again”. Unfortunately it was so embarrassing that I now have to share it with you guys.


Louise and I got the amazing idea to go to Kungsträdgården and watch a couple of performances in the evening. Pretty innocent and fun right? Well, here’s the thing: It was a little too innocent. We were the oldest people there! I’m 21 and last night I felt like I was 91, at least. I felt so old! I almost considered buying myself an anti aging cream after that horrific experience.


Anyway, we decided to make the best out of the situation. But the music was playing so damn loud that we had to cover our ears while screaming “TURN IT DOWN!!!” like a couple of true OG:s (as in Original Grandmas). The kids were jumping up and down like crazy during Golden Best and I feared for my life at one point, haha! I’m not even kidding. These kids weren’t there to rage to the music, but to fight. However, the good thing about being an oldie’s probably that kids don’t even try to mess with you. We were saying things like “Watch out for granny”, “Auch, my poor hips!” and “Respect your elders my child!”


So… yeah… that’s probably the last time I’ll ever go to any of those concerts again. But I don’t get what any of those kids were doing outside at that time. It was passed their bedtime! I mean, what 14 year old is out until 1 o’clock? 


Look at this fool trying to catch konfetti on his tongue as if it was snow... Haha!

Jesus is testing me

I spent yesterday on the countryside with Louie and Emma. We had lunch by her front yard with an idyllic view. But things took a turn... This wasp was harassing us. We tried our best to get rid of it, but he was too damn resistant. In the end Louie smacked the shit out of it with her bare hands and I quickly took a stone to finish the job and kill the little beast (because he was after all suffering). It was like an episode of the Hunger Games, except the wasp was one of the loners and we were playing for team Cato. Afterwards I buried it deep under the gravel, in case he would resurrect and decide to hunt us down one by one.


Later on we decided to re-explore Skokloster. We went to the castle, checked out the church, etc (actually there’s not much need for the ‘etc’ since thats about everything you can do there). So this is where things got a little messy. I accidentally kind of swore in the church, which should be bad enough. But straight afterwards the alarm went off and the church telephone started ringing as if god himself or Jesus was calling from heaven to say “Bring her to me!” It felt like the rest of the day was a huge test from above after that, and I just kept on messing up, haha! 


In the making
This picture makes me hungry...
"What are you doing?" "Naah, you know, just haning casually by a runestone"

Ice-cream hustlin'

The other day I went to the City to meet up with my gorgeous ex neighbour - you know who she is - Ronja. We decided to have some sushi, since it had been ages ago (for me at least). Later on we just walked around the city and pretended to be tourists so we could have extra large scoops of the Ben&Jerry ice-cream joint in the old part of town. The things I do for ice-cream… I know I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I’m pretty indifferent to be honest, haha!


Ninja turtles!

This Friday I went to the cinema with my siblings. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and boy were they hilarious. I can’t tell you how much childhood memories it brought back to life.


As we sat down the funniest thing happened. A couple were sitting with their 3D-glasses on, thinking that they were on the 3D cinema. We were just waiting for them to come to a realization, but no. They just sat there with their glasses on, thinking that this was the coolest shit they’d ever seen, haha!


These aren't 3D glasses, but they should be because god knows they're fast as hell! Haha, it's a miracle that the camera got a shot of me, because I was faster than the speed of light when I wore these. 


It’s well known today that women’s bodies are more sexually objectified than men’s bodies. But what if they weren’t? My friend’s currently making a hilarious short film about a little bra from outer space, a bralien’s quest for breasts in a world where women don’t need to hide their bodies more than men do, where bras do not exist and no one knows what it is.


Click the link to find out more. They need help with the funding so if you like what you see, please donate!

Bow down

Lately I’ve been obsessing over this song: Flawless by my soul-bea beybey, haha! It’s got the perfect combination of girl power, bossiness, being flawless and awesome – just what I need before going to work and kick ass.


A couple of days ago at Mandy’s

Life, when it treats you good

Stockholm Pride 14

I may not be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, intersex or asexual. I just happen to support this outrageously crazy idea that everyone should have equal rights. 


And, I happen to absolutely love Stockholm Pride! More love for everyone, yay, haha!


Two things

There are two things you can never ask a Swede: what political party he/she votes for and where he/she picks his/hers chanterelles. After all, it’s the gold of the woods and people get pretty greedy about their gold.


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