Some things follow you, forever.

I just sat down to study at Eken, when suddenly an awfully suspicious guy walked by me. He came from the toilets just around the corner. Following him came a warm breeze of SHIT! I didn’t know if to laugh or throw up. So I did both, haha! It was funny because he looked so guilty. It was as if he was walking all apologetic like “I’m so sorry for what you’re about to smell, but I just can’t help it”. He was trying to walk all fast so nobody would notice the smell until he’d already left the crime scene. But unfortunately for him, I’m an observer. I, my friends, notice everything! Ain’t nobody fooling me, haha! If he hadn't walked so fast after closing that door, the smell would have had time to fade into the air and mindly intocixated everyone. Instead he created a mini tornado that would follow him in any direction he went. He practically threw a freaking hand grenade at us. 


The funniest thing about this whole incident was the look on every ones’ faces when the smell hit them like a wrecking ball in the face. It was like looking into a mirror, because my facial expression was exactly the same as everyone elses; terrified but yet disgusted with a hint of hatred. 


So, dear guy who shat in the corner toilet at Ekonomikum,


You may think you’ve fooled everyone. But you haven’t fooled me. I know what you did. And every time I look into your eyes, I will forever remember that you were the one who took a radioactive dump in the corner toilet.



Future jobs for students

By now we all know that Law School is pretty expensive. There are four options for how to deal with this:


A)   You’re liquid, money ain’t a problem.

B)   You’re parents are liquid, they’ve got money in the BANK and live in a freakin’ castle somewhere

C)   You’re sponsored

D)   You’re doing a bunch of illegal shit just to pay for your books

E)    You’re drowning in loans, which you’ll never be able to pay off in this economy.


I’m truly wondering what the future will hold for us young Law School students (or any student for that matter) who are basically drowning in depts but living on the tiny hope that we’ll one day get a job that matches with our qualification.


Let’s be realistic: we’ll all probably end up flipping burgers at McDonald’s (No H8), live on a minimum wage and read the same letters of rejection day in and day out. So, I decided to help my fellow students out when that eventually happens.


Dear Law firm,


Thank you for your letter of rejection. After careful consideration I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me employment with your firm. This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.


Despite’s your outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my needs at this time. Therefore, I will initiate employment with your firm immediately following graduation. I look forward to seeing you then. Best of luck in rejecting future candidates.




I just tore my bra... I was just stretching myself on the bus when my bra suddenly RIPPED in two, from the centre. Thank god I wasn't still in class. That could have been really awkward. I mean, what do you say when that happens? "Excuse me sir, can I leave? My bra just tore!" or do you just sit it out and cover up?

I guess these little fellows just wanted to break free from their bra prison for a while. Luckily, it wasn't one of my favourite bras!

AM is a naughty word in Turkish

I’ve been listening to Arctic Monkey’s new album, AM, since last night. Need I say more? I love it!


Limbs everywhere, that shit cray, haha!

Veggie is the thing

Emma’s leaving for uni in La-la-London, so we had a little farewell veggie dinner at Mandy’s this Wednesday. See you in London, Emma, and good luck!!


They see me rollin'

This Saturday I went to the movies with Monica. Long time, no see! We watched Livet Deluxe. It was nothing like the book, but it was still good. And boy, my Serbian is just getting better and better! I only had to read the sub two or three times. However, I need to start working on my Spanish again.


Anyway, after the movie we went for some chai lathe and a night walk in Gamla Stan. Later on I went to meet up with my brothers and sister. While everyone else in Stockholm were getting hammered, we decided to have a late night “fika” at Café 60. Now when I think about it we didn’t even have to take the car back home – we could have just rolled our way back.  



Çipura Çipura Çipura

My cousin is going back home to Turkey tonight, so we had “the last supper” (until tomorrow). Dad made his special char grilled Çipura (sea bream) and it was delicious to say the least. I mean, screw the fish they’re making at Eminönü or the fancy restaurants by boas köprüsü (Bosphorus Bridge) in Istanbul. This Çipura's legit! 


It may be a full time job just to get to the part where you eat, but it's SO worth it. I absolutely love sea food!

Hello sunshine!

Louise got home from the States last night, so Mandy and I went to hang out with her at GD. We lied in the grass (we took turns on Mandy’s butt though… A girl needs her cushion), talked about the trip, life and guys that are just… I don’t know how to put this politely, but some of them just seem to act like they’re mentally challenged… as in retarded! Like, is that a thing? Haha, just kidding! (But really though).



Oh, at some point Lollo felt a little too rich for school, so she blew her nose in a one dollar bill. Apparently she was out of tissues… Hahaha, to be fair it was really an emergency


Scooters... really?

Let’s talk about on campus transportations for a little bit. You’ve got a couple of options, right? You could walk, skate, take the cruiser, kickboard or what ever. But if you’re riding a scooter… Wow! Scooters have been so not cool for so long that if you have the balls to ride a scoter on college campus, I salute you. But don’t mess with Mother Earth just because your ass’s lazy. 



College expectations

You might be under the impression that you’re going to show up to all of these college parties popping bottles of Gray Goose, Patrón, you know – the legit stuff! No, no, no! The bottles’ you’ll be drinking from are the one’s that doesn’t get smashed into pieces, leaving glass all over the floor if you drop them. Nope, the bottle you’ll be drinking from is the one that bounces right back up to your hand when you drop it on the floor - a bottle made out of legit plastic. Yes, maybe it does taste like aloe vera juice blended with poison and nitric acid, but do you know what? You’re going to love it, because it’s only like $10… at least until the morning when you wake up feeling like Mike Tyson beat you down with a pillow filled with bricks.


But if you show up to the party with a plastic bottle, you won’t be looking like the baller that you truly are now, would you? Well… you could always to the old switcheroo, or as I like to call it – the hobo style. First you take a fancy bottle which you didn’t even by in the first place (perhaps your friend left it in your house/dorm after your last party). Then you take the piece of shit bottle and fill the nice one up with shitty vodka. Remember, if it looks pretty, the girls will think it tastes better… Or, you just do what ever other student does – face the reality and say “hey, at least I’ve got some vodka!” 


If you're the type of person who'd follow an advice like this, you probably look something like this:

Saturday Rollin'

Yesterday I went to the city to buy some new clothes with Amanda. I was supposed to buy myself a leather jacket, but whenever I’m supposed to get one I end up buying another jacket. Oh, well!


Later in the evening I went back to the city to show my cousin around in Stockholm by night. 


Ronja came over yesterday. We decided to make an ore ice-cream cake! I can’t upload the video for some reason… 

My big sister’s big day

My sister got married this Saturday!! As maid of honor, I had to be the first one walking down that aisle, since the groom and all the best men were already standing there. My shoes were so uncomfortable and so scary to walk in, I thought I’d slip and fall over all the candle’s and the catch fire. Luckily, we didn’t have any major accidents, haha!


Anyway, as my sister and father walked down the aisle together I realy had to push myself really hard just to not cry. She looked so stunning. Like a princess!


Everything was so beautiful. But as the evening continued, we brought some Middle Eastern raging to life on the dance floor. Everyone was dancing, shoes were coming off, people were sweating because of all the dancing. It was SO much fun! I can’t wait until I get to go to another wedding!


As the newly wedds were getting ready to leave the party, Queen B's All the single ladies started playing and the Bride threw the bouqet. Guess who caught it? Ronja! 
La familia Randhav y Eriksson.
Doing the geeky loner dance!
Cat walk gone wrong!
Mrs & Mrs Beaver!
Hahahaha! Cat walk gone wrong deluxe!
"If you like it then you should put a ring on it!" And since she got the bouquet.... hahaha!
Catch the light they said, it'll be fun they said..... Not really, we look blind! Haha!
We had to cut the viel after a while, it was too heavy to dance around with!


My sister got married yesterday! I'm so, so, SO happy for her and her husband! (I'll upload some pictures later)
I just had to get a pimple before my sister's big day... But nobody noticed it anyways since my stunning sister caught everyone's attention!
The bridesmaids before the entrance!
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