Making sand angels in Sahara

Silence there isn’t like any silence I’ve ever known. There are sounds of course, but no background noice. No traffic, no humming computers, no AC, nothing. I found my ears ringing, like after a really great concert or perhaps just a lifetime in the city. As the sun set, I was sure I was going to hear it – but suddenly one of the men I travelled with burst into song. There I sat in the sand, in the middle of the Sahara desert with a couple of Bedouins, my father, our horses and camels… I had no care in the whole wide world. For once, I didn’t want to know what was going on in the world. I just wanted to live like them, not having to hear about wars, inequality or any kind of misery.


But don’t get me wrong. The desert isn’t anything to joke around about. These people live in pure anarchy. No rules, no laws, no state, no nothing can control these people. They’re untouchable. And that’s exactly what I was while staying there, untouchable. Peaceful.


This experience got me thinking: how come these people, who haven’t got a state, live more peaceful than us whose got a “big brother” watching our every move, controlling our lives in one way or another? Haha! I mean, the people never chose to fight another country? The state chose that for us. I’m not saying that we should erase the state and live in anarchy. I’m just asking myself “How free are we truly? How much do we actually decide for ourselves? And if we really live in a democracy, how come the state gets away with so much shit?” Perhaps it’s time for us to re-evaluate the word “democracy”? 


I'd do anything to go back to the desert again. Hanging around Sweden during late fall is pretty depressing. Especially with the left over rain coming in from the storm from the South. It’s like water torture, in which ice cool water is slowly dripped onto your forehead. It slowly drives you crazy. 


The other day my class had a little gathering at Jonte’s Stuga. You know, where all the law students get hammered and do loads of embarrassing things to regret the morning after. At least, that’s the rumour.


Anyway, the theme of our mini, mini party was “Grandma’s Closet”, so as you might imagine I went full on grandma. I even had my eyebrow, cheek and jawline “inked” to complete the look! Shout out to my great grandma <3


It's a bit funny that I dress up as my great grandma during Halloween while the rest of the world dress up as slutty cats, slutty nurses, slutty trees and sluts in general. Ha! 

Rise and shine – Action!

Waking up at 4 am, to navigate myself in Stockholm while the city is still asleep, for work sure doesn’t feel glamorous. Not one bit! But as I arrive to the set I realize why I do what I do. Waking up that early sucks, but doing what I love rocks, haha! Fair enough, I say, haha! And getting showered with compliments and appreciation gives me that extra ego boost I need to stay positive and keep on going, especially during these dark times. “Begonia, you are a natural talent! You have an extreme native talent. Thank you for being a part of this” Those are the things I will keep in mind.

1st AD's chilling on set #busybusymakingmoney haha!

They say that after rain comes sunshine

Eventually! I was so close to get a place to live in Uppsala, but in the end I didn’t get it. However, I booked a job on the very same day. So screw you Uppsala for leaving me hanging. Time to make some MONEY!


Oh, this? Just a day at the office, haha!


I went to work out with Ronja the other day and my body’s still soar. Haha, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t work out properly for three weeks. Shame on me!


Up next: El médico!


And, yes I'm aware of the gloria! To be honest, I'm kind of embracing it, haha!

Saturday Braless

 When it’s Saturday and you’re walking around with no bra you’re either

1)    a cast member of “Thirteen”,

2)    extremely comfortable with yourself, or

3)    you don’t have any plans to walk outside the house.


Me? Well, I’m not a cast member of “Thirteen” specifically, but I would say that I’d fit in 2) and 3). My only plans this weekend is to do my freaking lab report (if I can ever get access to Minitab!!!) and maybe eat some ice-cream? Ice-cream is supposed to numb your pain. So while I cry my eyes while doing the lab report, I’ll try to wolf down some ice-cream between my hysterical breathing. 



BOY, just quit already!

Last night, Louise swinged by my house to watch IdolSE. We ate crisps with dip, chocolate, candy – we basically had a munch party here, haha!


Speaking of Idol. I can’t help but to wonder what the hell the judges were thinking when they picked some of the contestants. I mean… I can sing better than half of them and singing isn’t even my thing, haha! But there’s three contestants in particular that I… I don’t even know where to begin. What are they still doing there? But there’s ONE in specific that I just can’t… has he ever not been off key? I don’t really know. He couldn’t even sing if he were to save the whole world. If the world was about to end and he was the only one who could save us by hitting a clean note with his voice, it would have been over. We would have been finished, finito, long gone, adios, see you never again! Thanks a lot, you just killed the entire world!



Praying for good news…

…while listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Sing about me and studying. 

Foals @ Berns

Last Saturday I went to see Foals with Ella! I didn’t think the place would be that crowded, but I guess I was wrong. Berns was basically invaded by Brits, haha!


The show was great! They even played my favourite song. I kind of freaked out when I heard the intro. It was kind of funny since the whole crowd was silent when I burst into a “OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! YES! YEEEES!!!” like a crazy person, haha! Two Brits’ turned around and said “Fancy this song much?” while laughing at me. 


Btw, the singer jumped from the balcony. #badass, haha!

Veggie Lunch

The other day, Louise and Amanda came over to my house for some veggie lunch. This is pretty much what cooking with these two lovely gals looked like. 



The Law Ball

Last Saturday I went to the annual Law Ball with Mickis. I had a great time, perhaps a little too good time if I’m to be honest. There were some speeches I just couldn’t stop laughing at, and my partners in crime did not make it any better. They just kept triggering me! By the end of it I was just crying my eyes out because I was laughing too hard.


Anyway, at the end of the day, I’ll be the one living the longest. Long live Begonia! 


Damn, that flash........ Jerker and I!
Emil and Mickis
The Toast Masters' came in with their own segways - apparently the Law Facutly has hella lot of ca$h!
Sorry, I couldn't find a full body picture of my dress - this will have to do!
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