X-mas markets and unicorns

Today I went to a tiny Christmas market with Kevin and Lollo. We had some tea and brownies while listening to the kids choir. They weren’t as good as the kids’ choirs back in Oxford who sing like angels, but they were cute you know. At least they tried! The funniest part was all the enthusiastic parents who were literally rocking out to their kid’s songs.


By the way, I petted a freakin’ unicorn today!! Haha, okay so maybe it was a pony with violet hair, breaded tale and horn made out of it’s own hair… But still!


Das Tödliche Spiele

This evening I’m heading to the cinemas with my mates Ella and Ellen – I know! That awkward moment when you call Ellen Ella or Ella Ellen… Haha!


Anyway, we’re watching the Hunger Games: Catching Fire! I’m so excited! 


I was going to school...

But then I decided not to go. Watch out, we’ve got a rebel on the loose, haha!



Ronja's B-day

Last night I went to celebrate my gorgeous friend’s 22nd birthday. I’ll tell you one thing: I didn’t need a car to drive me back home after that party. I could have just rolled back home on my own (belly), that’s how full I was. I had a great time!


Of course I was one of the first people to sit down infront of the food...
Eating game, haha! "Keep them dogs on the floor - where they belong" Haha, it's weird how the guys didn't want to go up for the charades, but suddenly felt like playing when the game had food or drinks in it. Hmm.. Interesting!

When the professor quotes some random legal Latin phrase and we have no idea what it means but feel like we should:

Them big booty problems...?

The other day after submitting my essay I went for a not so very successful shopping spree. I found a really nice dress, which I didn’t end up buying because I wasn’t sure if it looked flattering on me or not because of the whole Kim Kardashian booty warning. I know it might not seem like it now, but the dress was pretty conservative. No, for real!


Now that I think about it I feel kind of stupid for not buying the dress. I mean, who am I buying this dress for? Me of course! So why bother about that kind of nonsense? So what if I’ve got a big booty? I’m getting that dress! In fact, when I get that dress I’ll look the cashier in the eyes and say “I’ve got a big booty and I’m proud if it! Have lovely day!”

What Law School wants you to think about your future

But then this is what the future actually looks like:



When you manage to hand in your essay in time

When you have 1000 characters more to write on your essay


When you have a lot of work to do for school and you don’t allow yourself to sleep…

… your inner diva be like:


When my non-law school friends ask me what I’m doing this weekend


When dad calls me and says we're making pizza for dinner

Oops I did it again!

That awkward moment when you realize that the song goes “I came in like a wrecking ball” and not “I came in like a rainbow”. Haha, before I was like “What the hell does rainbow have to do with the song name ‘wrecking ball’… and what kind of unicorn reference is that?”


I suddenly felt like I was 5 again, singing “Tell me why! Ain’t nothing but a PARTY! Tell me why! Ain’t nothing but a mistake”. As a kid I was like “How can a party be a mistake?” Haha, and the funniest part is that I sang Backstreet Boys’ song like that until I was 17… And everyone at this party bus where like "Begonia... What the hell! Are you joking right now?"


Hahaha! they sure are, they sure are!

Hot Chocolate

I think I might have had my first cup of hot chocolate this year. Haha, I’m glad I got to share this special moment with my bestie Louie (omg, I totally just rhymed without thinking of it! Just kidding… but for real though, I did rhyme! But it’s not a hug deal since that’s my THANG. Okay, I’m signing out now!)



Tired much?

Well, obviously I’m getting paler and paler for every day that goes by since Winter’s on its way. And it doesn’t really help that I sleep about four hours a night either. Anyway, it really bothers me that my skin colour is fading away and I’m already starting to look like the zombies from Warm Bodies before they all turn into humans again, while all of my friends look like they’ve just come back home from a sun holiday in Thailand. Here I stand like “What the hell? You’re not even supposed to be darker than me!”


Maybe I’m just jealous cause they have the courage to hit the solarium every now and then? I just don’t do fake tans. I don’t know if it’s because I know it’s dangerous or because I’m too lazy. I’m guessing on the latter one. 


I mean just look at that tired face!! I need sun. I need warmth. I need a freakin' spa holiday to chear me up!

Not sure if pervert or peado?

Uhm, excuse me? Am I supposed to dress up in sexy undies for my daddy this Father’s Day? Have they completely lost their minds? What kind of crack were they smoking at their PR-development meetings to think that this kind of advertising is okay?


Apperently this is what Sture Galleria think's I should give my dad this Father's day. Disturbing to say the least. 

Halloween fun

Last Saturday I went to my sister’s for a little Halloween gathering. As you can see I made a last minute costume and went as Cleopatra. 


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