Gary OLDman

”Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard in the latest Bowie video! And it even got censored by Youtube - what else could we ask for?” – Julie


Well, she’s speaking the truth. And what did we expect (Scheppes, he…he)? Of course it was going to get banned!


Speaking of something totally different (almost anyways). I don’t mean to sound like a reversed pedophile, but… Gary Oldman… I know! He’s probably the same age as my dad (and no, I don’t have daddy issues – we’ve talked about this, people!). I don’t know, maybe it’s the bad ass priest thing he’s got going on in this music video? Hahaha, okay if my dad reads this, it’s going to be real awkward. I mean, last time Akasya and I were watching a Johnny Depp movie we were like “Daaaaymn Johnny!” However I could see how painful it was for my dad to sit there and listen to us. He was as bothered as a dad could be. And when he couldn’t take it no more he said “I’m sitting right here! Please! Girls… HE’S MY AGE! It’s creeping me out!”


But dad, you don’t understand. You see, men are like wine – they just keep getting better with age. Women on the other hand… They’re like milk. It’s good at first, but as time goes it tend to get sour and smelly. And if somebody dares to even taste it that person will regret it. Food poisoning is not anything to play with. In the end, the milk will be tossed in the trash.


Why can’t we be the same? Life’s so unfair! Women already have a history filled with unfairness and we’re already cursed to have one crucial week every month(that’s like 15 years of your life spent on bitching and eating loads of chocolate just to numb the pain). As if that’s not enough? We have to walk around with a growing living creature inside of us for 9 whole months (the number of months is relative, depending on how many kids you want. Just calculate 9 x the amount of kids you’d like), then push out that little sucker and THEN guard it with our lives. No way, José! That ain’t right! 


That moment

I was using my mother’s laptop the other day… Big mistake! I was waiting for a page to load, but it was SO slow. Eventually I got fed up and closed it. But in the split second that I closed it I saw that the page had finally loaded and that there was no return. I felt like I was going to explode. 



Started from the bottom - STFU!

If I ever had any respect for Drake, it’s now officially gone… like long gone… Unless “Started from the bottom” is a joke of course. First of all, say what?


Second of all, the lyrics literally just goes like “Started from the bottom, now we’re here. Started from the bottom now the whole team’s fucking here” x100. What happened? Did somebody scratch the CD? No? Then why the hell is it on repeat? Like, we get it! You’re here now. You started from rock bottom hell and now you’re chilling with Jesus! Good for you. But it’s still no excuse from making a 5 minute song that says “started from the bottom” over and over again. This ain’t Guantanamo! You can’t put that kind of stuff on the radio. And then people ask why there are so many car accidents. It’s obviously because they put Drake’s song on and people started to get mental melt downs and hallucinate shit in the middle of the road.  


Third of all, who are you trying to fool Drake? You didn’t start from the bottom? You started on Canadian TV at Degrassi community school. We all saw you, Jimmy!


But hey, what do I know? Coming from an upper class part of Toronto can be very hard.


Do you know who really started from the bottom? That Chinese newborn baby that was flushed down the toilet the other day and SURVIVED! That kid must be the chosen one or something. I’m ready to bet that that kid is going to be something great! Then we can talk about starting from the bottom, DRAKE!


The story's all over you

Can't you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue?
I've never really listened to Bon Iver before. But after I saw "The place beyond the pines", this song has been indelibly etched in my brain. I just want to fall asleep when I hear this song. It's like that song "I've never learnt to share" by James Blake. I just want to lay back and chill when I hear that song. It's the same with this one... though I just tend to fall asleept listening to it.

Fresh Prince

Last Friday I took the whole “Law School proper shirt thing” to a whole new level. I wore my vintage Fresh Prince of Bel Air looking shirt and swagged the hell out of Law School.   


My mama!

I just wanted to immortalize something. It’s mother’s day today, and I know that all of you probably think that your mom’s the best mom in the whole wide world… But trust me on this one – mine’s better than your moms’ will ever dream to be. Can you believe that? My mom’s so great that not even your mothers’ fantasies can reach up to my mom’s position. And if you think that your moms are even comparable to my mother, then you’re skating on thin ice my lovelies. In fact, you’re skating on water (which isn’t even possible, because you would sink to the bottom of the ocean).


No words can describe how thankful I am that I’m her daughter. I couldn’t have asked for a cooler mom. She’s a fighter. She’s my hero. She’s my motivator. She’s my heart. She’s my everything. So thank you mom for putting up with me and being there for me even when I don’t deserve it. I love you. Happy mother’s day!


You may not understand what's said in this video, but everything is absolutely one hundred percent true. Super mom! Oh, man... Now my eyes are tearing up!

Happy 27th birthday "granny"

Yesterday was my big sister’s 27th birthday. She feels that she’s becoming an old lady and frankly I don’t understand her damn problem. I mean 27 isn’t that old. However if you switch the two numbers you’ll get 72. Now that’s old!


Akasya, my dear sweet sister, I hope that on your 72nd birthday, you and I will be standing on the peak of Machu Picchu, gazing over the forgotten kingdom while toasting to being really old, healthy and cool as hell. Until then, cheers for being such a great sister! I love you.


Of course we had a BBQ-party at my house! (However, you'll only get to see all the food we ate... Haha!)
One of the birthday cakes!
The Oreo ice-cream cake! My brother was coming over and I knew he had been craving for my famous ice-cream cake for a long time so this was more for him really, haha!
A little champagne!


No matter how many elastic hair bands or bobby pins you buy, each of these bastards always myseriously disappears. I can't understand it! 

If Law School was a person

Thoughts of the moment: If law school was a person, I would go all Lawless on him and punch him in the face. No hesitation! I would be Forest and he would be the dude mashed up in his fist. 


This scene is nuts by the way... I would never do this... EVER! What kind of a psycho do you take me for? But for real though; if law school was a thing with no feelings, just an ugly object which was hated by the whole world, and me beating the shit out of it would benefit the universe, bring Jesus back to life and errase poverty in the third world - then I would definitely go all Forest on it! Where's the punching bag when I need it?

Rzeczpospolita Polska

Smells like (teen spirit) Stockholm riot

I’m not saying that all cops are bad cops. I’m just saying that that’s what I’m going to believe until I’m proven wrong.  At the moment, I don’t have any trust for them. They are supposed to be like our big brothers. They are supposed to protect us and guard the society we live in. Instead they abuse their power by beating us up, discriminate us and cover our bruises with strategic lies in Court.


The social contract we agreed and signed was fallowed by an invisible note which we never even knew of: corrupted Darwinism. In the name of law we say “Innocent until proven guilty”. But in the real world we’re all guilty until proven innocent. And after we’ve done our time, despite the fact that we actually were innocent, there’s nothing we can do to make it undone. What’s done is done as they say. And then it’s shadowed. Forgotten. And no one will ever speak up and tell the truth. Do you know why? Because we’re too afraid and too damn ashamed that this is the truth of the “oh so beautiful democratic Sweden”.


Unfortunately, we’re no better than any other corrupt country in this world. The law is filled with loopholes, which allows authority to get around the system. They made the system. They can commit any crime they want and never get caught. They are untouchable. This is the reason why people shout “Fuck the system! ACABC, Fuck Aina!”. And that’s (one of) the reason(s) why the streets of Stockholm’s suburbs are burning right now.


“Cop pull you over for no reason, beat him – Amen” Don’t let them abuse their power. Don’t let them abuse you. I’m not trying to provoke violence (I’m very traditional, I believe in the conflict of words, haha. And I’m a strong believer of karma). But if violence is the only language authority understand, then so be it. And if the taste of the authorities own medicine doesn’t taste good in their mouths, then I suggest they change their strategy and deal with the fucking problem. Because Sweden’s tired. The people are tired! 

When I'm driving with my best friend



These are my new shirts - straight from Beyond Retro, baby! I love the prints. They kind of remind me of Fresh Prince from Bellair... and that's exactly what they are: Fresh! Haha, even though they don't smell very fresh at the moment.


First they give you everything that you want
Then they take back everything that you have
They live upon their feet and they die upon their knees
They can work with satan while they dress like the saints
They know god exists for the devil told them so
They scream my name aloud down into the well below

Great day

I went to the city with my fabulous friend Mandy today. She and I did some seriously expensive second hand shopping, had lunch and walked around the old town. I had a marvellous time with lots of hilarious moment and a lot of laughing. 


And this is what I wore today!

back to reality

You know the feeling of having lots of money? No? Me neither... But I got a little taste of what it could feel like today. And then I had to spend it all... so I'm back to having nothing again, haha! #lifeofastudent

First I was like #cashisking #pigpimpin #watchoutbillygates

And then reality struck me big time. This is all the cash I've got left... And they're probably in some homless guy's cup tomorrow.

When you've been cleaning all day and somebody says "you missed a spot"


Ice ice baby c'mon

This evening I went to check out Ronja and Ricky's (RoRi's) new apartment with my big sis. We hung out just us girls and ate (lots of) ice-cream. (My body has practically been running on ice-cream today; breakfast, lunch, dinner... snack?! Ok, so I'm over exaggerating a tiny bit - but you get the point. It's been a lot!)

the other day, my sister and I made an popsicle drink... and it was so so SO good!

Excuse you?

When somebody tries to skip in front of me in the queue and I’m like “Oh, no you didn’t!”


Your image is loading...

Operation 50 cent

Hello! Haha, I finally decided to get that piece of lid out of my pinky finger. Wow, I can't believe it's been there for almost one and a half year. But anyway, my pinky feels so much better now... or, not really... It hurts like hell after all the cutting and digging.

But I feel like whatever 50 cent and I had in common is gone now. I mean a couple of hours ago I had a piece of lid stuck in my body too.

That one friend

You know that one friend who always gets the hangover from hell? Yes, why does he/she always feel the need to go on Facebook the day after a night out and post a status that say “I’m never drinking again”. Damn it, it’s like the 100th weekend in a row. You should have realized how to chill down by now. What? Do you suffer from severe dementia? Probably… If so, that’s just sad. Feel better, mate!


Second of all, Facebook isn’t some kind of confession booth you go to whenever you feel like pouring your heart out with meaningless shit like “I’m never going to drink again”. Man up or don’t drink. I’m speaking for everyone when I say “Frankly my dear, we don’t give a F”.


Third of all, what exactly were you thinking when you posted that status? Did you think it would enlighten us in any way were you just hoping that we would jot it down in one of our “Again, we don’t give a F” notebook?


Haha, just kidding people! (But seriously though, stop it) Haha!


Haha, did you see what I did there? 

From Germany

My sister got back from her trip to Germany last night. Look what she got me! #bestsisterever, haha!

Doom And Gloom

When I saw this music video the first time I couldn’t believe my eyes. Our Swedish Noomi? For Rolling Stones? How awesome can one get to just be an extra in one of their music videos? Haha, the video is totally messed up and I like it. And the song? Well, I’m dancing while I’m typing so… I guess you won’t be needing any further elaboration, haha!



I've been up all night trying to get to the finishline, but this essay just keeps me going on and on and ON. It's like whenever I say I'm almost ready, I keep finding errors. What the hell?!?! This whole subject is a total mindf*ck. 

Let children be children

I’m watching a documentary about child labour/child slavery and some of that stuff is really relatable. You’re probably wondering how come, but that’s a whole other story. That’s my story. And now is not the time to tell it. Now’s the time to put a stop to this madness. Children aren’t supposed to do our work. Children aren’t supposed to fight in our battles. Children aren’t supposed to suffer because of our mistakes. Let children be children.


Shake it like a polaroid picture

I’m sweating my (essay) stress off! I’ve got the house all to myself so I got the speakers pumping… wait for it… Mediterranean/Middle Eastern music á la belly dancing. It started out very gracefully, but eventually my oriental music list switched over to some very twerking friendly music. What can I say? One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was twerking the shit out of my kitchen, haha! But… It doesn’t quite end there. One of my senior neighbours walked by and I think he saw me through the window. At first I was like “Uhm, zat was awkward” (with my strongest German accent), but then I thought “Nah, he’ll probably have forgotten about it by the time he’s got home”. 








Listen all ya’ll it’s a sabotage!

What. a. morning! I headed to Uppsala for my 9.30 meeting with my teacher. I was there early so I got to chill out and have my breakfast in the sun by the creek. After my meeting I headed straight to JB, but the library didn’t open until 10 am (?). But when I got there the entrance was blocked by this huge mass of law freshmen students (last minute writing, you know). My first thought was “What the hell? I was here around 9 am and the place was empty and now people are practically standing on each others feet?”.


As the opening time got closer, music started playing in my head. Sabotage by Beasty boys to be exact. People were so eager to get in. I knew exactly how this would turn out so I prepared a strategy. Ten seconds before the opening I imagined a scenario in my mind. We were basically like animals in the jungle where the only motto that meant something was “the survival of the fittest”. Freshmen students were fighting for their lives to get their specific books, pushing each other out of the way, tearing down bookshelves to prevent each other from getting a seat before them, ripping each others hair off just to get a place to sit. I mean, what kind of mess??


However, that never happened. The reality wasn’t that different though. People were shouldering each other just to get in quicker. But I’m always prepared. There aren’t a lot of situations I can’t handle. Oh, you want to play that game? Well, bring it on! Somehow I managed to infiltrate myself pass the whole crowd without getting shouldered and without even touching anyone. I was like a freakin’ ninja! The only thing on my radar was one specific bookshelf. As I got there I picked my two books, photographed the shit out of those covers, put them back in their place and got the hell out of there. That was my only mission! To get the book details! I left without turning my head back. And as I walked on by I saw how freshmen kept coming in. There wasn’t any stop. They just kept coming. I can’t tell you how glad I was not having to deal with that pack of time bombs of mass destruction à la stress deluxe. 


Guess what I’m doing

I’m eating candy… ON A THURSDAY! 



I’ve done some major changes in my room! Okay, so it’s not that big of a deal, but my room feels a lot bigger (not because it’s small. To be honest it’s bigger than most of my uni friends flats and dorm rooms, haha!)


Now all I have to do is to turn the office into a walk-in-closet so I can get all of my clothes, shoes and purses out of here. Then I have to beg either my big bro or my sister’s fiancé to fix my surround system for the TV. Seriously, I’ve had these speakers for ages and I haven’t plugged them in yet… But to be frank, I don’t know how to do it, and the manuals are long gone. These guys are the only ones who knows’ how to do it. (And yes, I’m hoping they might read this and decide to come by and  help me).  


and here's the picture

since I didn't upload on in the last post.

go shortey ish ya birthday

we gonna party like ish ya birthday!

Look at this little sucker! Can you believe this baby turns five?

From me to you, essay from hell

And thank you Karma for giving me the hardest freaking subject of them all. Over and out!


My brain's cooked! 

That moment when it's time to start writing on your essay...

...but all you can do is to stare at the computer screen...


This is pretty much what I look like when I’m about to start writing my stupid essay. Every god damn time!


And I'm like #FML. This is literally what I looked like when I opened the document on my laptop today, haha!

Work work work work

"workin' on my shiiiiiat!" I'm busy, busy, busy, writing my final essay while listening to Rihana. That's why I'm doing an Elvis bas ass lip pose, haha!

My room is a complete chaos, tihi!

Are my hands really that big?


I've been shouting Let's get naked all day. Not like panty dropper "Hey suga bear, let's get naked!" More like the Mask when he says "Ssssmokin'". That's just scary... and not sexy at all. So thanks a lot Kim Cesarion!

My life be like ooooaaaah

I know I shouldn't be too open about my privat life here. And hell, if something a girl needs to keep some mistery about her. But I seriously need to pee. And I'm afraid I'm going to pee my pants any second. But I'm sitting here in the library with all of my stuff (Macbook, expensive ass books, a bottle of water, a bottle of really nice water, my awesome backpack and a pack of gum) with no friends to guard it (#foreveralone) while I'm gone doing my thing... on the toilet "working that seat off it's shizznet" And I'm laughing out loud for actually writing that - lile lol lol lol lol (and oh my god, I can't belive I just wrote that either, haha! Now, I REALLY can't stop laughing. People are looking at me strange (which I totally understand, since we're at a library). AND NOW I'M JUST WRITING WHAT EVER'S ON MY MIND BECAUSE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! 

The library from hell

I said I would never, EVER, in my entire life (or at least my time here in Uppsala anyways) step a foot inside of JB (our Law Library). People are just getting to each other here, stressing, giving you the evil eye for just breathing the same air as them. Haha, okay, not really, but the truth is not that different (just a little). 
But look at me now! Here I sit, with my nose deep down in these books, fighting as a night fights for his kingdom, just to get some information for my freakin' essay. I seriously hate the fact that I can't just borrow these books and sit comfortably at my house and read without getting interupted by these other Law students who cough blood because of stress (and of course also because of the previous "party hard or go home"- week. Almost everyone I know has caught a cold. Haha!) 
But to be honest, it's not that bad over here today. Maybe it's because people are just minding their own damn "biznezz", and by business I mean Facebook. But hey. who am I to judge? I'm the one sitting here writing posts for my blog. 

Let's sweat

I just worked out so I'm all sweaty and nasty. Wanna hug? Haha!


Or should I say A§AP, since I'm preparing my Law seminar? Ah? Did you see what I did there? If not... I can't really help you in life, haha!
And this is how bored I am at the moment. I feel like this seminar is going to take FOREVER!
Hahaha, I'm using the funny cam on my MacBook right now! (Not on this one though, I really look like that... Haha!)

And this is what I'm having

breakfast at JB

While I wait for my team to arrive, I decided to have my breakfast.

Since we're going all in today...

I made this! Screw you doc!

Hold up a sec

So, my body runs on pretty much just liquid at the moment. And it sucks! But I’m making an exception today because my dad’s having a BBQ party. I’m not just going to sit around and eat soup while people eat massive portions of meat, uh-u, no sir I won’t have that!


But tomorrow, I’ll go back to doctor’s order and drink again. Until then, hold your cheers! 



You MAY party

I wasn’t able to make it to the real may (main) party, Valborg, this year. I didn’t feel very good, and don’t even think it was because I partied the night before (I was in the hospital, remember? So that’s why I had to rest yesterday). Anyway, the forces weren’t with me or my friends yesterday – since the telephone system was down because of all the traffic (no one could get in contact with anyone, Uppsala was practically back in the 17th century, haha) and the weather was bad as well (freakin’ tornado warning… almost… not really, but still. It was awfully windy. HAHA, OK, I’m trying to make up excuses so I don’t feel that I’ve missed something)


ANYWAY! Kvalborg was awesome! I got to hang out with my babes and rock out at club Katushka and dance the night away to Balkan music. 


Chilling at a café with my gurl Natha, while waiting for Ella! We were exhausted because of all the shopping, haha!
But as soon as we got back to Natha's flat we were back on track again! Tip: Never drink on an empty stomach (if your purpose isn't to lie in a bush and throw up all over the place or worse... DIE!! Haha, okay not die perhaps, but still)
We toasted for Kvalborg, for Valborg, and for a hell of a night!
We played some games and talked girl stuff before heading to Kalmar's... and yes, my predictions came true! I can't tell you all of them, because they involve some of my readers (mohaha) outcome of the night. But I can tell you one of my most important predictions (that better count for something, right?) - We had an awesome night!
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