Drinking this makes me think of Gloria from Modern Family, haha!

Koh phangan

Here are some pictures from Friday. I had such a great time with a lot of toasts and a lot of jokes. 


B-day vol 2

It’s Friday and me and my whole la familia are heading to the city to cause some mad chaos. After all, we are celebrating my birthday today. Smell ya later!

That moment...

When you realize that Ryan Gosling was Young Hercules and that you used to watch that sh*t every day after school as a kid...

OMG shoes

I got myself these dashing little shoes for when it's time to truly welcome Spring.

No pain, no what?

Damn! Yesterday’s work out was excruciating. It was fun and all, but I could barely walk afterwards (embarrassing, I know). And today’s pain! The p a i n!
Well, I’m glad I went to the gym anyway. I got to hang out with my favourite ex-neighbour, Ronja and of course get back on track again (if I can manage to ever move my legs again that is).

OK let's GO!

I saw a sign yesterday (on my ass) – it said I should hit the gym. So, I’m going for a hard core body pump work out with Ronja.  


"Here comes Disney land - IIIIIIIIIHHH!!!!"

Just sayin'

At Maja's crib

I had the best time with Maja today. That sweetheart had bought two pink mini birthday cakes for us to celebrate my 20th birthday, haha!


AND I can’t tell you how beautiful her flat is. I felt like I’d walked into an ELLE home installation, that’s how amazing her little crib looks. Seriously, somebody call MTV cribs, because the should do an “uni exclusive”!

Judge Begonia

I’m waiting for my fellow judges to arrive. I’m currently sitting by the table at Norrland’s. Justice will be served (dramatic music playing on my phone in the background)!
After I'm done judging around, I'll be heading to my dear friend Maja to hang out. See you later!


20 years ago, a flower was born (that would be me!). As usual my birthday will be celebrated not just one day, but several. I have no idea how this tradition started. It’s like an Indian wedding every year “She will be celebrated 6 days and 6 nights”. Haha, okay so I’m not celebrated that many days. Usually it’s just three days and three nights… Give or take one day… Haha, I'm for real this time!


Even Google knows it's my birthday! I love being the b-day girl!


Am I right? "Why is there only one plus there?"

Every day I’m Woffelin’

Happy Waffle Day, people! I don’t know if it’s just Sweden who celebrates this day (it probably is)… Anyway, I guess I don’t have to tell you what I’m making today: Waffle all the way, baby haha! The days’ around my birthday is always like one big celebration. It’s not until my birthday arrives that I really feel that Spring’s here to stay and grow, and that life’s finally in bloom again!


Live love laugh and eat my honeys!  


If I'd been in Oxford now, I'd probably have had one of these Patty McFatty creations, haha!
Or if I'd been in Brussels with my lovelies, I'd probably have swinged by this little island and had one of these and a glass of rosé in the sun. 

Birthday candles

One thing that really bothers me about birthdays is the part when I have to blow out the candles. As I get older, I tend to get worse at it. Things used to be so much easier when I was three years old, when I actually was able to blow out all of the candles in one take. But now… life’s different! You’d think that things would get easier with age, but it’s not true. Things become so much more complicated as you add up all of those new candles. As it’s not hard enough to keep my hair from burning up when I try to blow out the candles? Seriously…


I mean, sure I suck at blowing out candles. And yes, sometimes my hair manage to catch fire (But I just pretend that it’s because I’m hot and not because I’m stupid enough to make the same mistake year after year. You’d think that one does learn from one’s mistake, but no!)


Anyway! Even if I am the most terrible candle blower that this country has ever spotted, it’s still my duty, as the birthday kid, to blow out the freaking candles on my own. It’s the one mission you have to complete to be able to move on with life, start out fresh, embrace the new age, feel proud about yourself and hope that the wish that you’ve made will come true. I hate when people think that they can just come along and blow out my birthday candles with me when I don’t manage to put them all out in one take. I mean, excuse you, but I think this happens to be MY birthday cake and MY wish. I don’t see your name written all over it, so take a step back before things gets nasty. What? Do you want to open my presents too? 


When I try to run without a sports bra on...


Advice: don't do it! Ever! Don't even think about doing it. Just the thought of it hurts. All of my sportbras were in the washing machine today when I was heading out for a run... So I did the unforgivable to a pair of breasts… I went out running… I don’t even dare to say it. All the judgement. All the shame… Okay! I went out running wearing an ordinary bra… And boy, did I get what I deserved!


Every step I took was like a punch on each boob. I was torturing two defenceless. And I couldn’t just stop running either. That would have been pathetic. So whenever no one was in sight, I held on to them as I was running, promising myself “never again”. Well, that’s what the world said about World War 1 too, and that didn’t stop World War 2 from making an even greater disaster. So… even if I try to be organized and keep up with my sportsbra washing, I know that the day will come when I have to go out there again and run… wearing an ordinary bra.


The worst case of scenario would be having to wear one of my fancy bras. Knowing that you’re sweating in that expensive material will kill you before you’ve run half ways.  No, the worst case of scenario would probably be realizing that all of my bras are in the washing machine and that I have to go out running without a bra. Nope, that’s never happening!


I love this kid

The witch-hunt has begun

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently Sweden’s back to the 16th century. The police are checking peoples’ ID to see if they’re really Swedish citizen. If not, they are deported effective immediately. The government has the nerve to send the police to patrol the streets and hunt “suspicious” people aka Swedes with a foreign background, in hope to kick them out. They have the nerve to send these dogs to schools to search for innocent paperless children. Undercover police are hiding in every corner, waiting to attack people who’ve run from a life of terror, war and disease. These people have chosen to come to Sweden- a country which has been known as the land of opportunities - to seek protection under our wings, to get back up on their feet. But instead they’ve been given no other choice than to live a life on the streets or poverty.


There’s a witch-hunt going on. I never thought this could happen in Sweden, ever. I’m so ashamed to call myself a Swede right now. The government deserves whatever’s coming. I sense a growing rage among the people and especially the youth of this nation. One of these days someone will have enough of these inhuman actions. And there will be chaos.


Tell me, now when all of these kids are deported. What are going to happen to them? Will they end up in another country, where they will be treated as parasites all over again? Or will they be sent back to their own countries aka to their death? Because that’s what our government is doing. They are sending these children to their death.


Now you may go to sleep, if you can. 


1 bra, 3 boobs

I ordered two bras earlier and now when I tried them on they didn’t fit! I hate when that happens. It wasn’t just that they didn’t fit. They were too small, causing not just one nip slip but a double nip slip (that’s bad… that’s really bad). And then there was this huge gap between the two cups, almost pressing my breasts at each side with a major push-up. What? Do they want me to fit a third boob between my breasts? Seriously… worst bra, EVER! I felt like I was about to shoot a cover for a tacky men’s magazine where the girl wears a bikini that only covers the nips (yes, I write nip, because I refuse to put that word in my mouth and worse, write it out here. I hate that word)


And now I feel sad because I don't have any new bras... Why won't you just fit me? WHY?




Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own damn problems

By the way, I had to say good bye to my cousin and aunt at 5 O'CLOCK IN THE FREAKIN' MORNING TODAY! I  almost cried, but mostly because I was so damn tired. I get awfully grumpy when somebody wakes me up before the sun has risen. And knowing that a whole book of economics is waiting to be read by me isn't making things any much fun either. 


My magic brings Voldemort to the yard, and I'm like - that's huring my scar!

Now I see you, Now I don't!

Your image is loading...

Lord, have mercy on me

I have to finish this, ASAP! And I haven't even started yet... hehe, #badass


Look who’s visiting! My cousin came all the way to Sweden with her husband and my aunt to show off her three month old baby boy! I love this little guy to death, haha! 



Walking tall and feeling proud!

I can’t tell you what a proud sister I am today! I found out that my big sister (Akasya) passed her drivers license and that my other sister in London (Pimwa) is soon graduating in Ma Design and Branding Strategy from Brunel University (she has passed her second semester, so it's not much left now)! You rock, girls! I love you both! ♥



"I swear to God, I wasn't staring at you!"

The awkward moment when you’re at the library and you’re caught staring at someone who happens to look absolutely gorgeous, when you really were just daydreaming. Ever had one of those? Yeah, that happened to me today! #Killmenowplease


The worst part isn’t just that you were caught staring, but that you looked like a complete psycho while staring (like in this picture).

Miss morning morning morning

I still feel numb from last nights essay session. But a good night sleep and some good news from my sister made me feel like a brand new flower, so! 


FTW and the US and the UK and UPS!

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Me and my dear friend JP have a little message, but the only one who knows the meaning of the headline is my dad. He’s the founder of it. However, I added the last part - just for this time! 




"You just got Litt up Sucka!"

Is it just me or do I look awfully like Louis Litt from Suits in this picture? He could practically be my brother… or father? Imagine having him talking through a respirator and saying “I’m your father”. 



F writing essays in economy!

I feel numb. This day has been… stressful to say the least! First, I had to meet up for a final pre-seminar with my Law group (we're changing groups). Then there was the seminar. AND then I just had to finish writing A WHOLE FREAKIN’ ESSAY IN ECONOMY WITH MY ESSAY PARTNERS!


Seriously, I don’t even care about the outcome. I’ve joined the dark side with Darth Vader, Chucky and Shark… The only difference is that I don’t kill people… Guns do! Haha, okay, I’m not even taking myself seriously anymore. I’m just going to call it a night, go to bed and s l e e p.


See you when I wake up (that is if I wake up…I'm guessing that Freddy Krueger is out to get me now when I've survived my nightmare).




Wednesday from hell

Get set, GO! 

Having the time of my life... with my white cup!

Hey look at me! I’m drinking tea in my bed while doing my Law homework! I feel so productive when I sit and take selfies of me myself and I, holding a cup in the air as if it’s the funniest thing one can do in life. Yeah… watch out for this girl right here, she’s a party animal… #Foreverageek


To be honest, I was actually drinking in the last pic. That's why I look dead serious, haha! I may be a weirdo, but I'm not THAT weird pretending to take a sip when I'm not... Gosh...

Party up!

This is how we do it in Uppsala! I found this vid on Facebook. It's from the midterm party last week. 

Life of Pi - magical

Last night was so worth it! I don’t even care that I could have been done with my essay by now. I got to hang out with my dad and watch an incredible movie, Life of Pi, in 3D. The visual effects… mind blowing, absolutely stunning! I truly get why this film won so many Oscars.


I loved the message with it and it’s just my thoughts. I could even see myself in Pi and my father in his father, haha!


I’m guessing that all of you already know what this film is all about, so I’m just going to take this opportunity and say: go see it if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it.


Father-Daughter Day

My Law essay is due on Monday. I haven’t started yet… (haha, #thuglife) I’ll start writing tomorrow. I’m having a father-daughter day with my dad (obviously). We’re going out eating and after that we’re going to the movies. Last time I went to the movies with just my dad I think I was about four or five years old. Haha, yeah it was back in 1998 because we we’re actually going as a family, but my brother and sister wanted to watch Titanic (and I was too young) so my mother went with them and my father got stuck with me. We went watching Mouse Hunt, haha! I think that


God, everything’s coming back to me now! I even remember what I was eating and the story he was telling be before the movie started! I remember that my dad and I were laughing while coming out from the cinemas, while my mother and sister were both still tearing up. My brother was indifferent. He wished he’d seen a horror flick instead.


So I’m guessing you understand why I rather hang out with my old man than having a study date with me, myself and I, haha! 


Below are two theme songs for two films I'm really looking forward to seeing this spring. Never stop loving movies and music. Those are two of my three M's in life. 


The Host
Beautiful creatures

Women who hate women

I see some ladies nagging about hearing “Happy International Women's Day!” There is a couple of things I want to say to these bitter ladies. You should be happy that you get to hear it. You should be thankful that you live in a more decent part of the world, where people actually value women’s rights and freedom. In this world that we live in, your everyday life isn’t another woman’s right - it’s a god damn privilege! Now, I want you to think about that before going on hating on everyone who actually gives a F about this Day. Be happy that people at least think about it ONE day (because, after all, it could have been worse)! You could have lived in a third world country where even mentioning women’s right would be the end of you. Women in the third world are being slaughtered as we’re sitting here in our comfortable sofas bitching about how much we hate when people smiles and say “Hey, Happy IWD!”. And why exactly are these third world ladies being treated like dirt? Because they dare to utter the three words we take for granted: freedom, right and equality.


I celebrate this day. Not because of commercial reasons (like those who go around buying gifts for their ladies just because of IWD… as if it was Valentine’s Day or something), but for honest reasons. I am a woman and I live in a world dominated by men. I am a woman and my situation is beyond better than half of all the women in the world. I am a woman and I care about this other half who doesn’t have the same freedom and rights as me. I am a woman and I fight everyday, one way or another, to make life easier for these women. I am a woman and it doesn’t go one day that I don’t thank my parents for choosing to come to Sweden. It has given me all the chances to live and build a life for myself, which I could have only dreamed of in another country.   


This day isn’t about us western world women! This day is for all the international women, women of the third world. This day is meant for us to gain confidence to fight for not just our rights, but for those who can’t fight for their own rights. For those who can’t defend themselves. For those who are afraid and alone in a world which truly is dominated by men.


While you sit there and complain about you not getting paid as much as men, other women are getting beaten up, raped, killed and spit on as we’re speaking. Do you realize how egoistic that makes you? Now, I don’t mean that we should settle with that. We should still fight for our equal right. But the difference is that you actually CAN do something about your situation. They can’t! That’s why we have to stand up and fight for their rights. That’s why we have to at least take ONE day of 365 and raise awareness about the situation of women in the world. And we do this by educating those who do not know better - our next generation - our future.


You live in a functioning democracy. If you want to make something happen, make it happen and don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. You’re on your own!


If you want to see a change in this world – then be the change yourself! Again, don’t expect others to do anything for you. Nothing comes without a price tag, and by that I mean hard work.


So instead of hating on this day – help your sisters and make this world into a better place!


To sum it up: Women get one day, and they spend it to bitch about how much they hate people celebrating it? You know what? F that, because you don't know anything about what it's really like being a woman of the third world. You western brats have got everything and more. If something's missing - at least you've got a chance to make a change! What about half of the other women in the world? What have they got? IWD is not for you - it's for them! I'm not telling you to settle. With all do respect, PLEASE keep on fighting for what ever it is that you want to accomplish. I will too! I'm just telling you to rethink your words before you go on and hate on this day, because this is the only day some ladies in the world get. And for a lot of women, celebrating this day isn’t even an option. 


"I am the chocolate... No but really, I am the chocolate!"

- Gurra
Anyway, here are a few more pictures from Wednesday's big bash!
The facial expression in the middle pretty much sums up the whole vibe of the party... The other two are just faking it, forcing a smile or at least an inch of happiness. The end... Haha, no but I felt like her as soon as I heard that lame ass music.
Now this is a mix! We've got a little chicken, a midsummer gal, a Swede, an Octoberfest gal and Ke§ha (I couldn't find that damn dollar sign on this keyboard. I'm still getting used to my mac, haha)
Haha "haters gonna hate" à lá SD! 
Hahaha, I don't even know how to translate this without sounding disrespectful or anything. But here goes nothing: Påskkärring = Easter bitch (or Easter crone). Kids actually dress like this to get candy during Easter and they call themselves Easter bitches, haha! It's just for fun though... They look adorable!
We've got a cat, a Justin Bieber fan on a twelve step program for recovering beliebers, AND a Octoberfest boy called... Hans! I like that name. Hans. Say it with a strong German accent!
Uppsala's finest dame!
Hahaha a sexy octoberfest shemale AND a the saddest flavour of Ben & Jerry "Lonely Valentine". I absolutely l o v e d that sign.
"Slutty Easter bunny" is SO going to hell after this night is over, haha! Luckily the devil's there so he can get a ride back to Satan's steamy crib.
At first I didn't understand what hell this team was representing, but then I saw the light and thought "Holy Maria - this is team Christmas". 
St Patrick's Day's getting closer! Oh, March is one of my favourite months. There's so much to celebrate; International Women's Day, St Patrick's Day, the fact that it's getting warmer (the beginning of spring, you know the drill) AND last but certainly not least - It's the month of my birthday!

Midterm party

Last night us political science students celebrated that we’ve only got half of the semester left… well, almost anyway! So we had a big bash at GH nation and the theme of the party was international holidays. I was in team Valentine’s Day and boy were people creative. One of my favourites in my team was Pontus, who was the queen of hearts. Even though he looked like a tranny clown (what ever that is?) he still looked absolutely amazing in his orange little wig, haha!


While at GH, the dinner… got a little out of control (wow, no surprise there!). My team’s table was covered in sweets, so we were basically throwing candy in each others drinks through out the whole dinner (I didn’t even look and I still scored, woopwoop! You may call me a natural).


Anyway, it was a great night. However the DJ duo sucked!!! (I’m putting three exclamation marks so you really get how bad it was. It wasn’t just bad… it was awful!) I’m prepared to say that it was the worst couple of DJ:s I’ve ever heard, cross my heart on that! I don’t understand why we didn’t tie them up and put on a killer list on Spotify! Why do we even bother to have DJ:s at our parties? All they do is messing up the songs, haha!


Seriously, I don’t even know how many times I reached for my imaginary gun and just fired at them. They were playing the songs you wish you could erase from musical history, aka the lamest music ever made. The dance floor was only moving because there were no seats and the bar was too busy. But I had a great night, guys! 


These two lovely ladies rocked the hell out of this party. Nathalie showed off her rockstar skills and Jossan broke  her glass (which nobody but me and a couple of other people on the dancefloor saw... which means everybody saw it). But you know what they say, "It ain't a real party until glasses are breaking". 
Our famous fotballer Zlatan came to say hello. What can I say? Only VIP's hang out with us Uppsala folks.
Haha, don't you just love the sign on the door in the background? "You've got to go when you've got to go"
Me and Jossan at the ladies AGAIN, haha!
Haha, I was one of the haters in my team. You could call me the love bandit, gangsta of love, thief of hearts, trouble maker heart breaker. Hahaha, can you believe I actualy found a top that said that? And I found it H&M! Why am I not surprised. They have a lot of lame tops with the weirdest prints. Last summer they were selling a top that said "Easy come easy go". I mean, who wants to walk around with a top that says that? 
Queen of hearts and Zlatan
The National Day and Valentine's Day - one big happy political family! You know you want to be a part of it!
Haha Ella and Emil steams up the party. I guess you all can imagine what Emil is supposed to be? "A slutty Easter bunny", hahaha!
I don't know why us girls have so much fun at the ladies. Maybe it's because it's the only place where you can actually hear what people are saying and compliment each other's outfits, but most importantly - take photos and insta-insta-instagram!

Oooh, we're halfway the-ere, WOOHOO we're halfway the-ere!

Here are two pictures from my instagram that was taken last night at the midterm party! My instagram name is Begoniaretina by the way!
Me and Jossan flipping at the ladies!
Go team Valentine's Day!

Earlier today

Workshop sponsored by Macbook air and Sportlunch!

It's Sunday and I'm studying like a stud

Or am I? I'm reading this little sucker right now. It's surprisingly interesting! However, I like everything that has to do with writing. It doesn't matter if it's about writing law, essays, articles, novels or plays.

In the beginning God created heaven and earth... then he created man, one of his biggest mistakes ever

I’ve been celebrating my mom’s birthday today. We didn’t throw a big birthday party this year. Instead we had dad cook for us, me and my sister bake and my brother talk about what he would do with all of his millions of dollars… when he got them, hahaha!


Anyway, we watched “The impossible”, which to start with I thought was a very brave movie to shoot. I almost cried twice, but thanks to my brother (who spoils every sad part of a movie by mentioning something funny) I didn’t. The way that they shot the underwater scenes were so, so, SO good! The recreation of this terrible tsunami disaster 2004 was beyond what I’d expected. And the fact that this whole movie is based on not just a real event, but also a true story makes it even better. If the story wouldn’t have been real I would have cried out “God damn Hollywood…” with my strongest Texas accent.


Something that strikes me is the lack of compassion of some people. You see this family and the natives trying to help each other as much as possible, almost a bit heroic to be frank… and then you see these greedy son’s of guns who won’t even let anyone borrow their cell phones or help them with direction after the disaster. I mean, god had a chance to wipe out all evil, but he chose to leave these disgusting human beings on this earth? It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.   


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