In Tunisia, action!

Hey guys! I’m in Tunisia now! So far, we’ve just taken some time to get to know the beach. I arrived quite early this morning so I’m really tired (as you might notice)

Monday Munchies

I went to the city to hang out with my mates Josefin, Nathalie and Ella. We had a real bake off at Nathalie's place. Seriously, look what we made!

We made rhubarb/raspberry cobbler with loads and loads of custard sauce + chocolate muffins with chocolate, toffee and marshmallow bits in it. Damn! I know!

Spot the difference?


Do you find the difference between these two videos? No? The first one is basically just nude girls running around, acting all playful and silly with fully dressed men minding their own business, checking out the ladies, singing their song and you know – the typical “man” doing his thing. The second one is exactly the same, only know the girls are dressed (or not really dressed, but their breasts are covered at least, they are wearing jewellery and see through plastic clothing over their underwear – that kind of dressed).


Genius! Seriously, is this how easily people get away with unnecessary shit like this? I mean, your song was fun, the tune was great – you don’t need to objectify girls just to sell your stuff. Oh, wait a minute! That was a lie. Of course you have to objectify women. Everybody knows that sex sells just perfectly in this world.


Don’t get me wrong. I, personally, don’t mind this video. If girls want to run around naked – then by all means, go ahead and do so. But what I do mind is that this is the type of shit young girls watch and then indirectly are taught is okay. Girls are schooled to think it’s okay to be objectified and that’s not okay. These types of videos, pictures or what ever, fools boys to grow up and think that the world revolves around themselves and their sexual needs. 

Begonia takes North Africa

By the end of this week I’ll be on my way to Tunisia with my dad. It’ll be my first time in North Africa and I must say that I’m really excited about it. We were actually planning on going to Turkey, but then we decided to go all “عَشَائِر” (Bedouin) in Tunisia instead. After all, it’s in my blood, haha!


I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed the Middle Eastern warmth and the Mediterranean Sea. This is going to be legen… DARY! 


Animal rescue

This little birdy was found lying on his back on the ground. The poor thing couln't move. He can't fly for some reason, but he's getting all the help he needs now. I will call him Pedro!

The Girls of American Appeal – Jailbait

The American Appeal commercials have been controversial for a very long time. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the “oh so ever hip” store with pictures of naked teenage girls everywhere.


I don’t know if these poor girls don’t know any better or if this company exploits young girls for the benefit of the company profits. I believe it’s both. Either way it’s disgusting. Especially when the male models get to be fully dressed and the girls have to show their everything for the whole world to see in every single photo. It’s not okay. It shouldn’t even be allowed.


I’ve never bought anything from this store and I’m not planning to do so either. I don’t think any girl should buy anything from that store unless they change their advertisement techniques and make some serious apologies for their lack of respect towards young girls. Because this company is trying to sell their clothes to young girls all over the world. And this advertisement makes these girls think that it’s okay for society to look at them as they were a bunch of scrumptious nymphets or something.


Remember, remember, if there’s no demand - there’s no supply. That’s why I want to encourage young girls to take a stand in this matter, once and for all, and stop shopping from brands, which discriminate against women. You don’t want to be wearing a shirt that says that people are allowed to walk all over you, discriminate you, spit on you and harass you. Because by wearing these types of brands, which advertisements are discriminating against women, you give them a right and reason to continue. 


I've chosen to not post any of their pictures on my blog since they're not very tasteful. But if you still want to see what the fuzz is about --> you may check it out for yourself here and here.

Sweet dreams?

Summer’s spinning fast. It’s already Midsummer!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m quite traditional so I’m going to pick my seven flowers, put them under my pillow tonight and dream about my future man. It’s really silly, but it’s just a thing I’ve done since I was a little kid. I just hope I don’t have the same dream that I had tonight, haha! My family was planning an arranged marriage with some sheik I’ve never even met before. My mother was like “You can quit school and move to Abu dhabi”. That’s when I knew I was dreaming. My mother would n e v e r encourage me to quit school over some guy, not even the best job in the world. Second of all, my family would never marry me off like that (or would they…?) If I'm out of the country by the end of next week, call the police and tell them that I'm about to get married off. Haha, just kidding... (or am I?)




Monica's B-day

Yesterday I celebrated Monica's 21st birthday in the Old Town. We had some dinner at Vapianos (first timer) and later on we headed to some hidden ice-cream bar, which I never even knew existed (But then again, I have a pretty hard time getting around there). 
I had kind of an outlandish feeling when we strot around the narrow streets of the old town. It felt like I was in a Mediterranean country. Haha, I really felt like home!
Anyway, I had a great time. I got to know some of Monica's other friends as well.

Favourite song of the moment

Angry bird gets iced!

Don’t you ever get the feeling that you need to throw ice-cubes at angry people, just to make them chill out for a bit? No? Just me? Ok then…



Hangover III

Yesterday I went to the city with my sweet Mandy. We went nuts at Indiska and almost bought half of everything in the store. Then we went to check out the manifestation against the Turkish government’s resent actions. Afterwards we went to watch Hangover III, which was great. However, I think that Hangover I & II were funnier. There wasn’t even a real hangover in this movie, haha! Anyways, we laughed a lot so it was worth it.


Later on in the evening, Mandy and I decided to crash Robin’s place for a Taco Night with him and my sister. Okay, they invited us to come over… We hung out, ate a lot and watched Warm Bodies.    




Yesterday I watched Hangover with Mandy. Tonight I'm watching Hangover II and tomorrow I'll be going to the cinema with Amanda to watch Hangover III. I'm excited, to say the least!

Better soar than sorry

Are you kidding me? My body's SO soar from yesterday's work out with Meg and Maja.

And ofc I forget to post the pictures

With Ronja

I've been hanging out with Ronja all day! We've been so healthy (for real). Usually when we hang out we tend to eat a lot of sweets and other unhealthy stuff, but not today. We've been working out, we've even power-walked outside with the sun shining on our oiled up legs, eating salads and fruits.

Photo shoot

Hey! I'm on my way to meet up with Ella in Stockholm city after my little photo shoot. Seriously, I work really fast. It took less than five minutes to get the pictures we needed. #gettingshitdone, haha!

School's out for summer

I don’t know if you’ve heard but… SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! The summer holiday has officially begun! It really started after my final exam last Friday, but I never got to take some time to chill out and realize it until now.


After the finals I was just like: 

I’ve been running around in Stockholm doing business, gone to a graduation party – I’ve been running on my last drop of energy since the minute I finished my exam. It’s time for me to chill out! It's time for me to embrace that it's :




Graduation party a la Lillin

Yesterday I went to Lillin’s graduation party. She’s now officially a teacher. And I was going to say free from school, but the only time she’ll ever be done with school is the day she retires (which is in about 50 years)! I had a very nice time, especially seeing Lillin’ that drunk. Never have I ever seen her like that, haha! But hey, when it’s graduation time that’s just common sense! 



Old school

Back in the days, when life was all about superheros. Nothing has changed! I still look up to my superheros. The only things that have changed is that they've taken a more human form and that I've grown passed them. Other than that, they're the same. And I still look up to them!

Me gusta quesadilla me gusta tú

Don't you just love homemade quesadillas?

Don’t you just love this?

Turkey's cooked

“We won’t support the continuation of a regime that oppresses its own people” – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about the civil war in Syria.


Oh, is that why you’re doing exactly the same thing? Turkey likes to think of itself as a democratic and liberal country in the Middle East. But facts show us otherwise. “It doesn’t matter what you have to say. I will go through with My plans anyways. And if you stand in My way, I will activate My forces” - Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about the manifestation in Istanbul.


Oppressing the people. Tear gassing the shit out of them. Running them over with armoured tanks… You’ve got to love democracy, ey? Talking is easy. Claiming that you’re a democracy doesn’t mean anything when the country repeatedly tries to wash away the peoples’ opinions with water canons. Something really smells fishy about that. I can feel the smell of a dictatorship all the way up to Sweden!


The situation in Turkey reminds me of the beginning of all the other revolutions in the Middle East. To me it looks like a country that has totally lost control over the situation (much like the beginning of the conflicts in Syria & co), which only keeps on fighting the people because it’s too damn proud to admit their mistakes.


I get the pride feeling. I derive from the Middle East (inter alia). I understand their mentality. But there comes a time when one has to swallow its pride and admit one’s mistakes. Either you admit you’re wrong, Erdoğan, and take responsibility for your actions – or you may count on that your country’s going to be exposed for an intervention. Perhaps the intervention will be led by your ever so good friends from the West? The time’s ticking and the countdown has already begun.


Turkey is boiling of rage along with all of the other Middle Eastern countries. A new world order is trying to lure its way into the Middle East. But what makes us think that that is even possible? What makes us think that anyone can influence this region? This tactic is outplayed. It’s old and it’s lame! Alexander the Great tried, the Roman Empire tried, the Mongols tried, the Persians tried, the British Empire tried, Soviet tried, the United States of America tried… Do you know what the one thing they all had in common was? They all fled. No one has ever been able to control this pot of boiling soup. There’s a greater chance that hell freezes over than anyone managing to gain influence in that region. Do people simply believe they can just come into a country and stir the wasp nest? And then expect no reaction? All actions have consequences. It’s that simple! Do you know what happens when you piss off a wasp nest? The whole band of brothers goes all kamikaze on you. They fight until the very end. They rather die then let you bully them.  


The whole “New world order” thing is project that will never see the daylight. And the whole dictator game that leaders of the Middle East are playing will never pay off in the long run. You may fight the people. You may harm the people. You may shoot at the people. Hell, you may even kill the people. But you will never, EVER, be able to eliminate or kill their ideas. That’s the beautiful thing about ideas: They are bulletproof. They’ll live on and grow stronger for every generation. And in the end, the oppression will backfire and people will rise up and fight back.


What the Turkish government is doing to their people is only fuelling their will and giving them more reasons to fight back. Tic Toc, Erdoğan – soon it’ll be too late.

You can call me Clark Kent

I was out, studying in my backyard, enjoying the sun, just minding my own business, when suddenly a wasp came out from nowhere and went all kamikaze on me. It dived straight into my loose tank top! Everything happened so quickly. The wasp was flying around in there, trying to settle down in my cleavage. I panicked! All of sudden I was wearing nothing. There I stood, in pure daylight, in my backyard, holding my tank top in my right hand while screaming “I’M GONNA DIE!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!” If my little striptease hadn’t caught any of my neighbours’ attention already, the “American Psycho” screaming certainly did it for me.


Anyway… who cares? My neighbours are so old they probably won’t remember a thing tomorrow anyways. And if they do remember, it’ll probably be worth it (for them). I mean, when was the last time they got any action? And yes, I just realized what that sounded like. What I meant was that all they do everyday is to fix their gardens; water the flowers, cut the grass and other irrelevant old people stuff, hahaha! This afternoon must have spiced up their life a bit! 


What fascinates me though, is how fast I undressed. I must have been faster than Clark Kent. Shit, now you know my kryptonite… Waspzzzz! 

Interracial relationships

I was watching an old episode of the Tyra Banks show. They were talking about interracial relationships when all of a sudden some of the guests started hating on it. What’s wrong with the world? Why can’t they just mind their own business and stop criticising other people for who they love. Who I love has nothing to with anyone but me, myself and I.


I mean, if you take me for example: I will never EVER be able to choose someone of my own “race”. I’m a mix! And there’s absolutely no one in the whole wide world with the same mix as me. I’m an original piece of art in that matter. So what ever I do, and whom ever I choose to be with – it will always be interracial. And thank god for that! Who wants to be with an exact copy of oneself? Because if that’s the case, by all means, go ahead and marry the crap out of yourself!


To be honest I hate the fact that it’s even called interracial relationship. I hate the fact that we actually use the word “race” when we live in the 21st century. I’m disgusted by it and I feel ashamed every time I hear somebody refer to someone else as “a race”. We’re not dogs of different breeds. We shouldn’t refer to each other as races. There’s only one human breed and that includes all of us. We look different and that’s a fact. But it shouldn’t matter if we’re black or white, or anything inbetween. It shouldn’t even matter if you’re gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered or what ever. Who you love is up to you. Don’t ever let anyone decide whom you should or shouldn’t love. It’s your heart, your life, your decision!


Live, Love, Laugh



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