I think the tailor was like “Girl? Let’s leave a little room for your booty…” when he sew this dress. I was actually hoping for it to be just a little bit tighter. You know, just to show off those curves my mama gave me, haha! But now that I think of it, I don’t think that will be a problemo.


Anyway, the dress is Marchesa inspired with a dash of the Middle East (not on purpose though – it just happened). 


I don't know if you can see the slits there, but it's there! Haha! I can't decide if I should wear my hair up or down though. It's a tough one! 

My sunshine’s back home!

I’d like to say that my sunshine’s back, but since it’s raining I think “Mm… better not!”. Not that it matters what the weather’s like, when my best friend’s back from almost being gone for a year, acting all Dora the Explorer in Australia etc. So when I went to see her and welcome her back, I made sure to bring some champagne. Cause we’re about to celebrate!


Watch out Sweden, cause you're about to get your ass kicked real soon! I'm gonna blast the shit out of the dancefloor!! And! I'm challenging every single one of y'all to step up.

Like a shotgun needs an outcome

You already know that my native american name's Little bear paw, but if I was to be re-named it would probably be Bullseye. Why? I'm a hella shooter. If my life goes to hell I could seriously become a sniper or a hunter... or probably none of them(?)

The first time I ever shot anything was about one month ago. My target was a beer can - Bang - bullseye, baby!

Somebody, bring me a shotgun! I'mma shoot my pancake!

Bitches be like...

"Honestly, I look like this!" Haha! Girl? Bye!


While travelling in Tunisia, I got to witness the craziest oases. There are three different types of oases; desert oasis, mountain oasis and beach oasis. And I’ve seen them all! But I’m going to start with the desert oasis in Tozeur.


This oasis is just outside a 100 per cent ecologic village, which only gets the food from the oasis. You had to take a little trip by horse to get to oasis. When we arrived, I just fell in love with it. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, a paradise, heaven. There were all kinds of exotic fruit and nuts. Also, this is where the finest henna grow!


As I walked around in the oasis jungle, I met this 75 year old man who worked there. You can say that he was the supervisor of pollinating the palms, haha! This man, Aziz, is an incredible man. He climbs the palms like a little monkey to spread the pollen… And he’s s e v e n t y f i v e!! How sick is that?


This is where the oasis starts.
I had to ride through the town to get to the oasis.
Haha, look at us! I'm so tired - travelled for days!
Aziz, my man! He's the coolest old man I've ever seen.
Look at him showing off infront of the camera, haha!
Haha, and he screamed "Look no hands!"
With Ammu Aziz!
This is where luxery henna grows!
Banana plants.
Time to go back to the village. The reality really strikes you when you leave the paradise and see that people live like this. Is this what you call fairtrade? 
My ride!

Hallucinating in the desert

You know in movies when people have been walking through the desert for so long, they suddenly start to hallucinate things? That happened to me, twice! Once when I was walking and once when I was driving the Jeep. The heat haze was extreme and the land was really flat. Suddenly I saw (or I thought I saw) something in the horizon. I thought I saw the sea. So I asked my driver if we could take a swim before going to the oasis. He just laughed at me and asked “And where would you like to swim?” I pointed towards the sea and said “over there! In the sea.” He laughed even more now. “Sure, I can take you there! I’ll even build you a trampoline and you can dive into the sea if you like?” he said. I didn’t quite get it and he didn’t want to break my heart so he drove towards the “sea” for me. But we never got any closer. The sea just moved further and further away from us, and that’s when I realized it. “You’ll go mad if you try to reach the sea” he said, “people have lost their minds out here”.


There was no sea, only desert and more desert. What I saw was in fact a mirage. The flat land and the sun hitting the salt pan with its light had created an illusion which fooled me into believing that there actually was a sea further away. Luckily, my driver knew his shit and got me to the oasis before I lost my mind in the desert, haha!  

What up makeup

I’ve been running around all over the city with Ronja today to find her a dress for my sister’s wedding. We didn’t find any nice one’s. However, I bought a couple of things for the bachelorette party. (I can’t tell you what because my sister’s sneaky and reads my blog).


But today wasn’t just any hectic day in the city. Today was the day when I finally bought myself some makeup. I know! About time, right? Last time I got myself some makeup was probably 2 years ago. That’s right! I only buy makeup once every two years. That’s how little I use makeup.


Anyway, I got some blush, highlighter, foundation and some fake-lashes for the wedding. 



Star Wars City

As we were racing through the desert in our Jeep, we suddenly arrived at this small village, in the middle of freakin’ nowhere. This village was surrounded by sand dunes and in whatever direction we looked there was only desert and more desert to be found. There wasn’t a hint of life. Even the vultures had escaped this place, haha!


FYI, This little village had been used as one of Star Wars key filming locations. I really see why. This place was surreal, haha!


As my dad and I walked into the village we met an old man who sat in an Arabic version of the saccosäck (beanbag), a hill of sand, haha! He asked us the funniest things. Usually people tend to ask us Swedes if we’ve got polar bears walking around in the neighbourhood, but not this man.


Old man: Does it ever rain where you live?

Me: Sometimes it feels like it never stops raining.

Old man: Are you serious? It never rains around here.


We just looked around ourselves and burst into laughter. Like, 'no shit! You live in the middle of the desert, haha!'


Dad: It snows during the winter too.

Old man: Really? You're not joking right?

Dad: No, honestly, it does!

Old man: Amazing. That's amazing! But… is there any grass where you live?

Dad: Yes, there’s a lot of verdure in Sweden.

Old man: Wow… I can’t even imagine what that looks like. I’ve never seen anything but this frigging sand. Where ever I go I se sand, sand and "oh hey, more sand".


I wish I'd had pictures of our garden or just Swedish nature on my cell phone, but how often do you bother about what nature looks like where you live? Of course I didn’t have any pictures like that on my phone. And I obviously had no service either so I couldn’t use the internet… We take too much for granted in life, and it makes me sad when I realize I do it too sometimes. 


Shubiel Gorge, Sidi Bouhlel (near Tozeur)
The old man and his grandson and his little pet Sahara Fox.
I had to climb up this sand dune, BAREFOOT! But that ain't a problem since I walk on lava. I'm the Chuck Norris of walking on hot desert sand, haha!

Desert Jeep Safari

That feeling when you’re Jeep racing in the desert with Arabic music playing in the background… Wow! Haha, I thought we’d drive off a cliff and die at some point cause we were going so fast, driving on hill walls, sliding through the sand, driving on sand dunes, and so on. It was sick!


At some point we were driving upwards a cliff and the only thing I could see from the passenger seat was the blue sky. I looked back and realized we’d left the ground. My driver teased the hell out of me by letting the Jeep weigh on the peak. Suddenly we just tipped forward and I thought that would be my end. But in some weird way we drove down this 90-degree angle and made it out alive. Then we just raced on through the desert.


Two words: Hella thrill!


The bachelorette party planner

What haven’t I been doing these last couple of days? I’ve been up and about for my sister’s wedding. I don’t know if you’ve heard but… I’m the maid of honor! Haha, that’s right! There were a lot of contestants out there, but not too many of them were qualified enough to even candidate. After all, they were all up against me. I don’t mean to gloat, but none of them stood a chance. Watch out world, for I’m going to be the best freakin’ made of honor my sister could have ever wished for.


Next: plan the bachelorette party!

Wedding dress hunting

Yesterday was all about hunting wedding dresses. When I saw my big sis try on her first wedding dress, something happened. I shat myself… Just kidding! Suddenly I felt so emotional. It wasn’t that the dress looked amazing (because, let’s be honest – it didn’t!), but the fact that she’s getting married. Married! Can you believe it?



Happy Birthday to one of my biggest heroes

As you may already know it’s Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday today! When I think about Mandela I feel like I’m showered by this huge tsunami of positive energy and hope. Hope that mankind one day will get its shit together and unite for the sake of a better world with a brighter future, where the word “inequality” doesn’t exist in any language.


Can you believe that this man once was on the US list of terrorists? Five years ago to be exact. Unbelievable, right? This man has never been anything but a freedom fighter. He sacrificed his entire life for the African people and his actions influenced the whole world. He’s a living legend, a true inspiration, a hero.


One of my biggest dreams has always been to, one day get to meet Mandela. And perhaps I will someday! Who knows? But for now, I’d like to take this moment to just say thank you. Thank you for your patient. Thank you for not giving up on mankind. Tank you for being so strong and so unselfish. Just, thank you, for everything.


Some people you don’t have to know personally to look up to or love. Mandela is one of those people. He’s truly one of my biggest heroes or all time.


So, happy birthday Nelson Mandela and get well soon.      


It's what all of my biggest heroes in life has said and it's what I'm going to do. I've been given this amazing chance and opportunity to get an education in this country, so I'm going to take it. 

Šaṭṭ al-Ǧarīd

We were riding on this straight long, long road, not really knowing where it would take us. But as we got there, we saw these amazing large endorhiec salt lakes in red and green. We had reached the largest salt pan of the Sahara.


The view was breath taking. I climbed up to this little towerish thing. It felt like I had the entire desert by my feet, birds-eye-view almost. The wind was kindly blowing in my hair and I thought to myself “So this is what Rose felt like on the bow of Titanic” The only thing missing was my own Jack, but to hell with him… I don’t need a man to fly high up in the skies, haha! 


I was literally standing with one of my feet between the desert of Sahara and the Grand Erg Oriental (Great Eastern Sand Sea).


#Signs? Haha!
Oh, btw, this place was also one of the locations for the shooting of the Star Wars series.
Do you see the colour of this lake? It looked like a lake of blood at first. But don't worry, it's not blood. 
I love the colour!
The sun was HUGE!

The desert of Sahara

I was riding on my dromedary when suddenly a man came riding in full speed on an Arabian horse, darker than the night itself. He got off his horse and switched with my dromedary walker, Habib. He mumbled something through his black shawl which was covering his face, leaving his piercing blue eyes exposed to the sun. Habib took his chance to ride the night black horse, but it didn’t quite like him. The entire dromedary caravan burst into laughter while Habib was struggling to stay on the horse.


When we got to the resting point, I got off my dromedary and the man asked me if I wanted to take a ride with his horse. I’d never sat on a horse before, so jumping straight on an Arabian horse felt scary to say the least. Especially when I saw how little the horse liked Habib… and they are travelling together. But the man introduced me to his horse, Jamaica, and we got along pretty well. It might have been because the owner was standing right by my side, but I like to think that the horse really liked me.


Anyway, so I jumped on this beautiful horse, clasped my arms around the man’s waist and rode away in the sunset. (This sounds like such a cliché movie ending, but I can’t help it – that’s what really went down out there, haha!) As the horse started moving I felt so small and hopeless, almost a little insecure to be honest. But as the speed increased and we started galloping through the sand sea I felt so free. There I rode, with a warm wind carefully caressing my face through my black shawl. 


Sometimes I wonder if I should have made a good rider. It’s in my blood, you know! Both of my grandmas were the best horsewomen in their villages, known for riding reckless, not giving a fuck, feeling young and free and living on the edge (for that time), haha! It was actually how my grandfather noticed my grandmother (besides her beauty of course).



Sunrise vol. 2


Sunrise in Sahara

Douz – the gate to Sahara

As I got to Douz, I realized that I had finally reached the gate to Sahara. From here on now, I would trek through the Sahara desert with who would become my best friend during my journey, my dromedary. As you may know, I have great respect for these fine animals. They are smart, they take care of you when you’re tired, they are loyal, but most importantly – they never forget. My mother used to tell me this story about a man who lived in her neighbour village. He owned a camel. He used to hit it and treat it really bad. One day, many years later, when this man was drunk and alone, the camel got its revenge. The camel beat the man to death. Just like that. Here comes the wisdom of this story: Don’t fuck with the king of the desert.


Anyway, as I was trekking through the desert with my Bedouin entourage, I noticed that I was passing a few palms. I couldn’t get my head around how a water source could even exist under all of this dry, burning sand. But as I got deeper and deeper into the desert, the horizon turned into a view of soft sand dunes stretching itself across what felt like an infinity. The dromedaries seemed to float along between these sand dunes, like boats on the ocean. I was just rocking along with the sandy waves. 


The beginning of my journey
Yes, I'm barefoot! Pretty badass I know, haha! I wasn't wearing the best shoes to walk around in the desert with. The sand kept filling my shoes so in the end I was like "Fuck it". Was the sand hot? It was burning hot. It was like walking on freakin' lava. But I got used to it pretty quickly #badass
Habib and my dromedary #BFF
What up Habib!

A quick stop before Douz

Sand flowers
Everybody say "leleleleleleeeeiii"!!

New Matmata – Star Wars

I went to check out the hotel Sidi Driss in New Matmata, aka the filming location for Star Wars Episode IV: a New Hope, 1997. It was featured as the home of Luke Skywalker, his aunt Beru Lars and uncle Owen Lars on the planet Tatooine. To be honest I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I am a movie geek and I love everything about the world of cinemas so I had to check out this place.


I believe that the reason why I’m not that into Star Wars is because I’m traumatised. You see, I was forced to see one of the films (which I hadn’t followed and knew absolutely nothing about) at the movies with a boy who hated me because his mother loved me more than him. There I sat, not having any idea what the movie was really about, but just feeling bad for being there with him. I don’t know who to feel more sorry about: me or the poor boy whose mother wished I were her daughter?


So now when I think of Star Wars, I only think of that time when I was forced to sit through a movie with a boy who truly hated me. I mean, it wasn’t that shallow kind of hate. We’re talking about that true livid hatred, which one feels from the bottom of one’s heart. 


I had some luch while I was there.
You may call me Captain Morgan!
Hahaha, take my strong hand!

Matmata peak

I went to check out the mountain view from Matmata peak. It was like Tunisia’s version of the Hollywood hills, hahaha! Well, not really…


Two words: mind-blowing view! 


Matmata with my Berbers

When I went to Matmata, I just had to meet the Berber people and check out the caves in the mountains. The cool thing about the mountains in Matmata is that these people used to and still live in these caves. However, there was a heavy rainfall decades ago, which cause land slides and left a lot of the Berbers’ homeless. The Tunisian government decided to build a city, New Matmata, for the people to inhabit. Some of them chose to leave their former lives in the caves, but a lot of the Berbers’ decided to stay and dig new caves in the mountains.


For those of you who don’t know, Berber derives from the Arabic Barbari which means uncivilized or savage. But the funny thing is that in Berber they call themselves “imazighen”, which means free men. They’re basically the natives of North Africa and they look absolutely stunning with their tattoos (much like the Bedouins and some Kurdish clans), each tattoo symbolizing their clan. I’m really hooked on these tattoos, haha! I think they’re gorgeous. I mean, you see these gangsta rappers getting tattoos all over their bodies and faces, thinking they’re setting the trends. But in reality this has been a tradition and decoration in the Middle East and in North Africa for god knows how long.


The Berber family me and my father visited were so kind to us. We were invited for food, honey and mint-tea. The honey was so good (ecologic), we had to get some of it home with us, haha!

Their home was amazing. The rooms were so cool compared to the scorching heat outside. So relaxing! Anyway, we ate, drank, sang and danced a little. I had a great time!


It was so hot outside. If you would have put a pot of soup outside, I swear it would have started boiling. But again, as soon as you went inside the cave you're entire body cooled down.
Wherever I looked I could see small holes in the mountines. But I knew, that in every single hole there was a home. As I walked around and tried to absorb the view I noticed that other Berber families had similar tents outside their property. I can imagine it might be really nice to sit here during the evening, with the night sky and all the stars shining above you. Goodness, they must see awfully lots of shooting stars. 
The kitchen.
By every door post there was either a fish, Fatimas hand or the evil eye. 
Haha, I look so uptight in this picture! Almost a bit constipated, hahaha! Anyway, this is their little herb stash.
Cooling down in their living room.
Daddy's enjoying his bread with honey!
This little girl could really play the darbuka!
Wazzup America! "USA! USA! USA!" haha!
Chilling in the tent with my honey!





One word: Damn!
I used to listen to Deftones a lot back in the days. I still love their music. And Chino Moreno's voice... Mate... C'mon! I don't know what to do but to just lay my head back and relax when ever he opens his mouth. Well, he's the vocalist in Palms so here you go! 


I tried my first cup of palm juice in Gabès. It smelled funny and tasted even funnier, in a honey milky fresh kind of way. I know the drink wasn’t ice cold, but it really felt like it in that heat. Boy!


They make an alcoholic drink out of palm juice as well. But I didn’t try that one since it was too hot outside. I needed to stay hydrated! After all, I was getting closer to the gate of Sahara and one needs to stay hydrated if one’s supposed to walk around in the desert, haha!



I went to this ever so artsy fishing village just outside Sfax, where the beach was filled with artwork. It almost felt like a bomb of creativity had exploded and left these little fine pieces of art everywhere, haha! I’ll probably by myself a little house by the beach there some day.


By the beach there was an orphanage for children between the ages 3 and 6. I regret that I didn’t take any pictures, because it was so beautiful and so close to beach. 


Coca-Cola arabic style, haha!

El Djem Amphithéâtre

I went to check out the home to some of the most impressive Roman remains in Africa, El Djem. I visited the Amphitheatre, which was mainly used for gladiator shows and chariot races. This is actually where they shot The Gladiator, haha!


Walking around in this magnificent Amphitheatre, I couldn’t help but imagining what it must have felt like being imprisoned underground, hearing other gladiators fighting for their lives against each other and lions, and of course waiting for your turn to walk out in the sun and face a crowd with an endless appetite for blood.


To be honest, I felt a bit frightened to walk through the prison cells underground. The only light that was allowed was the one which trickled through the grid to the gladiator setting. You can barely see anything from down there, but you can hear everything just perfectly.



The Purge

Mates… Mates! I watched The Purge with my big sis the other night and bloody hell, I liked it a lot.


America’s reborn, unemployment is at 1 % (yeah right, I know! As if that would ever happen… haha), crime is at an all time low – all because one night a year, all crime is legal, including murder.


Now, you all know that I usually hate horror movies. I can’t watch them. Because if I do, that shit will haunt me forever. I get embarrassingly paranoid! The funny thing is that the only horror movies I can watch are the ones’ which are most likely to happen. However, I can’t watch supernatural shit such as the ring, the grudge and all the other movies with dead Asian little girls running around acting all evil and possessed. I got scared just by watching the grudge’s trailer during pure day light, and it wasn’t even by choise!! The TV happened to be on and suddenly the grudge popped up on the screen and I nearly peed myself.


I remember those horrible times when my friends forced me to watch scary movies with them… I screamed like a crazy person, hitting punching and kicking everything and everyone sitting around me. I had absolutely no control over my body. But I warned them that this could happen so… the joke’s on them!


Back to The Purge! The thing about this disturbing movie is that I can actually see this happening in the future. The only thing I’m wondering is, why the hell kill people when you can just break into a bank and “steal” all the money (it’s perfectly legal anyways during that day, haha) and give it all away to a good will foundation or start a school in a developing country? #RobinHood Haha, okay… this turned into a whole other topic, I know.


Anyway, just watch the movie! I think you’ll like it. But try to see the possibilities of a similar future, where governments brainwash their people into believing that purging is the solution to all of our problems. Because, let’s be honest without sounding all anarchistic – the government is like a huge labyrinth with far too many ways crisscrossing each other. It’s so confusing that one will go absolutely mad trying to figure out the right way and the answers. However, relying on it too much without asking for any insight or without even questioning its decisions is dangerous. The government will literally be herding a bunch of blind sheep, haha! I mean, it has already happened! Just look at Wikileaks, the Manning case and Snowden – they’ve all got a price on their heads for spilling the truth. And the ones’ who put the price on their heads? Well… haha, take a look at your government. Every government has something they don’t want their people to know, even more importantly, things they don’t want other governments to know. That’s not a secret. It’s a fact! Just because the corpse hasn’t begun to smell yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not dead. Do you know what I mean? Even though things look alright it doesn’t mean that everything is alright. Again, wikileaks showed us what kind of fools we are to let governments hide vital information from us, things we didn’t sign up for when we chose them to become the voice of the people, our representatives. When the authority has a personal interest and it comes out – hell breaks loose. But as time goes by, they tend to believe that the people will have forgotten all about it. Here’s the thing: we never forget and we never forgive! We want what’s right. And what’s right is the truth. Justice!   


I believe it’s important to always stay awake, read between the lines and question our representatives when we don’t agree with their decisions. Because after all, the government and the state exists for our wellbeing – not the other way around. The power is in our hand and it shall be used unitedly.     


On second thought, I may have over analysed this movie. I don’t really know. I can go on and on about the critisism against the social class system, but this post wasn't intended to be a book so I'll spare you. I think that the message was crystal clear in this movie. And I love movies which actually has a depth, a meaning or a message. 


Enough said, peace! 


This guy plays is part excellently. He's so creepy!

Day 1 – Sousse/Medina

Going on a father daughter trip has its advantages. It doesn’t matter where I travel with my dad. We always get the special treatment, haha! I almost feel like a celebrity whenever I’m with him.


I didn’t do too much the first day. I just went to the beach, got to know the place where I lived, went to Medina (the old town) and some markets/bazaars.


While walking through the bazaars you have to be really sharp – and that my friends, I am! You see, I went to Tunisia with my dad whose Arabic. Only that is a fierce combination, haha! “Ain’t nobody hustling us!”


One of the first things I learned when I came to Tunisia was that it’s quite normal for older men to marry young women, or girls in their late teens to be exact. There’s quite an age difference there. Having that said, a lot of people thought that my dad was actually my husband, haha! But as we made it clear that I was his daughter and not his much too young wife, things took a drastic turn. People suddenly thought it was okay to just waltz up to my dad and ask him for my hand, haha! (I’ll write more about that later). It wasn’t in a disrespectful way or anything. It was quite the opposite to be honest. I mean, it’s their culture… But it in the same time, you don’t want to piss of the Don, if you know what I mean. Luckily, that wasn’t a problem since the people had huge respect for us down there and really gave us space to do what ever we felt like doing.   


In Medina!

Jet-set life vs. real life

I’ve done so many cool things while staying in North Africa. This trip wasn’t about acting all touristic or living the Jet-set life. It was more about coming closer to and exploring my heritage. From here on now, the following posts will be about what I’ve experienced during my time here; everything from climbing the Atlas Mountains to walking in the Sahara desert, to exploring different types of oasis’, to hanging out with Berber families in mountain caves, to riding dromedaries and Arabian horses through the desert, to hanging out with Bedouins, to visiting villages in the middle of nowhere in the desert, to living and riding too fast and too furious jeeps through rocky mountains and deserts to smoking nargile in some heavenly fine garden.


Riding Arabian horse in the Sahara desert

I'm back in Sweden

Hello my lovelies! I'm back in Sweden again. Actually I've been back since Saturday. I've just taken some time to settle down, hang out with my family and some friends.

Anyway, since I've come home I've had several picnics, haha!

I promise to start uploading pictures SOON!

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