KKK 12 o'clock - RUN, FOREST, RUN!

Someone asked me a question the other day, “What would you do if you saw the KKK or a gang of Nazis’ come walking down the street?”. Wow… do I look like some dumb plastic blond girl in a horror movie who wants to find out what’s hiding in an old creepy house in the middle of the dark woods?! If I saw a bunch of Nazis’ walking down the street I would disappear, period. People would be thinking I was superman, because that’s how quick I would be. As far as I’m concerned I’d be hiding in somebody’s bush, house, addict - hell I would even be hiding under somebody’s floor or dive into a sewer system. This has nothing to do with pride, forget pride. I’d go deeper down than the rats, protecting my god damn life. Haha!

Hello Kitty nightmare

Have you ever had one of those weird dreams when you’re walking to school and suddenly realize that you’re either naked or you’re still in your pyjamas? Some people would find the latter option worse than chilling in your pyjamas in front of a few hundred students. Well, that depends on if you’re wearing normal pyjamas or if you’re sleeping in what I used to sleep in when I was in 8th grade… Seriously, my friends used to make fun of me for sleeping in these. Do you know what’s worse than to actually own a pair of Hello Kitty-pyjamas and panties? – Gee, I don’t know… Perhaps that your mom bought it for you?! (To be fair, it was a birthday gift… which I didn’t wish for… I just wanted to clear that out so we don’t get confused or something)


And yes... this is for real!

Cause my heart's become a crooked hotel full of rumours, but it's I who pays the rent for these fingered-face out-of-tuners

"Bitch, I'm fabulous"

I don’t get why (especially) girls need 50 minutes to get ready. In what world is it acceptable to dress up and put on makeup just to go to the grocery store? What? Are you waiting to pick up guys while waiting in line to pay? Are you going to put on a fashion show for the cans of green beans? What is wrong with the world?


It’s exactly like this one time when I was staying over at my friend’s house: we were going to watch a movie, we were dressed in sweatpants with no makeup and wearing our hair in a ponytail (because that’s how little to zero we care about how we look when we’re together). Suddenly we notice that we’re out of popcorn and decide to go get some at the nearby supermarket. Do you know what this girl decides to do? She starts changing her clothes, puts on some jeans, a little bit of make up and straightens her hair with the excuse “I can’t go out looking like that?” (Well, thank you – I almost never wear makeup or fix my hair…) I mean, first of all – we are just going to the grocery store, relax. Second of all, we are coming straight back here to sit down and watch our freakin’ movie. Third of all, what the fudge are you doing? Who are you expecting to run into? (Everyone, but that’s not the point here) But it’s still not like Bill the cashier has the right to judge anybody since he’s just sitting there in his ugly khakis and jeans shirt, scanning a freakin’ pack of milk and toothpaste while trying not to break the eggs!


I completely understand that you want to look pretty going to school, a concert, the club or a date, but if you need to powder your face every time you have to run a quick errand, or even worse, to hit the gym, you seriously need to re-evaluate life.


Girls (and guys) shouldn’t feel the need to go through an extreme makeover just to go outside their house. It’s okay to come as you are, natural, with no makeup. I think a lot of girls even look better without makeup. And I hear my guyfriends say the same… so, calm the fudge down! I want people to walk out their houses like Zach Effron here... but with less makeup... or being Zach... or neccessarily singing all the god damn time... THE MAIN THING IS that you should feel fabulous with out all of that makeup and stuff, and be comfertable in your own skin.  



This could be one of my worst nightmares, ever

I’m at a party or a club, waiting in line for the bathroom and there’s almost five people or more standing behind me. When it’s finally my turn I walk in and OH LORD IT SMELLS LIKE THE SET OF “TWO GIRLS ONE CUP” IN HERE. So I try to do numero uno as fast as I can as I’m covering my nose, so I don’t have to breathe while I’m in there. I just want to get the hell out of there! But while I’m washing my hands I realize that I’m going to walk out and someone is going to walk in (obviously?) I go through an inner panic. What if people think that that smell can be an attribute to me?! That’s not fair. Now, everyone who sees me at the party will think “Oh, hey look! There’s THAT girl; the girl who took the biggest dump ever”. I don’t want to be “Sh*t girl”, the guy before me’s the real “Sh*t guy”. Damn it!


Paint paint baby c'mon!

Do you remember when we used to get on the computer just for paint? So what, I can’t use paint on a Mac? Is Mac too fancy to have paint? Apparently so…

Am I bovvered? YES!

When you pull up to a stop sign, you look around. Another guy meets you there, so you give him a sign “go ahead, go first”. Then he goes “… no, you go ahead”. Wait, what?! It’s like these people are expecting you to keep telling them to go first. It’s like they want a WW III about who’s letting who go first. And in the end, both of us will be so pissed off at each other that we’ll both drive… and that will only end up with one thing: we crash and die, and perhaps our cars will explode as well (just to add to the whole special effects). No, sir! That’s not going to happen on my watch. I will go! I’m not going to sit here and argue with you about who’s going first. I wanted to go first anyway.



I’ve officially saved all my data information and files in my hard driver, so I’m finally set to rock this laptop! I must admit that I’m having difficulties getting used to my Mac, but I’ll be okay, eventually, I hope.  


PS. I didn't even know how to cut and paste... So I googled it! Thank god for google, seriously! I could have just looked it up in the manual, but... google is so much quicker. Am I right?

Fight fight fight fight!

Facebook statuses that goes like “Certain people need to get their shit together and grow up unless they want to loose the people that cares about them the most”. Hold up, hold up! Stop right there! “Certain people”? Do you really think that everyone doesn’t already know who you’re talking about? You might as well tag them in the status, because they’re going to see it anyways. Gosh, what’s up with all this Facebook drama? But, I’ve got to tell you… this is what I do when there's a fight on Facebook:


First I run for it!
Then I get all excited!
Ofc, I have to pick a side as well! Obviously...?
But then... things start to get a little bit uggly. Suddenly I find myself eating popcorns and I don't even know how on earth they got there.

Guess what!

My dad just got me a Macbook Air! He said, since you're in uni and always carrying around that big fat law book everywhere you go, you should have a propper light laptop. Thanks a lot daddy! ♥

"I heart haters"?

While walking down the hall the other day, I spotted a guy… wait for it, wait for it… wearing a tee that said “I ♥ haters”. My first thought was “No you don’t?” No one loves haters. Why would they? You may be more accepted by your haters than others are, but love them? That’s just sick and a little masochistic to be frank. What’s wrong with you?


How were you thinking? WHAT were you thinking?

To all the freshmen out there

There’s a couple of thing’s us freshmen really should better friggin’ recognize. I don’t know if you’ve received the word through the grapevine that college students tend to drink a lot more than us, but they do. So, one tip is to not try to keep up with these guys at parties. Because do you know what that’s going to end up with? It’s going to end up with you getting carried out of the party, or you throwing up, or you crying, or you getting carried out of the party while you’re throwing up and crying… or you’re going to turn into a huge creep, and nobody likes a creep.


I have a couple of words of advice for all of you creepers out there who take two or three shots and suddenly think that you turn into Ryan Gosling in Crazy stupid love and think that you can hook up with any lady at the party. If you’re tempting to hook up with a kiss and the girl suddenly gets the look on her face like a four-year-old who you’re trying to force feed medicine to, that’s it! It’s officially over! She doesn’t want to hook up with you. All bets are off. Stop trying! This isn’t some game that she’s playing with you, where she’s like ”oh, no! okay! Oh, no! Okay!” She just doesn’t want to make out with you.


Oh, and girls – don’t think that this is just about guys. You are some of the biggest creepers of all time. Some times, maybe a guy just doesn’t want to hook up with you. Imagine that! Recent studies have shown that while intoxicated about 65 percent of girls are under the impression that they are much hotter than they actually are.

What's up? Not much, just chillin'n'creepin'...

And so the hazing begins

New course – new kick-off they say. And that means one thing and one thing only: Our elders are about to haze the living crap out of us freshmen.


Don't worry! People aren't this crazy here in Uppsala. There may be one borderline and another here and there, but this isn't Guantanamo Bay, haha! Perhaps you remember the kick-off this august-september?

Back in the days

One of my best childhood memories was falling asleep on the couch and then waking up in bed with my pyjamas thinking “wow, I can teleport”.


Mom and I back in the days

“My grandma runs faster than you, and she’s dead!”

- Lollo’s boot camp trainer in Melbourne. Ouch!


After today’s lecture I went strait to the gym for a real work out. It wasn’t boot camp or anything, but still!




Song birds

Have you ever been to a musical (it can be at the movies or at a play) and people in the audience suddenly start to sing the songs? Last time that I checked I wasn’t here for a freakin’ sing a long, but to eat my popcorn, drink my sparkling water with a hint of taste of pear, be entertained, and watch them sing… not you! Because if I wanted to hear you sing, I would have shown up at your shower and probably done an American psycho on your ass.


Why do people even think that they have the right to sing at these events? You don’t see anyone busting a dance move during the Step Up movies, do you? Haha, seriously, one more time and I’ll call Simon Cowell on you. Then we’ll se if you’ll ever open your mouth in the shower even.




Oh uni

I had my very first lesson in Law today, and I’m a bit excited to be honest. Yesterday was my first day in Economy and boy was that fun too! God, what am I doing? I’m nerding out, that’s what I’m doing.

"Teeth Horror"

I’ve had so much fun today! I was literally rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off while Mandy was joking about everyone’s favourite Tom H. Jesus Christ, I believe I won’t have to do sit ups ever again after this.


High school jock nod

Hey, yo, what’s up, you alright?! Okay, enough with the greetings. Funkymandy is coming over in a few and things are about to get down in my basement. And no, I don’t have some sick torture chamber here, and no, we’re not going to smoke pot like my favourite guys from that 70’s show. We’re just going to hang… But sh*t’s still about to go down!!  



Congratz Therese!

I went to see Therese’s graduation ceremony this morning. She’s officially a nurse, and everyone loves nurses! During the ceremony all of the nurses were kind of… dull, while Therese on the other hand was shaking it out, putting on a little freak show during their march. While all the other families and friends were drying their tears from their eyes in the winter cold, we were popping champagne bottles, singing, cheering, lighting sparklers while jumping up and down. Now that’s what I like to call congratulating someone!


Congratulations again and I’ll see you tonight at your graduation party.



Do you know that moment when a person behind you steps on your shoes and they fall off? Isn’t that really annoying? You kind of want to turn around and punch that person in the face. Yes, I was that person behind you today, twice.




Hashtagging on Facebook... who does that? They don’t even do anything special. If you want to hashtag so bad, do it on twitter or instagram.


You’re probably thinking “Well, Begonia… You’ve done it yourself?” right now (I can read your minds). And yes, I have hashtagged on Facebook. But the difference is that I wasn’t being serious about it.



I was watching CNN Turkey when they showed a video clip of a train that had crashed into an apartment.


Dad: I think it’s in Russia

Me: I’m not even surprised

Dad: No, it’s in Turkey

Me: wait a minute…


We both looked at each other and hollered out “SALTSJÖBANAN?! This happened in Stockholm!”


Apparently some genius cleaner was a bit bored with life and figured “why not steal a train and crash into a building? YOLO!”


Imagine being this train the day after "WTF happened last night? I wasn't that drunk was I?" and his buddies will be like "Dude, you crashed into an apartment in the middle of the night".

Sh*t girls lie about

Here's a couple of things a lot of girls lie about. I know that by fact because I've grown up with girls saying these things.


1)      “Yeah, I’m in the car right now. I’ll be there in like five minutes” (she just woke up)

2)      You offer your girlfriend sweets and she responds with a “No, I’m on a diet!” (but really, she’s not. She just wants attention)

3)      “I got these on sale” (she bought her clothes right before the sale and regretted it as soon as she found out that those exact shoes had gone down from $200 to $45)

4)      “Omg, you do not look fat in those jeans. Have you lost weight?” (when really you can barely button your jeans and you just gained like 5 kg over Christmas)

5)      “I’ll be ready in 8 minutes, okay?” (she doesn’t come out in an hour)

6)      “Yeah, I listen to The Who…” (She has never heard of the band before)

7)      “This is my real hair!” (She’s wearing extensions)

8)      “These are my real nails. I know, right? They’re so long and strong. I eat a lot of vitamins” (She’s wearing fake nails)

9)      “I hate when girls talk shit behind my back. I never talk shit about anyone behind their back!” (Right before she said that she was telling you about how Sandra was being a bitch)

10)  “I’m 5’7… like a short 5’7!” (Be sure that she’s a shorteeeey. She’s probably 5’2)

11)   You offer her dinner and she responds “No, I just ate dinner. I’m not really that hungry. Thanks though!” (Her stomach is sounding like a whale dying of starvation)

12)  You ask her “What’s wrong?” and she responds with “nothing” while not looking at you, staring into a wall our something.

13)  She wears about 3 kg of make up to take a few pictures of herself and post them on instagram just to write #nomakeup

14)  “I never eat junk food” (Last time she ate junk food was when she was hammered at Taco Bells… which was last night)

15)  “This is my real tan. I’m Italian! I’m like olive skinned” (Oh, okay. That explains you’re orange palms then. But hey, all the Italians at JerseyShore have got the same colour of their palms, so you’ve got to be telling the truth, right?)

16)  “My eye lashes are so real! I would never wear fake lashes…” (Well you’re left eye must be going through a chemo, because those lashes are falling off)

17)   “I’m not going to drunk text tonight!” (Says the girl that’s drunk texting while she’s promising not to)

18)  “What I weight? Gee… I weigh like 1 pound, maybe 1,20?” (That’s not even humanly possible. Not even a newborn weighs that little)

19)  “I can totally eat what ever I want and I never get fat” (I would have believed you if we were still in the puberty, because I myself ate like a freakin’ horse and I couldn’t gain a single milligram. But unfortunately you’re in your mid twenties, you don’t eat anything but your diet meals… so there you go!)

20)  “I’m not even that drunk” (She’s puking in 5, 4, 3, 2…)

21)  “I work out like 7 days a weak… at least!” (She hasn’t been to the gym for what? A month?”

22)  “You totally fit in short hair. You look so cool!” (one second later she whispers to the girl next to her, saying that she didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl at first)

23)  “GOD! I hate drama!” (Be sure that she’s absolutely dying to hear some more of that drama)

24)  “I would NEVER hook up with my ex. I mean, his gross… I hate him” (She’s still in love with him)

25)  “Aw! This thing? Oh, I just pulled it out of my closet” (She’s wearing a specially designed dress from Paris)

26)  “I haven’t even eaten anything yet today” (She’s just looking for a legit excuse to eat… even though she doesn’t need one)

27)  “Nooo, I so do not like Dave! Euw, haha!” (She has got the biggest crush on that dude)

28)  “This is not highlights, my hair just does that on its own. I thank the sun!” (she just got her highlights done at the hair salon. And that shit was expensive as hell!)

29)  “I’m so good with kids!” (she absolutely hate them)

30)  “It’s soooo good to see you! I haven’t seen you in like… for ever! I missed you! We should definitely hang out some time” (yeah… I don’t even have to explain this one. We all know that all of that was a big fat lie right there)

31)  “I’d never take a diet pill” (If it was up to her, she would crush them and snort them every half hour)

32)  “I never read her blog. Who is she?” (It’s her start page)

33)  “Bu, wh*re! Kidding…” (No, she wasn’t kidding…)

34)  “Sorry that I haven’t called you back. I’ve just been sooo busy” (She was being too busy doing nothing, so she couldn’t even send you a text)

35)  “I never watch that show. It’s such a trashy show!” (If it was up to her, she would host that show)

36)  “I’ve never hooked up with him. We just hung out a few times, but we never hooked up” (yeah, they hooked up alright)

37)  “Yeah, you could have my number. It’s… 1234… What? It’s a real number, I swear!”

38)  “What? How dare you even suggest that I’ve had my lips done? They are this full for real. Angelina Jolie is like… my aunts cousin” (A duck face doesn’t lie)

39)  “I’m only having one glass of whine tonight” (by the end of the night she has taken 12 shots, drunk 4 ciders and 2 glasses of whine. Be sure to hold her hair tonight)

40)  “I’m so glad I’m single. Best life ever! #freedom” (when a girl posts that on her facebook or twitter, know that she’s what? LYING!)

41)  “Euw! OMG it smells in here! It wasn’t me!” (Yes, it was her. The smell hadn’t even reached anyone else yet and she was the first one to notice it… sounds like a lie!)


Keep calm - they'll grow...

I’m going to be very honest know; my breasts hurt. Am I going to die?



An awfully scared soul


Haha, no I’m just kidding. However, my breasts are a bit soar. I did some push ups the other day, but they aren’t soar like that. One can only hope that it’s puberty and that they are actually growing… or else, I might be stuck with these mosquito bites forever… haha, okay so they aren’t that small, but still! I think I’m just going to sign out now… I’ve already given away too much info for a life time, so bye cruel world! Mosquito boobs are sailing away to the gym, au revoir!


Everyday I'm studying

While studying, everything becomes so much more interesting. Even the wall becomes interesting...


It’s not what it looks like… the wall is not seducing me! And no, I’m not naked… I’m wearing the tightest dress ever made. Or it could just be me... haha, any whooo!!

Hello Law School

I went to the uni enrolment for law school today. I took the opportunity to buy some new school material for the new year. I love buying new notebooks, literature, calendar and so on. I don’t know why. It just feels so damn good!


Let the plucking begin

Today, my friends, today is the day! And no, I’m not referring to flower picking in the headlines. Today is the day I will pluck my eyebrows, once and for all. I have too long let these two hairy monsters grow into bushes. For all I know, they might as well become Siamese twins (as in I’m one little hair straw from having a full unibrow over here). I haven’t touched my eyebrows for… over a year! Oh my god… a year? I don’t know why. Since I’m not modelling anymore I don’t really have an excuse to not pluck my eyebrows. (you know, models just let their eyebrows live their own little lives, set them free, be wild in the jungle, get lost in the bushes) I guess I’m just too damn lazy.



I’m the kind of person who analyzes my dreams and nightmares, and then have to tell somebody about it. But whenever someone else has a dream they want to tell me about, I just wish I had a remote control so I could put them on mute… Unless they tell me I was in it. Then I’m like “Please continue…” #Selfabsorbedpieceofsh*t

Hello cupcake

Baking some organic chocolate cupcakes for my sister!

That akward moment: the wave

Do you recognize that awkward moment when you wave at someone and then realize that it’s not your friend from school and that in fact you’ve never even seen this guy in your entire life before. Wait, it doesn’t end there… In a moment of madness a few options pop up in your head, which you can choose to act from. However, they tend to make things even more awkward. It turns out that you:


a)      pretend you were waving at somebody behind him (but when he turns around to look, no one’s there)

b)      pretend there’s a fly and keep fluxing your arms around (when it’s winter)

c)      pretend that you know the guy and start with a “Mike, what’s up? How’s med school? Great running into you, but I’ve got to go. We should catch up soon” and walk away without letting the person respond (however, chances are big that you’ll get the name wrong… and his occupation… for all you know, he may not even speak your language)

d)      turn your back against this person and run away as fast as you can (leaving him thinking you’re crazy… or on drugs)

Either way, you just want to do this on yourself afterwards





I went for a pre-seminar today, but it wasn’t just any old pre-seminar with the group. It was Olivia’s 23rd birthday and she had baked two cakes for us. One word: d e l i c i o u s!


Everyday I'm husslin'

I love it when I go out to eat at restaurants and manage to only take one tiny little sip of my drink before the dinner arrives. Ain’t nobody husseling me when I’m going to the restaurant, na-a, haha! The only reason why they serve the customer the drinks first is because they want you to finish it before the dinner arrives so that you have to buy a new drink. That never happens on my watch. You’d think it’s a cheap thing to say. Well, they’re the ones playing cheap tricks! And being a full time student isn’t a very glamorous life. I live on less than $200 a month. I’d rather drink the entire Atlantic Ocean before I even touch my drink prior to the meal. BAM! 1-0 to me!



Back to the future

Why doesn’t any teacher know anything about computers or technology for that matter? Does it come with age or does it have anything to do with the fact that they are teachers? I mean, does it say “you have to suck at technology” on their application form when they apply for the job?


Also, if you’re a teacher and you’re going to make a technology joke in class, make sure you’re up to date with the technology! Get with the sh*t! “Oh, you’re all probably busy with your game boys and computer games…” It’s 2013, man! We’ve got PS3’s and Xbox 360, get up to date with the technology before you make a technology joke! Gosh!

First day back in uni

I had my first day at uni of 2013 today. I had a lot of fun, hanging out with some friends and so on. But I believe my hungry tummy had even more fun. It sounded like Moby Dick dying of starvation. It was literally growling for food! It almost made an echo in class. Seriously, it was that loud! And yes, everyone heard me. I was minutes from passing out due to hunger, so I took out my secret weapon (my apple) and took small bites during the whole class. Yes, I was that girl; the girl who ate during class. SO WHAT?! Shoot me!


Just a thought on long-distance relationship while studying at uni

Oh, you’re coming into uni with a long-distance relationship with your long-time high school sweetheart? That’s so cute, that should really work out, good for you…Nooo, hahaha! I’m sorry, really! But… It’s not going to happen. To be honest, college relationships is just another facebook status. In the moment, everyone might like it. But as time goes on, it’s so deep in the newsfeed that no one really gives a F.




I did not sign up for this!

I’m on Facebook and browse in the news feed and I see a picture with the caption “Like this if you want to cure cancer – Don’t like this if you don’t want to cure cancer”. Wowwowow – I did not agree to this whole deal that you put on me? It’s not that I don’t want to cure cancer. Jesus, I’m all about curing cancer – I just don’t want to like your freaking picture. And now all of a sudden that will make me into some pro-cancer idiot?


How about I post a picture that says “Like this if you’re an idiot, don’t like this if you’re an idiot!” What are you going to do then? Either way, you’ll be an idiot!


Miss Popular

I sign on to Facebook, notice that I’ve received about 6 event invitations, thinking “Hell yeah! Wow, I’m cool, getting invited to all of these parties and stuff” (and maybe I do throw in a little Napoleon Dynamite dance move?). But when I click on them to check them out the title of all of them are “New phone – Need numbers!” … Do you think that loosing your fourth Iphone is worthy an event? It’s 2013, there are better ways to get numbers! And why did I get all of these notifications’ about people writing on the wall for this “event”? I didn’t even accept the invite! Now, every time somebody gives this event arranger his/hers number, I get notified! Why? Why are you bringing me into this?


FYI, I’ve got a new number, but I’m not writing it here. #SoOG




I never went to the opera last night. It turned out I’d booked tickets to see the ballet, haha! But never mind. The Nutcracker was amazing (even though the princess fell, haha! But she's only human right?) and I think my love for this dance has become as official as a Facebook status. I like ballet, end of story!


After the show, my sister and I went out and spend some sisterly quality time.  


That awkward “I kind of know you” face

You’re walking down the street and you see somebody walking by you, who you kind of know. You’re planning on saying “Hi” to that person. You just want to give them a casual “what’s up”-nod or… I don’t know, a “Hi”? And what does this person do? He/she gives that awkward look, when they don’t really know what to do, so their eyes goes from you to the ground, back to you and to the ground again. Well, thanks a lot, man! You just made this so awkward, for both of us!



Tonight I’m going to my first Opera show ever. I’m going to see The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera and I’m really, really looking forward to it. I know that there’s only two outcomes of this experience. Either I’ll love it and become super artsy about it or… I’ll pull an Intouchables and laugh at the whole situation. Luckily, I’m not going with my brother or the latter alternative would have been a fact.  


The "I miss you" code

Here’s a thing that can bother me sometimes… When you try to be nice to somebody and say “I miss you” for example, they come back with “I miss you more”. Why did you do that? You just made this into a competition. I just wanted to be nice to you, but you chose to turn this into a competition. Now I’m supposed to say “No, I miss you more!” and you’re supposed to say “No, I miss you more!” and then it gets into this whole big freaking thing. You probably do miss me more, because you just said that. And do you know what? I don’t want to argue with that.



Still 19 from the 90's

7223 days, 173352 hours, 10401120 minutes, 624067200 seconds – that’s how old I am. 19 years, 9 months and 8 days in life and I’ve already got so many great stories. I’ll be the coolest grandma one day… I’ll start all my stories with “Back in 1993” and my grandchildren will be amazed saying “wow, granny lived before the millennium, cool!” and I’ll be responding “Well, you know… I’m a 90’s bitch”.


Happy New Year

My New Years Eve was perfect! Here are some pictures.


Chocolate fudge
Toffee raspberry cake!
Mami and I
Didn't realize the camera was on zoom mode, thanks!
Tessa was on the roll!
Our little girl was almost scared to death when the clock hit mid night and all the fireworks started exploding!
"Drivin' drunk, I'm doin' my thing", hahaha! She looks waisted here!
"Road kill"
Mami's opening the New Year's gift!
Chocolate banana cake!
I blew some kisses for all my friends around the world, since I couldn't be with them during the midnight kiss!
Cheers for a great 2012 and cheers to an even better 2013!

The tilt

Girls! A lot of you seem to be under the false impression that it looks cuter the further you tilt your head to side in pictures.


Normal: you look great!

Tilting 10 degrees: That looks kind of cute!

Tilting 90 degrees: Why are you tilting your head so far?

Tilting 110 degrees: How are you even standing up straight right now?


As it wasn’t enough with the tilt? You just had to put your hand on your hip! Why? What is that? What are you doing? A lot of you do this and I can’t understand why. So please, if you’re one of those girls, enlighten me by telling me why you’re posing like that?


Well said

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it." - Harvey MacKay

The story of 2012

My 2012 has been exciting, terrifying, but most of all illuminating. Last year was epic in so many ways. I’ve graduated in International Affairs at Oxford. I’ve travelled to places I’ve never been before. I’ve experienced things I could only have dreamed of. I’ve learned what’s most important in life and I’ve come to value it more. I’ve come to realize that everything doesn’t always work out as I want them to, so I’ve learned to keep my head up and never stop fighting for what I truly believe in. I’ve realized the true meaning of friendship. And because of it I’ve lost long time friends, but then again, I’ve found lifetime friends.


All the bad things and unnecessary heart ache became history as I entered the New Year. History that would become meaningless facts. History that soon would be forgotten and turned to dust. As the fireworks lit up the dark December sky, I realized that I had to let go of some things, and let them remain as memories, to be able to rise to the sky just like those fireworks, meet my full potential. Noting is going to bring me down, not even sky limit. 2013, I salute you!     


January: Sure I realized I gained quite a lot of weight in England, but that disappeared as soon as I got back home again. Other than that, I celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve in London, hung out with friends, partied in London, found love in a hopeless place (Rough Trade), took thug photos in dark alleys, jived at 50’s parties, looked utterly cool… you know, the usual!


February: This month was atomic, and yes that was because I went to the Atomic Burger for the first time. It was also the stealth bumming month. My friends and I just stealth bummed everyone (and I everything). I also met my crocodile pet, Begodile, which I got in a Kinder Egg. Then there was the rough parties at the Cellar, after school cocktails with my gals, secret dorm parties, happy hours in London, you name it. This month I also fell in love with sushi on a whole new level. And then there was Instagram of course. Marlene and I both got addicted. It became our heroine. Did I mention that I became an owner of my first pair of Jimmi Choo’s in February as well? Sunday’s at Thai restaurants became a favourite for my roommate and me.


March: My birthday’s in March, so of course I celebrated it about a billion times. Twice in Oxford, once in London, once back home in Sweden (and later in Brussels as well). I went to see my best boyfriend’s gig in London, went to the old cinema in Oxford, rocked out at Propaganda, lived the life in Little Venice, and had a look at a picture of Wille wearing my beer glasses whenever I needed a laugh.


April: I went to Brussels to hang out with my besties’ and attend the Architecture Ball. I also took my dearest friend to one of the hugest uni events in England (the Oxford-Cambridge boat race), ate swordfish (interesting and delicious), celebrated Easter in London, bought my beautiful super comfy Vans shoes.


May: May arrived and so did May Day (Basically the IT-day of May). I didn’t jump in the river, but I made up for it during my pledge week in UppsalaUniversity later in September, so I guess it’s all right. The sentence of the month was "I'm gonna get deported!!!" Dolce & Gabbana got a whole new meaning. I hung out with my roommate a lot, went to Cambridge, ate the biggest pizza in the world at Zizzi’s, became a Sir, went out and partied in TRAINERS at one of London’s hottest clubs (I don’t understand how the hell we got in), had a Persian night out, did an internship at Britain’s biggest radio stations, hung out a lot at Café Terifa (I think I had a little puppy love thing for one of the bartenders… it must have been his damn tattoos, or the fact that he’s British, sings and plays the guitar?! It could have been anything really!)


June: It was time for my Graduation and I had to leave Oxford and all of my friends. But I had things to look forward to back in Sweden too. Midsummer was getting close and then I started a summer course in Global Economy at Stockholm’s uni (I know, I never stop studying. Some call it nerdy, I call it… geeky… So I’m a huge dork?! SO WHAT?!)


July: This is when I dip dyed my hair, got lost in the woods with Emelie while trying to get to MT’s birthday party party, got a state of Stockholm club life (hahaha, it’s so weird! I didn’t start going out in Stockholm until I moved back to Sweden. I’d just turned 18 when all the graduations parties started popping up in High School and then I moved to Oxford to study so… I never really had much time to explore Stockholm). Just FYI, I started running in July. It was a bit too hot, but I was starting to feel like a flubber (and not in a cute way) so it was time I got a move on myself.


August: Wow, my dear friend Kie came all the way from Japan to Stockholm, great fun! I went to Stockholm Pride with Malin, celebrated lots of birthdays’, enrolled at UppsalaUniversity, enjoyed the pledge week, arranged sushi nights, you know the drill!


September: This was the month when I had the most trouble remembering people’s names. I don’t have Alzheimer or anything. There was just too many new names to learn during pledge week at uni. Overall, September rocked (even though I had to say “see you later” to Lollo, who moved to Melbourne).


October: Even though I didn’t go to the October fest in Munich with my honeys’, I had quite a good time here in Sweden. I became a CNN Ambassador, I hung out at UN conferences, had a midterm party (and came disguised as a high Danish thug dealer on vacation), and lots of other stuff.


November: Oh, the month of Halloween, but also the month of the US presidential election, which I went to follow up at Hilton Hotel. I also went to dance my life away at Swedish House Mafia with my best Amanda.

December: Wow, time flies when you have fun! I went to the annual Winter Gasque, had a little Oxford reunion in Uppsala with Malin and Laura, celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve with family and friends.

First post of 2013

I survived 2012, I’m not dead (yet) even though I haven’t written anything today. However, I’m exhausted from last nights (and this mornings) party. So, to everyone who lived through the night – I salute you!


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