Guys be like...

Braided Besties

The other day, Louie taught me how to do different braids. I can’t say that I’m as good as her, but you know… I’m getting there! 


 Cool, hu?

Bumpy Ride

We don’t make rocky roads in my family – we make bumpy ride! Haha, here’s a few of the ingredients we use to make these killer sweets. No, but really – if you eat to many you will develop diabetes and DIE. I almost OD:d on sugar the other day. Luckily I didn’t die… I just got a massive sugar rush instead. Oh, Christmas! 


Orient - Represent!!

I hate boxing day sales, yet I went shopping with Monica today… However, I can’t say that I found much from the sales section since people got a little crazy… I’m not ready to fight over material things, which doesn’t mean sh*t to me anyways, haha!


Except from all of the slow mo people giving me a taste of what claustrophobia must feel like, I had a really great time (but that’s all thanks to my company, haha).


For now, let’s take a little look at my new lamps. I’ve got to keep my new place true and represent my oriental heritage. I think my dorm room will feel a little more like home now that I’ve got these. Leleleleleleleeeei, haha! 


Kärrtorp manifestation


Can you see me? I’m standing right there, in the middle of the crowd, manifesting against racism with about 20 000 other Swedes.


Last week, 40 Nazis tried to destroy the Kärrtorp manifestation against racism by throwing glass bottles and fire against people, including women with their baby carriages and children. And look what happened: 20 000 people came together just in Stockholm, and thousands of more united with us in rest of the country by manifesting in their own cities.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am prepared to die for your right to express your opinion and thoughts, but I do not have to share your values. We’ve got freedom of expression & speech, freedom of belief & religion, freedom to have our own political opinion. But there’s just one catch in this agreement. The moment your freedom to express yourself, limits my freedom and threatens my existence, you’ve crossed a very important line and I will have to put a stop to your violation of my freedom and human rights.


I’ve dealt with racism and discrimination too long. I eat if for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but it will not be my last supper. It’s been a part of my every day life since as long as I can remember. It’s something I’ve fought against all my life. It’s something that none of the people around me have ever really understood, since most of them are ethnic Swedes. It’s hard to fully understand when you’ve never experienced something for yourself.


Some people have asked me what difference this manifestation will do. That question leaves me speechless every time. We’ve got an incredibly pathetic manifestation culture in this country. It’s embarrassing to be honest! We seem to have forgotten what it’s like to not have any rights, since everything has been served on a silver platter for us. To be frank, we’re a disgrace to those who actually made an effort before us. If we don’t show the authority our dissatisfactions, if we don’t say no, if we don’t say stop, if we don’t show them that the actual power lies in the hands of the people – then how the hell do we expect things to change? I’ll tell you one thing – nothing’s going to change by sitting at home wining all day.


I feel like I’ve been yelling and yelling from the top of my lounges for all my life, but nobody has ever given a flying fuck about what’s been going on… until now. Today, I saw Swedes (ethnic Swedes and Swedes with mixed backgrounds) unite as a people, as a paragon of the Swedish people, who shared the same humane values. And I’ve got to tell you – that’s the most proud I’ve felt in a very long time.


My name is Begonia and I’m a Swede. That’s how I present myself when I’m abroad. My passport represents where I come from. But somehow these narrow minded people can’t look pass the colour of my skin, my hair and my eyes. My ethnic background may be more mixed than the most exotic fruit salad you’ve ever tasted, but I’m still Swedish. My heritage is something that I cherish with all of my heart and soul, but again – I am still Swedish. I was born with a Swedish citizenship. I study in Sweden, I work in Sweden, I pay taxes to the Swedish government, I help develop Sweden as nation. What more do I have to do to be regarded as a Swede? Hell, I give more to the Swedish society than most other ethnic Swedes (no hate). The least you could do is to accept and respect me.


I’m done preaching for now. I’m taking a break, serving homeless Swedes food (and no, I don't get paid to do this).

When reality strikes… again!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have one of those full lush Christmas trees’ á là Hollywood. I’ve tried everything, literally! As a kid I used to hang my favourite toys in the tree, my dad’s car keys, my brothers colourful shoelaces... Once I even took some cotton wool just to make it look like snow, haha! And another time I even hung my mom’s jewellery in the Christmas tree.


I had this expectation that the tree would look something like this:


But in reality, our Christmas tree always looked something like this: 


Today, I’m really proud. Because today my sister and friend graduated from Brunel University. She now owns a MA degree in design and branding strategy! Wow, this girl is a genius and a fighter. I truly believe she will become great one day!


Pimwa, my soul sister – Even though I wasn’t with you in London today, I hope that you know how extremely proud I am of you. I love you and wish you all the best in life. Congratulations! You did it!! ♥


An aspiring nail polisher

You may know her as my bestie, but things are about to change. From here on now, you'll be calling her the Miachel Angelo of nail polishing. Just look at these nails!
Snap chat from Louie

When someone decides to answer their phone in the law library and proceeds to have an entire conversation without stepping outside

The entire time, I’m like: really bitch?

Fun times at IKEA

Yesterday I went for a shopping spree at IKEA. Am I the only one who pretends that I actually live in those different rooms when I’m there? Like, if I’m in one of their living rooms I’ll just take off my shoes and lie down in the sofa and zapp around on the TV, which is not even plugged in. Or when I’m in one of the kitchens and sit by the table I get shocked whenever I see a stranger stand by “my” wine collection. I just whisper to the person I’m there with and ask who the hell the guy by my wine collection is. Sometimes the scenario just turns into an episode of a really bad soap opera…


I don’t really know what’s wrong with me. But the thing is, I tend to make people around me get into character as well, haha! Okay, this sounds really weird. I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. Hahaha, Begonia – making strangers wonder if she’s serious or not since 1993... leaving people like:



Anyway, what I really wanted to say in this post is that I got to buy some things (a lot of things) for my dorm room. YEY!

When someone who's NOT in law school tries to relate to the hell I'm going through

I'm like:

My Santa Claus was missing, catch you slippin’ then it’s Christmas

Kids today are too damn spoiled. Maybe they’ve always been spoiled. But when I hear kids writing Ipads, X-box and money on their wish lists I’m like “Hold up a minute”! I didn’t get to write wish lists as a kid (even though all of my friends did). And when I hear people make wish lists who’re in my age, I just get confused. I kind of loose faith to be honest, haha!  


I get that kids wrote wish lists when they actually believed that Santa Clause himself would come with a gift. But even when I believed, I’d never wish for gifts for myself. I found an old wish list from 1997 (I was 4), which my parents have saved until today. Do you know what I wished for? I wished for world peace and some money so I could buy a proper house for my family (we lived in an apartment and I knew that my mom really wanted a house with her own garden).


Look, I don’t expect all kids to be like I was. Perhaps I was an old soul trapped in a little kid’s body, I don’t know. I just think that kids shouldn’t wish for material things. It’s sad! Because I look at how kids in other parts of the world live and play. Kids don’t need a freakin’ Ipad to be happy – they need to get out there, explore the world, socialize and become proper human beings… not just grow up to be a consumer who doesn’t know the value of what really matters.


Do I sound like a grandma to you guys? I get the feeling that I do, haha!


When I was 5 or 6 I wrote a wish list that went something like this:


“Dear Santa,


I wish for everyone in the world to get a long so we can be happy. Also, I want it to snow on Christmas Eve. I wish that my momy’s, dady’s, big brother’s and big sister’s wishes comes true. If you have time, can I please have a monkey? It’s not just for me. My sister’s been wanting one for years too.





Hahahaha! A monkey?! I remember that I wished for that monkey just because my sister had been talking about wanting a monkey for years. I thought that if I wished for one too, the wish would become even stronger and magically come true.  




It's Lucia and I'm listening to St. Lucia, haha! I can't help but to LOVE this music video. It makes me want to fly away to New York and hang out in Broklyn forever! Plus, the 80's feeling I get when listening to this song makes me want to explode of happiness, haha! All in all, this is a true feel good music vid. 

Ahaa yeah hey

Please read the headline with an Elvis impression! I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been reading everything with an Elvis voice ALL DAY!
Here's to Elvis - the Elvis lip! Unfortunatly I don't have as thin lips as he had, so my impression's not that good. 

You better pay up

O-M-G! I just paid my first rent (in deposit, obviously) and it felt GREAT! Okay, maybe it didn’t feel that great, but it made me realize how soon I’m actually moving to Uppsala. I’m moving in less than a week. However, I might be sleeping on the floor for a couple of days since my family’s away and I need help with getting all of my shit over there…


WELL, This is going to be awesome! I mean it! I’m looking forward to not having to wake up 5 am to travel back and forth to school for 4 hours every freakin’ day! However, I am going to miss having an entire floor of my house to myself… and my sauna… and my dad’s cooking… 


It feels like I'm giving up this:

for this:
when in reality I'm moving in to something you can compare to a broom closet:
That isn't my dorm room (thank god), but it's literally the size of my sauna. But you know, at least I have somewhere to live, right? Always think that it could be worse than it really is and you'll end up quite satisfied. I promise!

Tuesday Laziness

I couldn’t find the strength to go to school with the weather and traffic working against me, so I decided to stay home and be lazy. I’ve just been lying in bed all day, watching series and films non-stop. I’ve even eaten ice-cream in bed! I mean, who the hell do I think I am? Bridget freakin’ Jones?


I have to get my shit together, and get off of this bed NOW! But I’m so tired…


Do I look tired? Well, I am so...

At this point of the semester I’m like

Weekend at my sister’s

I spent this weekend at my sister’s place with her and Robin (and of course our little dog, yeeey). Even though we didn’t do too much, we still ha the greatest time ever. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been laughing this weekend!I honestly think I might have developed some abs from all of the laughing. 


During this time we’ve had time to squeeze in a taco night AND a pizza night (home made of course). Haha, can you believe it? Well, there goes the abs... + - 0 as we say in Sweden, hahaha!

To a hero – may he rest in peace

The founding father of the democratic South Africa has departed. Nelson Mandela, one of my biggest heroes of all time, has left this earth. He was one of those people I wished was immortal so he could continue to spread his wisdom forever. In one way, Mandela will stay immortal – In our minds and in our hearts – because ideas are truly immortal. Mandela was the definition of hope. An expression of freedom. An inspiration to all of mankind. 


This man changed the world. This man introduced democracy in a land where the majority was oppressed by a minority racist regime. This man was and will forever be a hero, my hero. And the memory of him and everything he stood for will never fade away.


27 years of imprisonment, a lifetime of fighting for human rights – and still he wasn’t written off the list of terrorists until 2008 on the celebration of his 90th birthday. Can you imagine that?


Mandela was a true freedom fighter. He united a whole nation. He inspired the whole world. He gave people the strength to fight for their rights. He’s one of the people that gave me the will to continue the fight for human rights and unity.


One of my biggest dreams was to meet him and tell him how thankful I am for everything he’s done. Because even though he didn’t know me, he affected my life in so many ways. Only I will know in what way. Now it’s up to you and me to make his life worth it by making this world into a better place.


My heart is aching and my eyes are sheading tears because we lost a true hero tonight. But I’m smiling because I know that you’re not in pain anymore and because I know you’ve taught the world well enough to fight for a better tomorrow.


So thank you Nelson Mandela, for everything. And may you rest in peace.




When I have a mini meltdown during an exam

I'm like:
Yeap... F everything right now! I'm cold, tired and hungry - the worst combination possible. 

Me during Christmas season

Well, afterwards Christmas will be on my waist to stay FOREVER! Hahaha, but it's worth it. Hey, don't judge! I love myself. 

Happy första advent

Today's 1st advent so me and some friends had a little x-mas gathering at Louie’s place. We baked ginger cookies, drank mulled wine, drank “julmust”, you know – everything that’s forbidden to eat and drink before the 1st of December.


The Christmas countdown has officially begun! 


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