Henna Night

We had a little Henna Night at my house for my big sis last night. We invited all of her closest girl friends, stuffed our faces in food (haha), danced all the calories away (hopefully) and sang (or should I say screamed).


Wow, I can’t believe she’s actually leaving me all by myself in this big house. 



There she is - dressed in an all red traditional Kurdish gown! (More pictures are to be posted)

No bullshit

Okay, no bullshit this time! I’m cutting my hair. However I’m keeping it long since my sister wants me to look like a Native American/Indian thug at her wedding. 

The Bachelorette party

This Saturday, me and a couple of friends scared the living hell out of my sister when we kidnapped her in Stockholm. The girls were hiding behind a street corner and when my sister and I came walking they jumped her, wearing robber masks and screaming, haha! We blindfolded her and walked her to a limousine. That’s when the party really started! We were popping champagne bottles, singing, screaming out the windows at random people, shaking what our mamas gave us while the music were pumping through the speakers.


Later on we went sumo fighting in fat suits, cracked up a unicorn piñata named Curt in the middle of the street, ate tapas at La Cucaracha, played games, went out dancing at Berns where we dance raped random people without them even knowing it, and some other bachelorette stuff, haha!  


Before the kidnapping. 
She had no idea where she was. She just heard she was getting her pictures taken, haha!
In the limousine toasting for the bachelorette party of the year!
Haha we got all crazy when we stopped for red light and the Comidian Henrik Hjelt was driving beside us. Haha of course he saw us and waved back at us (oh yeeeeaaah, we love our comidians).
Arrived at our destination - sumo fighting!
The sumo bride to be!
Fight fight fight fight!!
Time for the bride-to-be to smash the piñata!
Dinner at La Cucaracha
Time for the guess the pantie game! Haha she got a bag full off panties from us girls, where she had to guess who baught which pair of panties. One of the girls baught candy panties, another girl baught what I think was the most scandalous panties I've EVER seen, haha! Can you guess which one of the panties in this picture I baught to her? I'll give you a hint - think Bridget Jones!
At Berns
Hahaha, you may say that we kind of started the dance floor with the Eritrera represent dance!
Haha, even my double chin's laughing! 

99 problemos



Riding along the Atlas Mountains 

Oh, that moment, that moment!

That moment when you’re hungry but too lazy to cook something to eat, and you’re like “Naah, I’ll just starve this one out”.


Yeah… that never happened to me neither! 

Shit's about to go down - you don't even know!

And I'm so excited about it! I can't wait!!

Jean-Paul Gaultier

I went to see Jean-Paul Gaultier's exhibition with Mandy the other day. I was breathtaken when I entered the Oddyssey of Jean-Paul Gaultier. My, oh my! I felt like I was surrounded by all of these gorgeous angels and all I wanted to do was to wear the glorias. One word: Magnificent!
Oh my GaGa!
Feeling rather devlish trying not to touch the dolls, haha!
The Oddyssey of Jean-Paul Gaultier!
Lunch with FunkyMandy!

Girls be like

“Sipping vodka like a boss” or “I can chug, okay?” and then they’ll be coughing and crying like in this picture.


To my defence, I was just trying a sip of Louise’s cheap Russian vodka. I regretted it as soon as the first drop of that liquid toxic touched my tongue and absorbed my soul and cast it out in the night sky. 



Glee season 4 episode 18 – you killed me

When I saw this episode, my heart burst. I had to stop in the middle of the action to help out with dinner, but as I got up I started ugly crying again – BIG TIME – when I told my sister about what happened on Glee. Can you believe it?


Glee’s such a happy show, where everyone’s invited to sing and dance to best songs ever. The show includes all ethnicities, social backgrounds, genders, religion and sexualities – the show represents everyone in society! Yet they’re discussing current affairs and important issues of society (but in a fun way, without all the melodrama). But today… just when everyone were about to sing about how happy they were, someone started shooting with a gun out in the hallways. Yes, it was the beginning of a massacre! I never expected anything like that ever happening on Glee. I had to leave to help out in the kitchen just when I saw how everyone in school was hiding in the classrooms, in the toilets, turning off the lights, crying and trying their best not to have a panic attack. 

Law School’s expensive

I just ordered my books for the second semester at Law School… Seriously! Are they freakin’ kidding me?! It almost cost me a life saving and I’ve still got one book to go! Thank god, I don’t need a new statute book, because then you probably would have seen me on the streets begging for money like this guy I saw in Medina.


Luckily, my ass is sponsored by Baba Bank so… good luck with the bills and thank you! 


Mr Gaultier

More pictures coming!

Meteor Shower

I got to witness a meteor shower last night. There I sat in my back garden in the middle of the night, with a blanket wrapped around me, viewing outer space, wishing the same wish over and over again, while hearing Retrograde by James Blake in the back of my head.


I kept hoping that it wouldn’t end. I felt untouchable with all the stars shooting around me, lighting up the sky, even if only for a little bit. But as time passed by and I realized that there would be a tomorrow, I headed back in to my house again, feeling blessed.


Thomas gets Pedrofied

When watching Downton Abbey dubbed in Spanish and realizing that Thomas really fits speaking Spanish… Then it’s gone a little too far, don’t you think? I mean, all I wanted was to stream the fourth episode of season one BUT none of my pages seemed to have that episode available. So… here I sit, watching this English series in Spanish. It just can’t get anymore wrong that this. But what ever!


Notice the difference? Fair enough, right? Haha! #Pedrofied 

Let's go to the beach, each!

Or not, because it's oh wait what? Raining? Again? No way! In Sweden? Are you sure? Damn...
On the beach, Monastir. 

The Palace

On my last night in Tunisia, my father and I decided to live it up a little and have dinner at the palace garden. This place was so cosy. We were seated in one of the white cute tents. We ordered the classics – grill! And the food and mezes kept coming and coming and coming! I felt like a princess, haha! The only thing missing was my tiger… another time maybe, haha!


There we lied back in the sofas, talking about life, smoking shisha and listening to iconic musicians such as Wadih el Safi and Fairuz while hearing the fountains trickle carefully in the background. It was a perfect last night if you ask me. 


No alcohol policy... But you know, people will make exceptions for me and my dad, haha!
I stopped taking photos of the food after a while... Too many dishes!
I was full after the second round of this. And we hadn't even been served the grill yet. The thought of me going to hell for gluttony crossed my mind.
My Watermelon shisha! "Don't show these pictures to your mother. She'll kill you, and then she'll kill me too" Hahaha! Don't mess with yo mamas!
Hahahaha, look at that dead serious face! Freakin' DON! I don't know if I should call him Don or Talitalitaliban! Haha, no but we'd just taken thug photos. I guess he was still in character.
Drinking Turkish coffee
Hahaha, look at that face!



Kairouan is often referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital. I believe it’s the fourth holiest Islamic city in the world. Underneath all the trash and dirt, there was a beautiful city. Underneath all that poverty there was a little light of shining hope that something better will wait on the other side, in the next life. 


When the rest of the land is covered in darkness and the sun only shines over this city, you get a kind of a holy feeling, haha!

Every god damn time!!

My mom will be screaming my name in the morning like:
Mom: Begoniaaaaa!
Me: ..Yeah??  
Mom: ............................
Then she'll say absolutely nothing! So I have to scream on top of my lounges like: 
Me: YEAH?!
And my mom will still be like "........................................................" as if she was on mute.
WOMAN, JUST SAY WHAT YOU'RE GONNA SAY ALREADY!!! Making my ass come to you all the time.. GOSH!

Sidi Bou Zid – Clash of the Arab Spring

You may know this city for Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor who sat himself on fire in 2010, in protest of the confiscation of his wares aka the catalyst of the Tunisian Revolution and later on the Arab Spring.


Of course I had to visit this city. However, as we left, hell broke lose. I’m glad I went to Tunisia, because god knows when it’ll be safe to return. We stayed the hell away from Tunis, but other than that we travelled pretty much everywhere else. And I’m glad I got to meet with locals, and get a greater insight of the actual situation in the country. I knew that shit was about to go down there, I just didn’t know when. But as soon as Egypt started boiling again I knew it was time to pack my things and get ready to leave. Well, I was going home anyway, but still – talk about timing, haha!


I was listening to the news as I was unpacking my things back home in Sweden, when I suddenly heard that the first man had gone down. The Arab Spring never ended. It went from spring to summer to fall to winter to spring again. And since then it’s just been a constant non-monitored fight behind closed curtains.  


Olive Ranch

I love olives and there are over 65 million olive trees in Tunisia so of course I had to visit a farm. I bought some local olive oil as well. However, nothing is better than the olive oil from my uncle’s little olive ranch. 



Gafsa is a beautiful city surrounded by this huge mountain chain. It’s basically a valley, haha! Anyway, we stopped for some lunch there and as soon as I got out of the car it felt like thousands of needles were shot all over my body. My skin was burning! That’s how hot it was outside. And since we were in a valley there wasn’t even the tiniest hint of a cool summer breeze coming our way. I’m pretty sure the pavement was hot enough to fry eggs on it…


The flowers were literally dying because of the heat. As a fellow flower I must say that I felt for them, haha!
We went to have lunch at this beautiful five star hotel with hand painted walls and roofs.
These mountains were surrounding the whole city. H O T!
Leaving Gafsa - it was like a middle eastern wild wild west, haha!


I went climbing the mountains while staying in Tozeur. Two words: crazy view! We’d been driving through the desert for three hours and suddenly we arrived at this little village by this mountain oasis. When the locals said there was water there my heart jumped. But to get to the water I had to climb the mountains… So I did! And I’m glad I did. Because the idyllic view I witnessed was impeccable, amazing, stunning, even life changing! I’m dead serious, haha!


Never had I ever seen anything like it before. The water was so clean. It came straight from the Atlas mountain. Anyway, by the time I’d reached the water I was soaking wet. I must have lost half of my bodyweight in sweat, haha! The water was so cooling, so fresh. As my skin touched the water I almost felt reborn, haha! Desert heat ain’t anything to play around with.





I'm feeling so crisp right now! He... he! #I'mSOfunny

Stockholm Pride 2013

Yesterday was so FAB! Me and a couple of friends went to cheer during the Pride parade, but we ended up parading with the whole LGBT community of Sweden, dancing, singing and partying hard instead.


What I love about this day is that nobody’s excluded from this party. Everyone’s invited to have fun! You don’t have to be Lesbian, Gay, Bie- or Transsexual to participate in the parade, party or have fun? This day allows everyone to gather in the streets of Stockholm and have a great time no matter who you are, if you’re a boy or a girl, old or young, no matter where you come from, what religion you belong to, what political opinion you have or who you love. It’s like casual Friday, only it’s more fab, haha!


SSS (Show some support)!


Live, love, laugh 


And here's a video of our champagne popping gone wrong. Somebody could have gotten hurt ie ME!
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