K to the valborg

I don’t know how to express myself at the moment. Words can’t describe what I’m feeling. “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!” That song keeps playing in my head (actually it’s just that part that keeps going on repeat). IT’S KVALBORG!!! And I’m going to celebrate the living hell out of it at Club Katushka with my party beasts (not animals, BEASTS) tonight!


For all of my international angels (aliens and non-students included, cause… you’re kind of not in the same world as me, haha), Kvalborg is almost like a pre-party or pep-rally to warm up for the real thing, Valborg (which is celebrated the last day of April). At Kvalborg you just chill out during the day, have some BBQ, play some games at a park or something. But as soon as night falls, students turn into beasts and party All. Night. Long. at one of the nations. I’ll be hitting the dance floor at Kalmar’s, dancing to Eastern European vibes all night long, baby! 


"Ninja Geisha Kamikaze, bitches!"



I'm alive

I’ve been lying in the hospital, a pretty legit reason for not uploading any new posts if you ask me, but I’m fine (for) now. We don’t really know what the problemo is yet, but hopefully it’s not anything dangerous or life threatening, haha!


I was going to see my friend perform at Rock against cancer tonight, but since I’ve literally felt like shit, I’m going to have to pass. Either way, I’ll still be rocking out – just looking like this, haha!



And the ambulance goes AAA IIII AAA IIII like a donkey

I'm on my to the E.R. See you in...


Every year and every day, thousands of people fall victim of FWP – aka First World Problems.


People feel pressure because they can’t decide what they want for their birthdays. They are starving and all they have are leftovers. Apple keeps making their new Iphones and people suddenly feel the urge to buy a new one even though their last phone functions just perfectly. You fill a bowl with cereals and pour milk all over it just to realize it’s not enough to even soak the crispy cereals. You have too much crisps for your dip, but if you open another bag of crisps you’ll have too much crisps for your dip. And if you open another dip, you’ll have too much dip for your crisps, again! It’s a never ending story of complete misery.


Take my dad for an example. He suddenly felt the urge to have a smoke, but all his lighters were either gone or empty. He sent me on a mission impossible, to find matches. I didn’t. So my brother took out his “die or survive” kit just to make a little fire. By the time my brother had almost burnt down the living room, my father had already went to the supermarket and bought a new lighter.


So for all of you people suffering of FWP: build yourselves a bridge and get the f over it! And a tip for you who can’t decide what you want for Christmas or you birthday: How about not wishing for anything? What can you possible need that you can’t get by yourself? 




So, I’m on this one week cleansing/detox program and I look inside the fridge and there’s nothing what so ever to be found. My voice comes back and hit’s me in the face as I scream “Hello?! Is there any greens in here?” ‘in here’ ‘in here’ ‘here’ ‘ere’ (eco).  


I wish I was a goat. Cleaning programs are so much easier if you’re a goat. You can just get out and start eating the entire lawn in your backyard… However, if you’re a goat in the middle of Sahara’s desert, thing’s aren’t looking good for you. Unless you want to be a thin ass anorectic goat – and who the hell wants that? Yes, I’m joking…


I haven’t done too much today. I’ve studied, gone to the doctor’s and worked out at the gym. Lately I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve been living at the hospital, haha. Anyway, I’m tired so I’m going to watch a series and chill out. 

Write that up, please!

Yes, because this post is of vital importance for all human race. 


Mode: I. Have. To. Clean. My. House. And. I’m. A. Robot. Who. Speaks. With. A. Monotone. Voice. Good. Bye. Readers. Of. This. Human. Blog. And. Hello. Wall-E. And. Dishes.     

What time is it?

It's time to go B A N A N A S! (Actually it's about ten to bananas, but what ever - it's still time to go B A N A N A S!!)

So this is what Law school does to you?

I've been organizing the shit out of my books today. One can't simply come to Law school and not leave notes about anything all over the place, haha!

Chernobyl vol. 2

I tried to make some healthy pancakes rich on protein and no carbs. Guess what? It was like Chernobyl all over again in my kitchen.


When my big bro came in to the kitchen to ask me what the hell I was doing, he laughed at me and said “I’ll show you how they are really made”. Guess what? It was time for Chernobyl 2.0. Haha, it looked like some animal had started to eat our pancakes but left because they were so disgusting. However, they tasted pretty good. Fine, they were OK. 

How animals eat their food

Whenever I see this vid I can’t help but to think of my big bro. I mean, I totally get these guys. It’s me and my two older siblings whenever we’re bored and get together. My home instantly becomes a nuthouse, haha!


Back to the reality

I’ve been home with two of my favourite guys in the whole wide world this weekend, and now my mother and big sis are heading back from Warsaw… Seriously! We were having such a great time and now it’s about to end? They better be bringing me some odd Eastern European stuff or they might as well leave for all I care… Haha, just kidding! But I haven’t missed them though… What? They were only gone for four days. In my mind the people of the United States and I are practically screaming “four more days, four more days, four more days!”


Btw, am I the only one who have realized that we've passed the day Marty McFly arrived in the future? I can officially say "I'm still in your future, BIATCH!"


Yeah, that's about it

I really need to get my shit together! Over and out. 

True story brav

The reason why people are afraid when sending away their sons to war is because they know that somewhere out there, there are a bunch of ladies having their mensies, carrying guns, just waiting for some guy to make the mistake to invade their village. PMS + Guns = mass destruction. Not even North Korea stands a chance. So... next time you're thinking of going to war - remember, you can run but you can't hide. Women will find you and there is no way you can sweet talk yourself out of a situation like that. 

R.I.P to the girl I used to know

Dear everyone,


By the time you’ve read this it will probably be to late. I will already have said goodbye to life as I and all of you knew it. You will probably ask yourselves why, and this post will for some of you not make any sense at all.


I’m going to keep this very short and concise. This post has been timed for almost two weeks. It has given me the time to plan everything exactly how I want it to happen. But it also has given me the time to think over if this is really what I want. I haven’t talked to anyone about it because I feel that this is a choice only I can decide for. After all, it’s my life and I do what I want with it.


People know me as an overly happy person, who laughs for absolutely no reasons and who finds hope and happiness in the smallest things in life. Well, lately I’ve felt like something has been missing, almost like a hole in my wellbeing. I’ve been living for something else. And this has taken over my existence completely. 


I’ve decided to take over. You may have had my body, but never my mind. I’m taking back what’s mine. Only I may decide what happens to my body and mind. I’ve booked a hair appointment for this particular day, just so I can feel pretty while doing this. Because let's be honest, no one feels rather pretty while doing it.


So after my hair appointment I want you to know what’s going down. Sensitive readers are strongly recommended to stop reading now! I’m saying goodbye to an unhealthy lifestyle and committing myself to a healthier lifestyle by hitting the gym more often and eating less bad things for my body. My inner Patty McFatty is dead and she may only return maximum once a week.





Hola! I'm eating lunch with my dad. Mmmh-m!

Big news

In a few hours you will hear some very big news from me.

Somebody needs to put Mr Sandman to sleep

I overslept today… God, I hate when that happens! I tried to come up with reasons why I should get up and go to school anyways, but when I looked outside my windows the weather was sh*t, I was tired as f*ck, plus I had Economy today (although, that is a pretty good reason why I should have gone).


I mean, look at me! My face was all blown up, I could barely see because Mr Sandman gave me an over dose this night (and I was just about to sigh --> therefor the fish lips. You know how hard it is to sigh when your face is in that position). I was clearly not going to school! Somebody needs to speak with Mr Sandman. I think he needs to retire… or perhaps he’s trying to take over my world. He keeps giving me an OD of that stuff and now I can’t live without it. I feel like I’m stuck in sleepy land every other day. My motto has gone from “Sleep when you’re dead” to “Live when you’re dead”, which doesn’t make any sense at all since you’re dead when you’re dead. GOSH!


My name is Begonia and I’m a recovering shorteyholic

Tomorrow’s a big day – I’m finally chopping my hair off. Well, not all of it (obviously… I haven’t been saving out my hair this long just to cut it all off in one take). I’m just freshening it up by getting rid of these nasty scrubby tips. Right now, I just feel like Tangled. My hair gets stuck in everything and I have to go through hell every morning when I try to brush it. People who hear me from outside the bathroom must think I’m at war with someone because of all the screaming and swearing. I was seriously thinking of shaving it off a couple of days ago… Sometimes I just think back at the good old days when I modelled for Wella and had short hair. I could go back doing that… but I promised myself to take a break just to save my hair. It has never EVER been this long. I’m breaking my own record every day, haha!


This is one of my 12 step programme of being a short-hair-holic (or as I like to call it, shortyholic).

True story - I've got it on film


You wake up in the morning and realize that your Facebook has been hacked. Classic manoeuvre – this time it’s your birthday! You get a little annoyed by the whole situation, but what really should bother you is the fact that all of your best friends has already commented “Happy birthday” on your wall. Really guys? Really? My birthday was two weeks ago. You should remember, you were all there.


Now you have some friendships that seriously need to be revaluated.

AW's and thrift shoppin'

These past couple of days I've been bizzy bizzy bizzy. The other day I went for an AW with my friend Mattias and Yesterday me and my ghetto partner in crime, Amanda, took a trip to the city for a little thrift shopping and lunch.


This is what I got.


The two blouses are from Beyond Retro and the Pink Floyd dress is from H&M. 
And of course we got something sweet for dessert. It's us!

Plastic cups everybody, plastic cups!

So you’re at this party and somebody drops a can or a plastic cup. Nobody really cares, it’s okay, it was an accident and accidents happen. You just clean up the spill, you know, and the party continues. But if you drop a glass bottle, you pretty much f:d up the whole party. Because now you’ve got glass all over the floor. There’s people walking on the floor, slipping in the alcohol, falling on the glass and suddenly they’re all covered in blood, they’re saying “Hi” to people, hugging them, and now everybody gets covered in blood. The party turns into a freakin’ bloodbath! You don’t really understand if people are screaming because they’re having fun or if it’s because they just entered a horror film?


You just brought a whole new element of danger to this party. As if it’s not enough danger with alcohol and people getting all crazy? Now, girls will be crying “Oh, no it’s in my hair, it’s in my eyes”, guys will be yelling “Who stabbed me? I’ll kill him!”. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen with you fellows drinking from glass bottles. People will get hurt and there will be lawsuits later. 


Do you see these guys? One word: Lawsuit! If that had been a house party, their asses would have been in big trouble.
See this guy? He knows what he's doing! Plastic cups all the way. Ain't nobody getting hurt tonight!
Look, this is what happens when you bring a dangerous element to a party. The worst part is that now there are photo evidence. Remember, anything you say (or have pictures of) can and will be used against you in the court of law.
What about this guy, ey? This is a bit tricky. On one hand, he's drinking from a trophy, but on the other hand... he's holding a freaking glass bottle. LAWSUIT!

"What.. just happened?"

I hate it when I read a book and I think it’s about to turn out the way I wanted it to, but it really ends up with everyone dying… That’s the moment when I burn the book and hex the author. Son of a gun! 


Lunch with daddy!

April's fool

Today's ain't just any day - It's my old man's day! That's right, it's my daddy's birthday (and no, this isn't some lame April's fools joke).
OK, I'm going upstairs to bake him his favourite pie (I don't know why, but my accent has gone from propper to... Suthern American today. I can't even think with a propper accent, it's Texas all the way today, hm. Actually, I do know why I sound like this in my mind - It's because I watched Beautiful Creatures, haha!)


The other night my dear Ronja came by my crib for a little girl’s night. We had some refreshments and popped two bottles of bubbelies! You can say it was a great night. 


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