Mhm - You just got fried!

Jesus Christ, I just found a giant dead spider when I was vacuuming my room. It looked like it had seen the girl from “The Ring” because it was all stiff and in a very awkward position… Anyway, the good part’s that it died before I caught it with my electric racket weapon (I call it “the smacking frier from hell”).  


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You don't want to be messing with this ghetto ailien, Spiders!


Mission of the day:

Clean my room!


It might be more of a mission impossible really. I just want to stay in bed and do nothing today. But I can’t… I have to read a whole book of statistics to help my big brother prepare for an exam. Oh, well… that’s what lil’ sister’s are for!


The best revenge is massive success

I’m listening to Frank Sinatra while getting ready for a movie night with my girls. However, I don’t know what kind of genre I’d like to see. My friends know me too well to let me choose. “Don’t pick an action or superhero movie, and don’t even think of renting a mafia film, Begonia!” Fine, I won’t!


They always come in three’s

People are pretty good at listing what they don’t like. I’m not, so I thought I could share three things; all of which are worse than each other.


1)      People who pick their noses

2)      People who pick their noses and try to hide it, even though everyone knows exactly what’s going on behind the other “discrete” covering hand.

3)      People who pick their noses and then put the exploration in their mouth and eat it.


What is the deal with you nose pickers? I wouldn’t mind if you did it in private, but out in public where everyone can see you? Maybe you don’t care, or maybe you just want to share? I don’t know! My wish is that you would keep your funny business behind close doors and spare the rest of us the awkwardness.


I get the point that people need to “clean out their system” every once in while, but why do people have to eat their own snot? Does it help you loose weight? Is it a high class gourmet? Is it hot? NO! Then why the hell do people eat their own snot?


Nose pickers of the world: I see what you’re doing! And it must come to an end, ASAP!


"Woman of my dreams - I don't sleep so I can find her"

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Well, here I am! You found me, the woman of your dreams…


Imagine finding me in a match making catalogue. What would it say? I'm guessing something like this:


19 year old girl from planet Earth who likes to take ugly pictures of herself with other peoples cameras. Half deaf, yes! Speaks very loudly and laughs at almost everything, so if she laughs at your jokes it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re funny. She tends to laugh at her own jokes too… and that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s funny either. Perfect match!    


The question is, my friends...

Would you vote for me in a presidential election? I mean, look at me! Which angel don’t I look good in? This is the face that will make the world into a happier place!


"Hello world!" You could even write my slogan between my chins! Now that’s thinking outside of the box!

The key to win lies in your slogan - Vote or die!

I’ve looked into the presidential campaigns in the states. They always want to bring the best out of the candidates. I thought I could show you some examples of classic presidential campaigns along with some slogans and other pictures.


Henry Clay - Who is James K. Polk? (Oh, snap?!)

Abraham Lincoln - Vote yourself a farm

James Blaine - Ma, Ma, Where's my Pa? Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha

Grover Cleveland - Blaine, Blaine, James G Blaine, the continental liar from the state of Maine (Playing dirty already)

Warren G Harding - Cox and Cocktails (Alcoholics...)

Richard Nixon - Nixon's the one!

Jimmy Carter - Not just peanuts! (That's a nice way to persuade people to vote for you)

George Bush - Kinder, Gentler Nation (CIA has spoken!)

Ross Perot (this is one of my favourits) - Ross for Boss (haha, like a BAWS!)

George W Bush - (who wrote his slogans? He should be excluded from the job market, seriously!)

And Mitt Romney says "Believe in America!" I say: As if anyone will ever do that again? You've kind of ruined all of you're chanses to persuade the world.


Who looks kinder of these two fellows? Obama seems so understanding in this picture. I get the feeling of compassion, while Romney on the other hand looks like he’s laughing at a kid in a wheel chair. Sorry, mate – but you’ve got to work on your smiling if you’re going to win this election. We all know that half of the people who's actually voting in America, only cares about the presidents looks and don’t give a sh*t about what they are planning to do as president. On second thought that really doesn’t answer why the hell people voted for George Bush the younger, haha!


Do you see this? This is what a true winner looks like! Covered in paint, looking ahead, spitting out words that will remain indelibly etched to our brains.
"Mark my words - I will screw you over!" Okay, so he didn't say that, but he DID really screw half of the world over. "My bad!"
Take a look at Hillary. This picture symbolize happiness (something America is in great need of), wellness! It's classic.
Now take a look at Sarah... Not that classy! Things didn't turn out that great for this woman.

The fact that I don't hear anything...

Anyone says, ever! I don’t know what’s wrong with my ears… There was a time in my life when people thought I was… a bit slow (?), just because I couldn’t hear what people were saying. But since I should be a member of MENSA, I guess that proves those people wrong.


The funniest part is that all of my friends know when I don’t hear what they’re saying. They say I have that look on my face again. But really, I’m just smiling, nodding or laughing while saying “yes, yes!” I would (I still do) say “what? Come again? Sorry?” three times. But if I still hadn’t caught it by the third time, I would just go with the nodding and smiling. So if you ever see me do that, know that I didn’t hear what you just said and that I’m too afraid you’ll hit me with a stick for making you repeat yourself again.


The hardest times are when you’re talking to this gorgeous guy and you have to ask him over and over to repeat himself. I’ll always ask these guys to repeat themselves once, and then I’d be out of there. So if you’re a guy and I ask you to repeat yourself and suddenly get the hell out of there, know that you’re gorgeous and I don’t want to make a fool out myself. Haha, just kidding! I would never admit anything like that… Or would I? Mind f*** coming up!


Hello? Are you deaf? Well, yes I am! So WHAT?!

They call me book slut

Guys! My light’s been out for a while. Do you know why? I’ve been studying like crazy for my first exam. I’ve still got to do a paper for tonight (since I’ll be giving out lectures about my year in Oxford in my old High School all day tomorrow), but I thought I’d hook you up with the latest stories of my life first… Well, that’s about it, ain’t it? Just kidding! Of course my life’s been as vibrant as always even though I’m geeking around in embarrassing pyjamas and slutting around with different sorts of books every day (that includes sleeping with a different book every night: first day Thomas Hobbes, the other day John Locke, the third day Platon. It wasn’t necessarily just older men. I had some good nights with Wollstonecraft and Pateman as well. However Machiavelli was the most fun. That guy’s something alright!). The other day I actually went to a good bye “fika” (which is almost like brunch, except the fact that there’s nothing healthy in a fika, just carbs, carbs and more carbs along with pies, cookies and cupcakes) for one of my best friends Lollo, who's moving to Australia for a while.


Best of luck to you my love!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power - the world will know peace

Life as geeks knows it

These past couple of days’ schedule has been stuffed with stuff to do. It’s been everything from great lunches, studying and hosting a dinner party in my best friend’s Louise’s honour.


I’ve done a little “to do”-list (psyche! It’s a freaking parchment scroll…), so I’ve better stick to it.

Reccegasque at ÖG

This weekend has been crazy fun. This Friday I went to the so called Ressegasque at ÖG nation, which was absolutely amazing. I had such a lovely time during the formal dinner and I was lucky to sit with the outrageously fun people I sat with, haha! After a whole lot of singing, drinking and eating, it was time to move down to the dance floor where almost all my lovely juniors and other class mates were. I didn’t take any pictures from the night, but I might just find some photos on facebook. FYI, I wore a fabulous little black (vintage maxi velvet dress with a high slits) from London, and matched it with lips red as blood and a 40’s hairstyle á la Hollywood.


I spent the Saturday with my dear Louise, drinking Italian cocktails in her little garden, laughing at the neighbours and planning her “au revoir”-get together.


Welcome drinks with some sazzy international students!


I was moved to tears several times during the dinner: when the choir showed up and flashed their skills, while laughing at ÖG:s senior representative's speech... I thought I'd messed up my make-up, but it stayed on surprisingly well! I can never laugh without ending up in tears... that's why I don't use make-up, because it always gets ruined in the end anyway!

Pre-fall picnic

I went to have a little picnic in the park with Lollo. I brought some curry chicken, spicy salad, camomile tea with honey and of course my insanely wild puppy. Or, she's technically not really a puppy anymore...


What about the October Fest?

I’m really hesitating to go to Munich for the October Fest with some of my dearest mates I met in Oxford. It would be so much fun. We would all live at Lisa's place, dance, sing, go crazy - it would be like a weekend filled with parties and good old girl's sleep overs!


The thing’s just that I’m a bit short on money and the flights are p r e t t y expensive to say the least. Anyway, I’m going to do my best to get some money, perhaps by opening up my own business. I’ve thought of some ideas, which sounds very nice and cosy: a brothel, start importing coke or weapons, kidnap rich peoples children or why not start a serial killer industry? I would be rich in no time… Okay, I was just kidding! I wouldn’t get that rich in any of those businesses. Kidding again, haha! I would probably get very, v e r y rich! Okay, I’m just going to stop now before I get blocked from this site for joking about these ever so important non-politically correct matters.


But I really, really want to go!!     


Here's some pictures from some of the girls trip to Munich this August.

Mmm life

Yesterday i had a little pre-seminar with my group Old Jack (I just named us Old Jack, since we’re number seven). We got together at Johan’s bachelor mansion and had some brunch before we got started with our little discussions.


After that I went to meetings after meetings, before ending up at a more than inspiring lecture about the organization “Kvinna till kvinna(Woman to Woman).


Later on that evening I went to see my best friend over some dinner, a lot of laughter, a movie and some Ajvar (tomato salsaish mix... I'm not really sure of what it is, but it tastes good).  


And no, I didn’t read a lot yesterday… That’s why I’ve made this Thursday into a Study Thursday. See you when I’ve read Thomas Hobbe’s Leviathan.


You won't be able to see my face today, because it'll be sucked deep into my books... Or not? (Picture from Oxford)

"Monday rhymes with Friday - to bad it's not Friday..."

This day has been intense, but fun! I had a long break between the first lecture and the last one, so I went to study (or “study”) in the library with Ellen, Ella and Josefin before we went for some lunch at Café Övfre Slott. None of the nations were open for lunch yet so we had no other choice but to either starve for another hour or go somewhere else. And since starving wasn’t an option, we went for the latter option.


Thank god for daddy

It should honestly be illegal to get up at 4.30 am. I would have gone up that early today if I wouldn't have had the best dad in the world. (I got to sleep in until 5 am, yippikayey mother...) We're driving to school today, and this time I'll be the one driving. It's a perfect opportunity to practise my driving skills!

Here's a little collage of the ice-cream cake I did for my big brother by the way.

Machiavelli, oh Machiavelli

I just finished Machiavelli's work The Prince and I must say I really enjoyed the read! I've done some work on chapter 17 when I studied in Oxford, which is my favourite chapter for that matter, so I couldn't wait until I got there.

Anyway, I'm going to check on my Oreo ice-cream cake that I did for my brother today. He's been longing for that cake since I got back from the UK, haha!

What the...?

Dad has been obsessing about Illuminati since Friday night, when he watched Angels & Demons on the tellie. He recently got the hype about the whole triangle gesture that all the cool hipster kids do on every single photo of theirs. “Does people even know what illuminati stands for?” he asked me. To be honest, I don’t think many people do! I believe it’s just a fun and interesting topic. Actually, the whole concept is a total mind f***, but who cares right? 


Anyway, he ended up cutting out a piece of his bread and sticking it to his face, taking the whole triangle pose to another level. “Begonia! Look at me, I’ve got the all seeing eye – illuminati, illuminati, illuminati!”


Stop the execution spree in Gambia

I am writing to express my deep concern about the resumption of executions in Gambia. The recent executions of nine death row inmates were carried out in secret, without the prisoners themselves or their families being informed in advance. This violates international law. I urge Gambia to immediately halt any further executions.


I am also concerned that many death row prisoners have been convicted after unfair trials where they may not have had access to lawyers or a full appeals process.


I urge you to use your influence to request that the Minister of Justice recommends that the government implement an official moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty, and undertake a comprehensive review of all death penalty cases to ensure fair trials of all death row inmates.


This is the President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, the one responsible for this inhuman, cruel and degrading punishment. It's being used on those convicted of political charges.

Working for Moscow

I’ve been working my back off in the garden today. I’m not lifting another boulder to that driveway of ours. Hell to the no, haha! Working for my dad is like spending one week at Guantanamo base, as a prisoner that is! He said “Give me 100 boulders”… I ended up lifting 210 boulders! He better buy my ticket to Moscow now, haha! Dad, I now that you’re reading my blog so don’t try to get away. Remember: You can run, but you can’t hide! It’s pretty hard to hide since we live under the same roof… or in the same house at least!


Breakfast with the Illuminati?

Here’s a nuclear bomb of pictures for y’all!

Here come some mixed pictures from the pledge week. Watch out world, we are your future! Haha, just kidding… or am I?


By the way, I didn’t take any of these photos. I just re-edited them!


Droppin' the base with Kim Jong Il?


Fight, fight, fight, fight!


At the formal dinner!




Life in Soviet gets pretty sad and lonely at times, but that's the life when you're livin' in Soviet the ghetto, eatin' in the ghetto, sleepin' in the ghetto - Soviet livin'!


Hippie hippie shake!


Fredrika strikes the ultimate 90's pose - watch and learn, mates, watch and learn!


I don't know why, but this picture scares the living hell out of me!


What's up Woodstock?


BAM BAM! Just look at that yellow wigg, haha!


Two of our many elders


Altuna really messed us up!


We even lost one of our class mates in a sudden death. Shit happens!


"Niggas in Pari... Uppsala?"


Soviet knows how to party. Or at least they know how to drink!




Good times, good times!


Yes, we fought with real swords. We're not nerds who run around with plastic weapons. Who does that anyways?


This lovely monk wanted us to dance around his wooden stick all night. That ain't happening, man... unless you're Gandalf of course. That stick's magic!


Ninja - Geisha - What?


Something's just not right with this picture


90's party!!


If you're looking for some fun, you should find yourself a time machine and travel back in time to hang out in Soviet. These girls look like they're having the time of their life!


One slang: Cray! I don't know how everyone managed to fight in that costume. I had a hard time just keeping my balance. I was like a new born horse, fighting with all my strength to stay put and not fall on my ass.


Robin Hood in da hood!


Party up - Altuna!




At the roof top party


My team at the formal dinner. Well, almost every member was in this picture!


I love the light in this picture




Say hello to Pussy Riot!


Laika finally came back to planet earth, welcome!


It was impossible to get off the dance floor at the 90's party! Everyone knew every single song that was playing by heart. Genius!


Thug life?


Our four generals': Minerva, I don't know who he's supposed to be (probably some important Soviet profile) so I'll just call him Soviet, William Wallace and Jackie Kennedy!


Recognize these kids? I seriously couldn't recognize Pontus (aka William Wallace) at first. The beard was gone, the long hair was gone, the kilt was gone (thank god he was finally wearing pants).


Party up!


See you in the future!


Spice up your life!


The winners!


Why were everyone so damn cool during the 90's?


Hahaha, what just happened?



The pirates!



Haha, THE dance battle!


I love the fact that Jocke and Simon seem to be having an ever so interesting discussion and that Rickard is doing a polite care face in the background.


HAIAH! (look at that - a palindrome!)


Enlightment of the night: Po:li´tices


Future fish!


Wake up!




Building a camp!


Haha, what's up with the dinosaur?


I absolutely loved the unicorn! It kind of reminded me of Glee... and mates, I love Glee and KURT!


The BAWS, haha!


Hello Dino!


 First day of pledge week!



Take from the poor and give to the rich, was it?


Oh, right! That was Soviet, not Robin Hood!


Party monk is in the house tonight!


See you guys in the parliament, haha!


WOW! Did you see that? Me neither... Those glasses were too fast for my eyes to catch!


"It gets better..." they said. Luckily it did!


Everyone's brother from another mother



I'm going to throw up if I have another of those red bulls'. After Altuna... let's just leave it with that my body was shaking from the first sip to the last sip. I was literally awake for 24 hours! But that's nothing. I've been awake for a lot longer than that. It's called mental torture when you have to stay awake for 72 hours!


Boy, did you hear this guys when ever they were around, haha!


Haha, perfection! No limits, no regrets - just go with it!


Hahaha, this girl, that wigg, the war pain?


Just to be clear with you: We're dancing, not preparing for a football game!


Hahaha, I absolutely love this picture! "May I slow dance with you? Yes, No, Maybe?" That's so typical middle school! Or "Will you be my girl/boy friend? Yes, No, Maybe?"


I thought he was part of the "American revolution" team. Then I realized there was no such team. It turned out he was a pirate! Oh, well!


Let the pub crawl begin!

Nobody puts baby in the corner and nobody fucks with king of the fucking jungle!

I had my first seminar today! It was surprisingly calm. I had imagined something much more… how should I put it? Aggressive? Yesterday when I imagined today’s seminar there was only one thing that came to mind: ACDC’s song Welcome to the jungle! (it may partly have depended on one of the neighbour kids who listened to that same song just outside my house) I thought people would stand on the table and scream like those crazy captive monkeys from “28 days later” or attack each other like lions. In that messy thought of mine, I couldn’t quite figure out if I should be the masochistic gazelle or the king of the f:ing jungle. Okay, so I lied! I took me about half a second to decide to be the king of the jungle and eat who ever was in my way. I was ready to unleash my inner beast, ready to use my 7 pages of fictive WMD to destroy any living creature within those 12 square metres. We are talking serious destruction here, haha! But as we started the seminar I realised that it wasn’t that bad after all! We actually had quite an extraordinarily cosy time. Everything was so relaxed and laid back! And now to be honest, I can’t wait until the next seminar! I love my seminar group!


I was ready to kick som serious butt... until I realised this wasn't a war, it was just a simple discussion! Viva la vida, amigos!


I’m currently giving my seminar doggy paper a final touch. Then I’m watching Obama’s speech on CNN, which won't be aired until 4 hours, bloody US. I thought I would call it for the night in two minutes, but I guess this night is going to be longer than I’d expected. Oh, well! What to do, right?


Did I mention I fixed a card for the library today? All the political science freshmans' got a little introduction of Dag Hammarskjöld’s library, which we share with the law students for that matter (who apparently are c r a z y; some steal books, sabotage each others work, rip out pages from the books and cheat their tests. I could go on about all the stories we heard today, but I probably shouldn't. We are talking mad people here, haha! I can’t even imagine sabotaging for anyone else) Well, that’s the gossip of the day… and perhaps that I’m running for president in one of the uni committees!  

Say hello to my little friend...


Tuesday night

Yesterday I went for a little go see at ÖG (which is my nation FYI), where I had dinner with some cool people. Later on, I went to Johan’s place (or should I call bachelor mansion? That place is cray, haha) for a little pre-party before heading to the city. Unfortunately, we were faced with the “one out, one in” concept at Snerikes, so we went to Småland’s pub just opposite to the party of the night. But I had a great night even though it ended pretty early for me.


First day at Uppsala Uni

I had my first real day at uni today! Everything went perfectly well, except that I had to wake up before the sun was up – it was practically still night. (Okay, so the alarm went off at 04.40, but still).


Overall it was a good day. We had some of the juniors coming to check up on us freshers, which is always fun. As soon as they arrive it’s like stepping into a comforting little aura, haha! Enough with the cheesiness, I just love having them around!


Hey, I almost forgot to post some more pics from the pledge week. We went for a little swim in the creek and acted all OG (Original Geisha) - Yatta!

Ninja style!

Preparing for war?

Ninja's gone wild?

Our very own geisha, GG (GulliGulla) or GGG (GeishaGulliGulla)!

Praise the lord, Willam Wallace!

Some dude called Michelangelo stole the whole concept and painted the same picture in Rome. Talk about having no sense of creativity... You know where you saw it first: UPPSALA!

Kickboxing after a pub crawl - not a good idea, mates! Not a good idea at all!


All the cool kids where there... So why the hell were these guys there? Haha, just kidding, mates!


Last Friday it was time for us to complete the final games – the Freshmens Olympic Games (FOG). We fought, fought and fought some more – just so we could win! I was covered in mud by the end of the games. But no worries, I had lots of time to grab a long hot shower and sleep before the formal dinner at ÖG.


I had the best time! It was so nice to see everyone dressed up instead of wearing those hideous costumes which we wore for a whole week by the way, haha! However, I didn’t have a jacket, so I wore my kimono on my way to ÖG. Emilia was almost too chocked to say anything. “Begonia… You know that we’re not supposed to wear our costumes for the formals, right? I mean… I’m sure it’s fine, but I’ve never seen anyone have their costumes to a formal dinner before”. I wanted to scare her, but instead I ripped my rope open and flashed my dress like some superhero. I had to calm her, haha!


Anyway, the formal dinner was amazing! We laughed, sang, drank, ate, sang some more and drank some more, listened to the speeches, saw the performances – you know the drill! Afterwards we just partied and partied and partied and pa-and-pa-and-partied!


At the after party, getting all gangstafied with Emma!

I'm not sleeping, I promise! I was just... resting my eyes a bit?

Miko and I are not really like other thugs. We don't belong to East side or West side - we hang out at McDonald's a lot! That's our hood...

You're from the 70's but I'm a 90's bitch

There was no day off after the pub crawl. No, sir! We all gathered in the park at 10.30 am for some material art practise and then we headed to the gym where we did some hard core kickboxing. I hadn’t even eaten or had a sip of water before the work out began. Instead we were all served some red bull to kick start the f out of our bodies. Let’s just say I felt alive after the first sips and kicked some butt afterwards, haha!


The evening brought us back to the sweet 90’s middle school disco at Göteborg’s nation. This was absolutely one of my favourite nights of the week. We danced limbo, slow dance, played truth or dare, danced and sang to 90’s music ONLY, ate crisps, drank soda (with some character of course. Daha!) and just acted all 90’s. I had such a great time. We all looked so silly. Correction: We looked hideous! Haha, though as the night went on I kind of got used to the 90’s fashion again and thought “Ha, it’s not that bad is it…?” to myself… Until I took a look at my self in the mirror and burst out in a “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!” and laughed for… say what… 3 minutes to my own reflection?!  


Pub crrrrawl á la pirates

Yo-ho-ho! Okay, so I can’t fill you in with everything from this week, so I’ll give you the high lights.


Last Wednesday we had a photo challenge during the day and a pub crawl during the night. The photo challenge was crazy, so I’ll dedicate a whole post just for the pictures later. But for now I think you can settle down with some pictures from the pub crawl. I’ll tell you one thing – we said Kamikaze and we all went kamikaze that night.


We started out at VG...


... Where we got a little map for the night. It explained which nation we should visit, where to look for the question and what to drink.

On our way to the next destination!

At Norrland's

At Snerikes I think? It's so hard remember all the names of these nations. They are basically a street away from each other!


I don't even know where the hell this is. It was one of the thirteen nations and basically the very moment when Simon went kamikaze for real. #Bringingkamikazetothenextlev?

My team rocked!


Boy, what have I got myself into? I told you I would give you an update about the pledge week and you know me – I keep my promise!


This Monday we went to Altuna courtyard, where we also stayed the night. The busses picked us up at 11 pm and the day was filled with games and rehearsals for the evening’s events and the six. My team was the 4th team up on the stage and… well, let’s just say weren’t prepared for all the toasts we had to make before going up there. We toasted under the table, we toasted while standing on the chairs, we stole each others toasts, we ran around the whole room while toasting. We toasted so much we barely had time to make a conversation or eat for that matter. So… I totally f’d up during my little rap, haha! I was nervous I would mess up because I didn’t know how to rap. Turns out that would be the least of my problems. I had to worry about messing the lines up after all that wine. #winos’ Trust me, everyone messed up! You can’t really blame us poor pledge souls for that!


After the six the room was transformed into a club and we danced all night long. Since I was too afraid to drink the water (it smelled funny and tasted even funnier, so I passed) I drank red bull instead. Big mistake! My heart starts pounding really fast after half a can. Can you imagine how things got after two and a haft cans? I ended up power dancing for hours and hours. I don’t think I really slept that night. My eyes were closed, but my body was shaking like never before and I was fully aware of everything going on around me (which was nothing to be exact. Everyone was sleeping).


Altuna courtyard!


Who run the world? Geishas! Who run the world? Ninjas! Who run the wooorld? SAMURAIS!!


Watch out!


Ninja, geisha, KAMIKAZE - One of our many anthems


Haha, I was the next one in line to fight till death! I lost, big time!



Aw... Even more stoy, haha!


The guy to the left in the red rope, yeah him, the one looking like Hugh Hefner. Some people know him as Gustaf, but my team knows him as PorrGurra (PG)


Back to the future!


Before we could enter the mansion (hehe) we had to dance and paus (Oh, this only makes sense in Swedish!)


And of course we had to listen to a little speach by William Wallace himself. "You may know Sparta, but this. is. ALTUNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Hahaha, that was so lame it became hilarious!


This is the only picture I could find from the six and the rest of the night. Perhaps its for the best?

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